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Development of an improved fabric flammability test
51 Fay, Terry Stephen. THESIS
Photodegradation of organic photochromic dyes incorporated in ormosil matrices
52 Koppetsch, Karsten J. THESIS
A numerical study of globalizations of Newton-GMRES methods
53 Simonis, Joseph P. THESIS
Fixed Income Database Design & Architecture
54 Zeng, Hong. THESIS
Effects of Liquid Superheat on Droplet Disruption in a Supersonic Stream
55 Yanson, Logan M. THESIS
Ultrasonic measurement of thin condensing fluid films
56 Shear, Michael A. THESIS
Formation and distribution of porosity in Al-Si welds
57 Legait, Pierre-Alexandre. THESIS
Consistently updating XML documents using incremental checks with Xqueries
58 Kane, Bintou. THESIS
A hierarchy navigation framework [electronic resource] : supporting scalable interactive exploration over large databases.
59 Mehta, Nishant K. THESIS
The performance of a Linux NFS implementation
60 Boumenot, Christopher M. THESIS
Pixel oriented visualization in XmdvTool [electronic resource].
61 Patro, Anilkumar G. THESIS
The Use of Equalization Filters to Achieve High Common Mode Rejection Ratios in Biopotential Amplifier Arrays [electronic resource]
62 Xia, Hongfang. THESIS
Continuous query processing on spatio-temporal data streams
63 Nehme, Rimma V. THESIS
Radial heat transfer studies in low tube to particle diameter ratio fixed bed reactors
64 Leising, Guillaume M. THESIS
Semi-solid slurry formation via liquid metal mixing [electronic resource].
65 Findon, Matthew M. THESIS
Computer-aided manufacturing planning (CAMP) of mass customization for non-rotational part production
66 Yao, Suqin. THESIS
The rational design and synthesis of ionophores and fluoroionophores for the selective detection of monovalent cations
67 Benco, John S. THESIS
Two wavelength high intensity irradiation for effective crosslinking of DNA to protein
68 Guler, Emine. THESIS
Characterization of multi-carrier locator performance
69 Breen, Daniel E. THESIS
Flame spread on composite materials for use in high speed craft.
70 Wright, Mark T. THESIS
A General Framework for Multi-Resolution Visualization
71 Yang, Jing. THESIS
Physical and chemical mechanisms of lubricant removal during stage I of the sintering process
72 Gateaud, Arnaud . THESIS
Radiant smoldering ignition of plywood
73 Gratkowski, Mark T. THESIS
High strength bonding of sapphire
74 Fiore, Daniel F. THESIS
An efficient and incremental system to mine contiguous frequent sequences
75 El-Sayed, Maged F. THESIS
Software Engineering Using design RATionale
76 Burge, Janet E. THESIS
An in-depth look at the information ratio
77 Blatt, Sharon L. THESIS
Fault location for power transmission systems using magnetic field sensing coils [electronic resource]
78 Ferreira, Kurt Josef. THESIS
Development of computer aided heat treatment planning system for quenching & tempering (CHT--q/t) and industrial application of CHT-bf & CHT-cf [electronic resource]
79 Singh, Amarjit Kumar. THESIS
Collagen and fibrin biopolymer microthreads For bioengineered ligament regeneration
80 Cornwell, Kevin G. THESIS
WAIT, selective loss recovery for multimedia multicast
81 Mane, Pravin D. THESIS
Bayesian nonresponse models for the analysis of data from small areas an Application to BMD and Age in NHANES III.
82 Liu, Ning. THESIS
A Robust Cusum Test for SETAR-Type Nonlinearity in Time Series
83 Ursan, Alina Maria. THESIS
Singlet-singlet and triplet-triplet energy transfer in polychromophoric peptides
84 Benco, John S. THESIS
Colloid Detachment from Rough Surfaces in the Environment
85 Neyland, Ryan P. THESIS
Telomerase activity and telomere lengths in fibroblast cells treated with ependymin peptide mimetics
86 Hirsch, Erica. THESIS
Application of channel modeling for indoor localization using TOA and RSS
87 Hatami, Ahmad . THESIS
Evaluation of FDS V.4 -- Upward flame spread [electronic resource]
88 Kwon, Jae-Wook. THESIS
Design simplification by analogical reasoning [electronic resource].
89 Balazs, Marton E. THESIS
Updating XML views
90 Wang, Ling. THESIS
Water Quality Indicators in Watershed Subbasins with Multiple Land Uses
91 Aull, Malia Elizabeth. THESIS
Protein Separation with Ion-exchange Membrane Chromatography
92 Cao, Liming. THESIS
Proportional integrator with short-lived flows adjustment
93 Kim, Minchong. THESIS
Updating XML views of relational data
94 Mulchandani, Mukesh K. THESIS
Automatic Rigid and Deformable Medical Image Registration
95 Yu, Hongliang. THESIS
Bench scale apparatus measurement uncertainty and uncertainty effects on measurement of fire characteristics of material systems
96 Zhao, Lei. THESIS
Molecular simulation of the adsorption of organics from water
97 Yazaydin, Ahmet Ozgur. THESIS
Structure-property relationships in angioplasty balloons [electronic resource]
98 Garramone, Samantha. THESIS
Automatic affine and elastic registration strategies for multi-dimensional medical images [electronic resource]
99 Huang, Wei. THESIS
The performance and behavior of lightweight wood exposed to fire conditions
100 Twomey, Brian M. THESIS

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