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Who's your daddy? A comparison of intergenerational mobility of socioeconomic status for sons and daughters /
51 Drake, Angela THESIS
Parallel-machine scheduling with load-balancing and sequence-dependent setups [electronic resource] /
52 Senniappan, Karthikeyan.; Yildirim, Mehmet Bayram. THESIS
Protective thermal spray coatings for polymer matrix composites
53 Vyawahare, Siddharth M. THESIS
Simulation Study of Spot Weld Material Configurations for Crash Analysis
54 PATIL, SACHIN, PhD 2015-11-18 OTHER
A case study of the impact of special education law on the retention of tenured special education teachers
55 Nance, Erica. THESIS
A revenue management framework for appointment allocation in rehabilitation outpatient clinics [electronic resource] /
56 Yedehalli Venkataramu, Raghunandan.; Yildirim, Mehmet B. THESIS
The effects of family structure and parenting style on school disciplinary incidents of high school seniors [electronic resource] /
57 Summers, Bryce. THESIS
Friction stir welding thermal effects of a parametric study on butt and lap welds /
58 Naidu, Rajesh. THESIS
An investigation of preschool children's primary literacy skills [electronic resource] /
59 Kelman, Margot Elisabeth.; Hodson, Barbara Williams 2006-01-01 THESIS
Color association with differential waveform driven force-feedback vibration periodicities
60 Howard, Jeffrey N. THESIS
Potential inhibitors of dengue and West Nile virus proteases
61 Mohan, Swathi. THESIS
Women in reality a rhetorical analysis of three of Henrik Ibsen's plays in order to determine the most prevalent feminist themes /
62 Bradford, Lesa M. THESIS
From the mommy track to the family track a comparative analysis of employer-provided benefits in for-profit and nonprofit organizations /
63 McKenney, Trisha. THESIS
The effects of aging and cognitive decrements on simulated driving performance
64 Sifrit, Kathy J. THESIS
Study of rear impact in light trucks and potential injuries to the occupants
65 Patel, Dhruv Vikram. THESIS

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