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The 3 pigs interactive performance /
201 Torres Villarreal, Ana Magdalena. THESIS
Surface and subsurface fault and fracture systems with associated natural gas production in the Lower Mississippian and Upper Devonian, Price Formation, southern West Virginia [electronic resource] /
202 Johnson, S. Reed. THESIS
Discovering August Strindberg's The ghost sonata through the costume design
203 Frachiseur, Nicole R. THESIS
Otherworldly goods
204 M.F.A. Johnson, Grant THESIS
Portraits of the songwriting process in elementary classrooms
205 Stephenson, Sally dhruva?. THESIS
Spiraling towards success an Africana artist's exploration of the creative process of writing and performing a monodrama /
206 Domingue, Nina. THESIS
Large-eddy simulation of the effects of debris on tornado dynamics
207 Gong, Baiyun. THESIS
Small cycle cover, group coloring with related problems [electronic resource] /
208 Li, Xiangwen THESIS
Production and cost analysis of two harvesting systems in central Appalachia [electronic resource] /
209 Long, Charles R. THESIS
Estimation of skin factor by using pressure transient testing results of a single rate well test
210 Gunaydin, Delal. THESIS
Optical measurement of ash particle size and velocity in gas-solid flow
211 1975- Zhang, Ming THESIS
Collective behavior in chemical systems
212 Steele, Aaron J. THESIS
The future of electronic editing theory and practice /
213 Attfield, Hilary M. THESIS

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