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Cooperative diversity using MIMO systems [electronic resource] /
101 Rajagopalan, Ramachandran. THESIS
An exploration of mentoring in athletic training clinical education [electronic resource] : establishing a preliminary model based on the grounded theory /
102 Panseri, Michelle Lynn. THESIS
Cohesive zone model for facesheet-core interface delamination in honeycomb FRP sandwich panels [electronic resource] /
103 Wang, Weiqiao. THESIS
Interaction between positive and negative effectors of embryonic and postnatal muscle growth in the chicken and the mouse [electronic resource] /
104 Gahr, Scott Allen. THESIS
Quantifying effects of vehicle weight and terrain on emissions, fuel economy, and engine behavior [electronic resource] /
105 Strimer, Corey M. THESIS
The growth and characterization of GaN quantum dots [electronic resource] /
106 Yang, Nanying THESIS
Women and physical culture in modern Poland [electronic resource] /
107 Mathur, Nameeta. THESIS
Home schoolers transition to public schools in West Virginia [electronic resource] /
108 Krout, Anne. THESIS
Differences among standardized test scores due to factors of Internet access at home and family affluence [electronic resource] /
109 Macho, Steve. THESIS
Epileptiform bursting in the disinhibited neonatal cerebral cortex [electronic resource] /
110 Wells, Jason Eric. THESIS
Effects of cumulative practice on mathematics problem-solving behavior [electronic resource] /
111 Hazlett, Kristin H. THESIS
Assessment of the impact of the West Virginia Medicaid's prior authorization policy for NSAIDs on chronic patients [electronic resource] : economic and humanistic outcomes /
112 Momani, Aiman A. THESIS
Consumer preferences for genetically modified fish and seafood [electronic resource] : an econometric approach /
113 Bennett, Brian S. THESIS
Association of parental weight with pregnancy weight gain and outcome [electronic resource] /
114 Banerji, Rini. THESIS
A comparison of the edentulous and dentate prosthodontic patient for the occurrence of obstructive sleep apnea [electronic resource] /
115 Patel, Mayur Mahendra. THESIS
The changes in pitching mechanics and pitch velocity during a seven-inning simulated game in high school baseball pitchers [electronic resource] : a prospective descriptive study /
116 Erkel, Jeremy J. THESIS
Integration of statistical and neural network method for data analysis [electronic resource] /
117 Chavali, Krishna Kumar. THESIS
Resistance of temporally controlled behavior to change [electronic resource] /
118 Elcoro, Mirari. THESIS
A study to determine the relationship between the leadership styles of career technical directors and school climate as perceived by teachers [electronic resource] /
119 Blatt, Dennis A. THESIS
Self-efficacy and spirituality in the recovery process from alcohol dependence [electronic resource] : a paradox /
120 States, Julie Ann. THESIS
A study of the relationship between the perceived leadership style of nursing chairpersons and the organizational effectiveness of baccalaureate nursing programs /
121 Small, Terri Thompson. THESIS
Open Sesame: From Student Success towards Faculty Research Contributions in Institutional Repositories
122 Hagen, John H., BA 2008-05-20 OTHER
Exploring visitor meanings of place in the National Capital Parks--Central [electronic resource] /
123 Chen, Wei-Li Jasmine. THESIS
Finite element analysis of interaction between actin cytoskeleton and intracellular fluid in prechondrocytes and chondrocytes subjected to compressive loading [electronic resource] /
124 Viswanathan, Sundar THESIS
The effects of knowledge of results compared to knowledge of results with goal setting intervention on selected tennis skills [electronic resource] /
125 Trittenwein, Oliver. THESIS
Potential relations between extraversion and cardiovascular reactivity during laboratory stressors [electronic resource] /
126 Taylor, Brandie K. THESIS
The relationship of interviewer's communication behaviors and applicant's evaluation of the interviewer [electronic resource] /
127 Hunter, Seft. THESIS
Arylhydrazine carcinogenesis and the synthesis of C8-arylpurine oligonucleotides [electronic resource] : a study of DNA adduct affects on DNA conformation and stability /
128 Daft, Jonathan R. THESIS
Augmentation of the differentiation response to antitumor quinolines [electronic resource] /
129 Rahim-Bata, Rayhana. THESIS
The First Amendment rights of high school students and their student newspapers [electronic resource] /
130 Boggs, Teresa J. THESIS
A qualitative analysis of sensationalism in media [electronic resource] /
131 Frye, William B. THESIS
Machine vision applications in UAVs for autonomous aerial refueling and runway detection [electronic resource] /
132 Rowe, Larry W. THESIS
The effects of personality traits and playing video games on aggressive thoughts and behaviors [electronic resource] /
133 Cicchirillo, Vincent. THESIS
The relationship between interorganizational collaboration and the perception of school-business partnership effectiveness in West Virginia /
134 Norman, Julie Marie. THESIS
Educators' views of implementing direct instruction curricula [electronic resource] : connections to students with disabilities /
135 Wilson, Brenda T. THESIS
Economic and humanistic impact of medication nonadherence in patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [electronic resource] /
136 Joshi, Ashish V. THESIS
The role of soft money, independent, and coordinated expenditures in elections for the U.S. House of Representatives [electronic resource] /
137 Spiker, Kevin R. THESIS
Numerical simulation of continuous miner rock cutting process [electronic resource] /
138 Yu, Bo THESIS
Electrochemical detection of mercury, cadmium, lead, and copper using boron-doped diamond electrodes [electronic resource] /
139 Babyak, Carol M. THESIS
An exploratory study of multiple relationships, ethical decision making and the identification of potentially harmful relationships in college counseling centers [electronic resource] /
140 Frere, Leslie M. THESIS
Electrochemical fabrication of semiconductor nanostructure arrays for photonic applications [electronic resource] /
141 McGinnis, Stephen Patrick. THESIS
Time, temperature and frequency viscoelastic behavior of commercial polymers [electronic resource] /
142 Julius, Michael J. THESIS
Representative ways to analyze and survey changes in long-term electrocardiographic recordings [electronic resource] /
143 Crihalmeanu, Simona Gabriela. THESIS
The effects of explanatory style on bowling performance [electronic resource] /
144 Parker, Paula M. THESIS
The effects of rumination and emotional writing on heart rate recovery following anger recall
145 Hernandez, Danielle H. THESIS
Heritage to legacy [electronic resource] : a content analysis of the Coretta Scott King award winning picture books from 1976-2004 /
146 Abdel-Malik, Khafilah. THESIS
Compressive strength prediction for composite unmanned aerial vehicles [electronic resource] /
147 Wen, Edward A. THESIS
Federal highway spending and economic growth in Appalachia /
148 (James Herbert) Noonan, James THESIS
State minimization problems in finite state automata [electronic resource] /
149 Tauras, Chris. THESIS
150 Moore, Mark Tobin. THESIS

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