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We want to help you promote your electronic theses and dissertations ("ETDs") to the world, for free.

If your school does not have an ETD program, we can serve as the main means of electronic dissemination. If your school already has an ETD program, the central repository created by OpenThesis still increases the value of your ETDs, since OpenThesis provides one-stop searching rather than a searcher needing to visit dozens of individual ETD archives. The result is increased utilization of these documents - something that is good for everyone.

Increased utilization of theses and dissertations can result in wider recognition of your school's research, employment opportunities for students, collaboration opportunities for professors, and intellectual property licensing opportunities that generate revenue for your school and faculty.

Note that we completely understand that the public dissemination of ETDs is not desirable 100% of the time. Intellectual property concerns (for example, patenting) can create a conflict with public disclosure of ETDs.

However, such conflicts only occur in a minority of cases. Feel free to exclude any documents that might pose a conflict, but take advantage of the free promotion of your ETDs for the rest of your collection!

[Most of the time your ETDs are being publicly disclosed anyway (legally, even if not very effectively) via mechanisms like OAI, ProQuest, or on your school's own web site. In these cases, obviously the decision has already been made that public dissemination is wanted - so do it in the most effective manner you can, for free, on OpenThesis!]

Finally, note that we will provide complete technical support for schools that wish to bulk upload data to the OpenThesis database. Just get it to us in any format and we will do the rest!

Contact us today to make sure we have included your data in OpenThesis.

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