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The end and the beginning [electronic resource] : a model for analyzing visual / verbal news broadcasts of protest coverage /
1 Tash, Andrew.; Boyle, Mike. advisor THESIS
Finite element modeling of energy absorption characteristic of hybrid structure - composite wrapped on a square metal tube [electronic resource] /
2 Shetty, Sandeep Kumar.; Lankarani, Hamid M. THESIS
Successful professional development model components in two high achieving Missouri school districts
3 Stockton, Charles M. THESIS
Investigating contributions of eye-tracking to website usability testing [electronic resource] :
4 Russell, Mark C.; Chaparro, Barbara. advisor THESIS
The effect of dents on fatigue life and fatigue crack growth of aluminum 2024-T3 bare sheet [electronic resource] /
5 Shivalli, Praveen.; Smith, Bert. advisor THESIS
Adaptive rate control algorithm to improve the performance of H.264 video codec in varying network conditions [electronic resource] /
6 Shingvi, Swapnil.; Pendse, Ravindra. advisor THESIS
Patriarch, monk and empress [electronic resource] : a Byzantine debate over icons /
7 Doom, Erin Michael.; Gythiel, Anthony. advisor THESIS
Automatic airspace avoidance using advanced flight control system
8 Gunbatar, Yakup. THESIS
Gender and the wage gap: still not equal /
9 Tiffany., Franks THESIS
Robust control design of remote catheter insertion mechanism with haptic feedback [electronic resource] /
10 Kothari, Chintan Govindbhai.; Bahr, Behnam. advisor THESIS
Parametric study of stress concentration in bolted lap joints between particulate metal matrix composite materials
11 Katepalli, Nagababu. THESIS
Finite element simulation of 3D drilling in unidirectional CFRP composite [electronic resource] /
12 Palani, Vijayakumar.; Bahr, Behnam. advisor THESIS
School leaders' readiness for systemic change in Kansas schools [electronic resource] :
13 Goodvin, Sharon Bever.; Gibson, Ian. advisor THESIS
Characterization of in-plane shear properties of laminated composites at high strain rates
14 Dandayudhapani, Satish K. THESIS
Design and analysis of composite beam for side impact protection of a sedan [electronic resource] /
15 Basavaraju, Divakara H.; Lankarani, Hamid M. THESIS
Novel mechanism-based inhibitors of serine proteases [electronic resource] /
16 Gan, Xiangdong.; Groutas, William C. THESIS
Finite element analysis of vertebral end-plate failure under high dynamic axial load and its relation to age [electronic resource] /
17 Kalyanrao, Thorbole Chandrashekhar.; Lankarani, Hamid M. THESIS
Discovering voices among peculiar quietness an analysis of U.S. Mennonite women's rhetoric in the church press 1963-1977 /
18 Swartzendruber, Rachel D. THESIS
Design and simulation of fault-tolerant Quantum-dot Cellular Automata (QCA) NOT gates [electronic resource] /
19 Beard, Mary Jean.; Meyer, Fred J. THESIS
The effect of the household division of labor on the income of men and women
20 DuPuis, Laura Bruemmer. THESIS
Calculation of quantum entanglement using a genetic algorithm
21 Lesniak, Joseph. THESIS
Rollover and roof crush analysis of low-floor mass transit bus
22 Deshmukh, Pankaj S. THESIS
Development of middle Jurassic microbial buildups in the Bighorn Basin of northern Wyoming
23 Ploynoi, Manwika. THESIS
Design of haptic force feedback for catheter insertion mechanism
24 Patel, Nikunj Manubhai. THESIS
A model following inverse controller with adaptive compensation for general aviation aircraft
25 Bruner, Hugh S. THESIS
Analysis of 3+2 point seat belt configuration and occupant responses in rollover crash of a pick-up truck [electronic resource] /
26 Marudhamuthu, Karthikeyan.; Lankarani, Hamid M. THESIS
Finite element and analytical models for load transfer calculations for structures utilizing metal and composites with large CTE differences
27 Meka, Uday Sankar. THESIS
Failure mechanisms and energy dissipation in composite off-axis tension specimens with open holes
28 Kolachalama, Annapurna. THESIS
Finite element application for strength analysis of scarf-patch-repaired composite laminates
29 Shih-Pin, Chou. THESIS
Modeling and evaluation of child safety seat and restraint system for aerospace application
30 Patil, Ashutosh Ashok THESIS
The search for the good in garbage a look at Wichita's own pyrolysis pilot plant and the history of the resource recovery movement in the United States from the Gilded Age to the 1990s /
31 Gumm, Angela Shannon. THESIS
"That the union of the labor forces shall be permanent" [electronic resource] : Kansas populist newspapers and the homestead and Pullman strikes /
32 Carruthers, Bruce Cameron. THESIS
Analysis of pedestrian collision with a pickup truck
33 Narkhede, Sachin Narayan. THESIS
The need for professional writing programs in higher education
34 Ott, Chelsea Elaine. THESIS
Some assembly required including technical writing in general composition curriculum /
35 Collins, Shannon Leigh. THESIS
Suprasegmentals and comprehensibility [electronic resource] : a comparative study in accent modification /
36 Barb, Christine.; DiLollo, Anthony. advisor THESIS
Benefits to pets from the human-animal bond [electronic resource] : a study of pet owner behaviors and their relation to attachment /
37 Douglas, Deanna Kay.; Shore, Elsie R. THESIS
Evaluation of energy absorbing pliers underride guards for rear and side of large trucks
38 Bodapati, Venkata Kiran THESIS
The effect of socio-economic status on academic achievement subtitle /
39 Barry, Jennifer Elizabeth. THESIS
A dose of discrimination: the gender wage-gap between men and women in medical professions /
40 Duckett, Jacob M. THESIS
In the case of Jane v. Johnn the gender pay-gap in the government professions /
41 Simon, Dana M. THESIS
Tool wear of diamond interlocked tools in routing of CFRP composites [electronic resource] /
42 Janardhan, Prashanth.; Sheikh-Ahmad, Jamal Y.; Cheraghi, S. Hossein. THESIS
Response of adhesively bonded composite joints to low velocity impact
43 Pillai, Govind Ramakrishna. THESIS
Using appreciative inquiry to describe and create teacher peak experiences a case study of elementary school teachers /
44 Hummel, Crystal D. THESIS
West Nile virus and wild bird populations [electronic resource] /
45 Shelite, Thomas Robert. THESIS
The effect of unions on work/family benefits
46 O'Donnell, Joseph B. THESIS
Edgar Allan Poe and the politics of perception
47 Miller, Leanne R. THESIS
Where did I park? [electronic resource] : Connecting lower-level and higher-level memory processes /
48 Nuest, Brian Dale.; Turner, Marilyn L. THESIS
Finite element modeling and side impact study of a low-floor mass transit bus [electronic resource] /
49 Yadav, Vikas.; Lankarani, Hamid M. THESIS
Analysis of surface finish in drilling of composites using neural networks
50 Madiwal, Shashidhar. THESIS

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