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Depositional environments, age, and regional correlation of the Black Hand Sandstone Member of the Cuyahoga Formation and the Lower Mississippian of the central Appalachians
151 1966- Matchen, David Lee THESIS
MFA thesis exhibition
152 Porobic, Damir Verona. THESIS
Comparison of parenting practices, acculturation, and the acceptability of behavioral parent training programs between a Native American and a non-Native American sample [electronic resource] /
153 Masse, Joshua J. THESIS
Influence of selection for breast muscle mass on pH and metabolism of supracoracoideus muscle from male and female turkey [electronic resource] /
154 Yost, John (John THESIS
The efficacy of a media literary program for the prevention and treatment of eating disturbances [electronic resource] : implications for the continuum model of eating disorders /
155 Coughlin, Janelle Wilder. THESIS
SAWTOOTH [electronic resource] : learning from huge amounts of data /
156 Orrego, Andre?s Sebastia?n. THESIS
Effects of three clipping managements on growth and production of a Kentucky bluegrass-clover sward [electronic resource] /
157 Sedon, Beverly. THESIS
Motivational characteristics of poor readers : evidence for positive change /
158 Henderson, Joan M. THESIS
Reactions of mental health professionals to the death of clients from acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) [electronic resource] /
159 Kachik, Joseph Robert THESIS
The relationship between pre-enrollment factors and PROMISE success [electronic resource] /
160 Stemple, James R. THESIS
Stereotypical perceptions of the communication behaviors of gay males
161 Brewster, Daniel W. THESIS
Optimal bucking hardwood species in central Appalachia [electronic resource] /
162 Liu, Jingang THESIS
Relationship between food insecurity and overweight in preschool-aged children in rural West Virginia [electronic resource] /
163 Webber, Melissa. THESIS
Personal tobacco use behaviors and tobacco cessation activities of dental and dental hygiene students in U.S. dental schools [electronic resource] /
164 Hatfield, Amanda S. THESIS
Software tool for reliability estimation [electronic resource] /
165 Jhunjhunwala, Manish. THESIS
Mapping Appalachia /
166 Boggess, Jennifer Hall. THESIS
Economics of breast cancer preventive strategies in a Medicaid program [electronic resource] /
167 Borker, Rohit D. THESIS
Cytosolic phospholipases A? (cPLA?) [electronic resource] : izoenzyme expression and regulation in a human breast cancer cell model /
168 Pacurari, Maricica. THESIS
Graph minor [electronic resource] /
169 Niu, Jianbing. THESIS
Formal and informal recruitment of college graduates [electronic resource] : implications for economic growth and development in West Virginia /
170 Lego, Brian E. THESIS
Children exposed to intimate partner violence [electronic resource] : exploring factors that promote resiliency /
171 Foley, Kimberly P. THESIS
The influence of sexual orientation and gender on the social support networks of middle-aged and older adults [electronic resource] /
172 Spencer, S. Melinda. THESIS
Effects of Morrow's honeysuckle control and the impact of the shrub on invertebrates at Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Pennsylvania [electronic resource] /
173 Love, Jason Patrick. THESIS
An examination of child, family and professional factors that influence the use of assistive technology in early intervention [electronic resource] /
174 Hider, Erin D. THESIS
Predicting habitat suitability for American woodcock and landscape-level assessment of habitat in West Virginia [electronic resource] /
175 Steketee, Ann Klein. THESIS
Adult volunteers at heritage tourism sites : a study of characteristics and motivations /
176 Babka, Christine M. THESIS
An exploratory study of policy, procedures, and programs for students with special needs assigned to alternative schools in north central West Virginia [electronic resource] /
177 Belcastro, Richard M. THESIS
Modeled sulfur dioxide exposure from a proposed coal fired power plant, using geographic information systems and air dispersion modeling [electronic resource] /
178 Hutchens, Steven Jason. THESIS
Insulin-induced endothelial cell proliferation and viability in stretched murine skin and cell culture [electronic resource] /
179 Shrader, Carl D. THESIS
Antitumor activity of antimalarials in human breast cancer cells [electronic resource] /
180 Zhou, Qun. THESIS
Chemotherapy disrupts bone marrow stromal cell function [electronic resource] /
181 Clutter, Suzanne Davis. THESIS
Raptor abundance and diversity and red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatus) habitat characteristics on reclaimed mountaintop mines in southern West Virginia [electronic resource] /
182 Balcerzak, Melissa J. THESIS
Scenic design for William Shakespeare's Richard III adapted and directed by Phillip Beck
183 Moore, Kiersten E. THESIS
The effectiveness of valdecoxib on post-endodontic pain [electronic resource] /
184 Ford, Lora Beth THESIS
Atmosphere [electronic resource] : transformation & process /
185 Bohnert, Jason Thomas. THESIS
TRINETR [electronic resource] : an intrusion detection alert management and analysis system /
186 Yu, Jinqiao. THESIS
The missionary presence and influences in Maryland in Liberia, 1834-1842 [electronic resource] /
187 Van Sickle, Eugene S. THESIS
Legibility [electronic resource] : how precedents established in print impact on-screen and dynamic typography /
188 Specht, Heidi. THESIS
Investigating spelling through generative instruction [electronic resource] /
189 Ross, Linda. THESIS
The mitogens estradiol, epidermal growth factor and acetaminophen differentially alter estrogen receptor phosphorylation and Erk/MAPK activation in MCF-7 cells [electronic resource] /
190 Brower, Stacey Lynn. THESIS
Effects of reinforcement history for following rules on sensitivity to contingencies of reinforcement [electronic resource] /
191 Aguilera, Carolina. THESIS
Trade and special interest politics, enforcement policy & illegal drugs [electronic resource] : three essays /
192 Roy, Suryadipta. THESIS
Computational modeling of hydrogen embrittlement of iron aluminides [electronic resource] /
193 Cisloiu, Roxana. THESIS
The relationships of organizational personality variables with worker socio-communicative orientation, communication apprehension, immediacy, and job satisfaction [electronic resource] /
194 Smith, Heather T. THESIS
The design of a Parallam® bridge deck
195 Smith, Geoffrey S. THESIS
Parent distress, parent behavior, and infant distress during pediatric immunizations [electronic resource] /
196 Bernard, Rebecca S. THESIS
The relations between spirituality, religiosity and reasons for living in older adults [electronic resource] /
197 Shreve-Neiger, Andrea K. THESIS
"Upon the shoulders of giants" : deconstructing the lost state of Franklin, 1784-2005 /
198 Barksdale, Kevin T. THESIS
Agenda setting and denial in the states nonprofit hospital tax exemptions : a North Carolina case study /
199 Millsaps, Linda Struyk. THESIS
Highways of the mind the haunting of the superhighway from the World's Fair to the World Wide Web /
200 Burgess, Helen J. THESIS

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