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Aparicion del discurso historico y del discurso mitico-religioso en Chango el gran Putas [electronic resource] /
1 Acosta, Claudia P. THESIS
Assessing computer-mediated communication discourse of a traumatic brain injury survivor [electronic resource] /
2 Prichard, Cheryl L. THESIS
Costuming It's a wonderful life [electronic resource] /
3 Johnson, Jerry L. THESIS
Data points or cultural entities [electronic resource] : a GIS-based archaeological predictive model in a post-positivist framework /
4 Rouse, L. Jesse THESIS
Iron and acid removal from acid mine drainage in open limestone systems [electronic resource] /
5 Sun, Qingyun THESIS
Methods for creating a multi-axis polarizer for visible light attenuation by linear translation [electronic resource] /
6 Donatelli, Peter L. THESIS
"I'm right there" [electronic resource] : central Appalachian women in public school leadership /
7 Seelinger, Kathy L. THESIS
Hammer and hand in the Old South [electronic resource] : artisan workers in Petersburg, Virginia, 1820-1860 /
8 Barnes, L. Diane. THESIS
The prevalence of heart-healthy menu items in restaurants of West Virginia [electronic resource] /
9 Jones, Jenni THESIS
The use of assessment data in academic strategic planning [electronic resource] /
10 Aloi, Susan L. THESIS
The mother-daughter relationship [electronic resource] : attachment and disordered eating in female adolescents and their mothers /
11 Melcher, Jan L. THESIS
Patient satisfaction among injured high school and college athletes and its association with rehabilitation adherence and compliance [electronic resource] /
12 Cramer Roh, Joni L. THESIS
Participatory GIS for growth management in the Cheat Lake Planning District of Monongalia County, West Virginia [electronic resource] /
13 Hawthorne, Timothy L. THESIS
Transfer of heart rate feedback training to reduce heart rate response to laboratory tasks [electronic resource] /
14 Goodie, Jeffrey L. THESIS
The relationship of motivation and psychological skills of senior game participants to performance [electronic resource] /
15 Shaw, Keiba L. THESIS
First-time mothers' parenting knowledge during their infant's first year [electronic resource] : relations with information sources, social support networks, maternal self-efficacy, and infant development /
16 Elliott, Nichole L. THESIS
Decision-making in the use of instructional technology by novice and experienced public school teachers [electronic resource] /
17 Kuhn, Amy L. THESIS
Conduct disorder and future substance abuse [electronic resource] : factors affecting drug treatment outcome /
18 Goldfine, Matthew E. THESIS
Proton coupled electron transfer kinetics of redox centers attached to self-assembled monolayers on electrodes [electronic resource] /
19 Madhiri, Nicholas. THESIS
Second natures [electronic resource] : media, masculinity and the natural world in twentieth-century American literature and film /
20 Hamming, Jeanne E. THESIS
Regulation of heme biosynthesis targets the key enzyme HemA by a mechanism of protein stabilization in Salmonella typhimurium [electronic resource] /
21 Wang, Liying. THESIS
A comparison of distraction strategies for venipuncture in young children [electronic resource] /
22 MacLaren, Jill E. THESIS
Characterization of pyrolysis products from end-of-life electronic equipment [electronic resource] /
23 Thiruvallur, Venkatadri E. THESIS
Theorie und Praxis im dramatischen Werk Rainer Lewandowskis [electronic resource] /
24 Taylor, Ulrike E. THESIS
Finding meaning in sustainability and a livelihood based on tourism [electronic resource] : an ethnographic case study of rural citizens in the Ayse?n region of Chile /
25 Gale, Trace. THESIS
Compatible taper and volume equations for yellow-poplar in West Virginia [electronic resource] /
26 Jiang, Lichun. THESIS
Mechanical property characterization of recycled thermoplastics [electronic resource] /
27 Bargo, Johnny E. THESIS
Development of an indentation method for material surface mechanical properties measurement [electronic resource] /
28 Yao, Ziheng THESIS
A life cycle cost estimation model for FRP bridge decks [electronic resource] /
29 Roychoudhury, Pratik. THESIS
"Beyond the walls" [electronic resource] : a research study of eighth-grade students mentored in a hospital setting /
30 Grattan, Aileen. THESIS
The development of a clinical preventative screening tool for the lower quarter [electronic resource] /
31 Perez, Brian M. THESIS
A tabu search approach for the dynamic space allocation problem [electronic resource] /
32 Jaramillo, Juan R. THESIS
Optimization of a roll over protective structure (ROPS) using nonlinear finite element analysis [electronic resource] /
33 Gillispie, Adam (Adam THESIS
A leaf in the river
34 Stone, Connie S. THESIS
The physiological effects of a 12-week program of progressive low-impact aerobic dance on adults with mental retardation [electronic resource] /
35 Cluphf, David J. THESIS
The evolving process of the technical direction of West Virginia University's Division of Theatre and Dance's production of Strindberg's The ghost sonata [electronic resource] /
36 Frachiseur, Joshua John. THESIS
Limited rhapsody poems /
37 McGuire, Amanda. THESIS
Model and software development for predicting fish growth in trout raceways [electronic resource] /
38 Wang, Yin-Han. THESIS
Real time video compression using DVQ and suffix trees [electronic resource] /
39 Vedantam, Pavan Kumar. THESIS
Application of a reflective optical probe to measure solids fractions in a circulating fluidized bed [electronic resource] /
40 Seachman, Steven M. THESIS
West Virginia Education Information System users' concerns as measured by the stages of concern questionnaire [electronic resource] /
41 DeVore, Toni Lynne. THESIS
The effect of computer-based authentic assignments on learners' foreign language abilities and intrinsic motivation [electronic resource] /
42 Castillo, Aurora. THESIS
TEMPtEd [electronic resource] : development and psychometric properties of a tool to evaluate materials used in patient education /
43 Clayton, Laura H. THESIS
Optimal power flow using a genetic algorithm and linear algebra [electronic resource] /
44 Maust, Reid S. THESIS
Democracy by any other name just isn't the same [electronic resource] /
45 Estep, Clarissa. THESIS
Exploring the linkage of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) [electronic resource] : a case study of the West Run Expressway (WRE), Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia /
46 Keleagetse, Sewelo S. THESIS
Acquisition of observing responses with delayed conditioned reinforcement [electronic resource] /
47 Lieving, Gregory A. THESIS
Cyclizations of enyne-allenes to form persistent biradicals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with carbon frameworks represented on the surface of C?? [electronic resource] /
48 Zhang, Hai-Ren. THESIS
The technical director's process [electronic resource] : an account of WVU Division of Theatre & Dance's production of Into the woods /
49 Walsh, Justin P. THESIS
Power market analysis tool for congestion management [electronic resource] /
50 Parnandi, Silpa. THESIS

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