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Ultrasound as a sole or synergistic disinfectant in drinking water [electronic resource]
1 Wong, Kar Yee THESIS
Spray cooling of steel dies in a hot forging process
2 Endres, Matthew J. THESIS
Models for compaction and ejection of powder metal parts
3 Khambekar, Jayant Vijay. THESIS
A selective encapsulation solution for packaging an optical micro electro mechanical system
4 Bowman, Amy Catherine. THESIS
From nanoscale to macroscale using the atomic force microscope to quantify the role of few-asperity contacts in adhesion
5 Thoreson, Erik J. THESIS
TCE removal utilizing coupled zeolite sorption and advanced oxidation [electronic resource].
6 Hawley, Harmonie A. THESIS
Feasibility study of infrared detection of defects in green-state and sintered PM compacts [electronic resource].
7 Benzerrouk, Souheil. THESIS
The effects of phytohormones on growth and artemisinin production in hairy root cultures of artemisia annua l.
8 McCoy, Mark Christopher. THESIS
An instrument to assess organizational change capabilities for e-business transformation
9 Sullivan, Michael Alan. THESIS
Paired Comparison Models for Ranking National Soccer Teams
10 Hallinan, Shawn E. THESIS
Feasibility study of infrared detection of defects in green-state and sintered PM compacts
11 Benzerrouk, Souheil. THESIS
CopB from Archaeoglobus fulgidus a thermophilic Cu²? transporting CPx-ATPase.
12 Mana Capelli, Sebastian C. THESIS
Congestion control for streaming media
13 Chung, Jae Won. THESIS
Homogenization of an elastic-plastic problem
14 Onofrei, Daniel T. THESIS
Building planning evaluations for emergency evacuation
15 Shen, Tzu-Sheng THESIS
Prices of credit default swaps and the term structure of credit risk
16 Desrosiers, Mary Elizabeth. THESIS
Portfolio construction and risk management practical issues and examples.
17 Gao, Pan. THESIS
Development of an automated anesthesia system for the stabilization of physiological parameters in rodents
18 Hawkins, Kevin Michael. THESIS
Navier/Stokes/Direct simulation Monte Carlo modeling of small cold gas thruster nozzle and plume flows [electronic resource].
19 Nanson, Richard A. THESIS
Partial coherence and optical vortices
20 Maleev, Ivan. THESIS
Modeling of an aerospace sand casting process
21 Ziolkowski, Joseph Edmund. THESIS
Direct numerical simulation and two-fluid modeling of multi-phase bubbly flows
22 Biswas, Souvik. THESIS
Development of computer aided heat treatment planning system (CAHTPS)
23 Vader, Ranjeet D. THESIS
A three-dimensional particle-in-cell methodology on unstructured Voronoi grids with applications to plasma microdevices [electronic resource]
24 Spirkin, Anton M. THESIS
The effects of part orientation and fluid flow on heat transfer around a cylinder
25 Rondeau, Darrell K. THESIS
Computational modeling of oxygen consumption in the heart based on PET measurements
26 Yan, Fu. THESIS
Transport-reaction modeling of the impedance response of a fuel cell
27 Coignet, Philippe. THESIS
TCP-Carson a loss-event based adaptive AIMD algorithm for long-lived flows.
28 Kannan, Hariharan. THESIS
Network fault tolerance system
29 Sullivan, John F. THESIS
Electrospinning of poly([epsilon]-Caprolactone)
30 Hsu, Chen-Ming. THESIS
Historical risk assessment of a balanced portfolio using Value-at-Risk [electronic resource].
31 Malfas, Gregory P. THESIS
Predictor selection in linear regression [electronic resource] : L1 regularization of a subset of parameters and Comparison of L1 regularization and stepwise selection
32 Hu, Qing. THESIS
Development of a positioning system for 3D ultrasound [electronic resource]
33 Poulsen, Carsten. THESIS
Characterization of soft-tissue response to mechanical loading using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of neuronal activity during sustained cognitive-stimulus paradigms
34 Wellen, Jeremy W. THESIS
Pricing mortgage-backed securities using prepayment functions and pathwise Monte Carlo simulation.
35 Acheampong, Osman K. THESIS
Expected maximum drawdowns under constant and stochastic volatility
36 Nouri, Suhila Lynn. THESIS
Traffic sensitive quality of service controller
37 Kumar, Abhishek Anand. THESIS
Identifying the location of a sudden damage in composite laminates using wavelet approach
38 Salehian, Armaghan. THESIS
Bridge inspection and interferometry
39 Krajewski, Joseph E. THESIS
Determining the safety of urban arterial roads
40 Campbell, Meredith L. THESIS
Dual-Eulerian graphs with applications to VLSI design
41 Freeman, Andre. THESIS
Finite Element Analysis for Fixture Stiffness
42 Zheng, Yi. THESIS
The impact of universal service obligations and other external and cross subsidies on teledensity in developing countries
43 Ramos, Boris G. THESIS
Design of a High Impedance Preamplifier for Coil Arrays
44 Kauffman, John Gabriel. THESIS
Development of a Monte Carlo simulation method for use in investigating CT (Computed Tomography) mammography
45 Thacker, Samta C. THESIS
The building information model in facilities management [electronic resource]
46 Mendez, Ronald Osiris. THESIS
Experimental testing of a computer aided heat treatment planning system
47 Vaidya, Rohit Subhash. THESIS
Fire scenarios for an improved fabric flammability test
48 Woodward, Andrew Bruce. THESIS
Long-term effects of habitat and management changes on steelhead production [electronic resource] : results from an individual-based model.
49 Bolduc, Melanie B. THESIS
The design and development of a direct and continuous sensor for the measurement of inhaled nitric oxide concentrations
50 Parikh, Bhairavi Rajiv. THESIS

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