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Optimization of a technique for phosphorescence lifetime imaging of oxygen tension in the mouse retina
101 Kight, Amanda C. THESIS
Attempts to clone the Limulus ependymin gene, and the effects of a human ependymin peptide on human SHSY neuroblastoma cells
102 Arca, Turkan. THESIS
The exploration of tissue pH and its relationship to bacterial contamination
103 Shorrock, Susan M. THESIS
D-CAPE -- A self-tuning continuous query plan distribution architecture
104 Sutherland, Timothy Michael. THESIS
Remote Execution for 3D Graphics
105 Banerjee, Kutty S. THESIS
The effects of dynamic decision making on resource allocation the case of pavement management.
106 Friedman, Sheldon. THESIS
Investigation of fire impact on structural steel through case studies
107 Nacewicz, Rebecca Marie. THESIS
Design of a noninvasive system for the evaluation of collagen scaffolds using MRI
108 Howes, Stuart C. THESIS
Quantifying resource sharing, resource isolation and agility for web applications with virtual machines
109 Miller, Elliot A. THESIS
Computation in optimal extension fields.
110 Bailey, Daniel V. THESIS
Determination of average lift of a rapidly pitching airfoil
111 Linn, Anthony Blane. THESIS
A molecular and immunological investigation of cellular responses to dengue virus identification of potentially upregulated host genes and the constructionof a vaccinia virus expressing the dengue 1 Hawaii NS3 protein.
112 Brown, Jennifer L. THESIS
Ependymin peptide mimetics that assuage ischemic damage increase gene expression of the anti-oxidative enzyme SOD
113 Parikh, Suchi Vipin. THESIS
Efficient algorithms for elliptic curve cryptosystems on embedded systems.
114 Woodbury, Adam D. THESIS
Synthesis and photochemistry of phenyl subtituted-1,2,4-thiadiazoles; 15N-labeling studies
115 Changtong, Chuchawin. THESIS
A pragmatic view of MANET performance evaluation and design of a prototype MAC level routing algorithm [electronic resource]
116 Thurston, Michael J. THESIS
Ultrasonic welding of copper to laminate circuit board
117 Tucker, Joseph C. THESIS
Developmentally interesting cytokines upregulated during human stem cell amplification in vitro
118 Amaral, Lizabeth Pereira. THESIS
State-space approaches to ultra-wideband Doppler processing
119 Holl, David J. THESIS
Study on genetic algorithm improvement and application
120 Zhou, Yao. THESIS
Telomerase activity in human umbilical cord cell populations containing hematopoietic stem cells
121 Murthy, Vidya. THESIS
Scalable integration view computation and maintenance with parallel, adaptive and grouping techniques
122 Liu, Bin. THESIS
Phytoestrogens may inhibit proliferation of MCF-7 cells, an estrogen-responsive breast adenocarcinoma cell line [electronic resource].
123 Pfeiffer, Thomas J. THESIS
An Empirical Analysis of Resampled Efficiency
124 Kohli, Jasraj . THESIS
AP-1 is required for CMX-8933-induced SOD upregulation and is translocated in response to a human EPN mimetic
125 Saif, Sakina . THESIS
HMA1 and HMA6 are essential components of metal homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana
126 Avalos, Ana M. THESIS
Impact of surrounding land uses on surface water quality
127 Elbag, Mark A. THESIS
A Study of the Delta-Normal Method of Measuring VaR
128 Kondapaneni, Rajesh. THESIS
Measurement of TOA using frequency domain techniques for indoor geolocation
129 Zand, Emad Dolatshahi. THESIS
Escher's problem and numerical sequences [electronic resource]
130 Palmacci, Matthew Stephen. THESIS
The grid bracing problem and a generalization
131 Laine, Scott T. THESIS

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