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Cooperative diversity using MIMO systems [electronic resource] /
101 Rajagopalan, Ramachandran. THESIS
An exploration of mentoring in athletic training clinical education [electronic resource] : establishing a preliminary model based on the grounded theory /
102 Panseri, Michelle Lynn. THESIS
Cohesive zone model for facesheet-core interface delamination in honeycomb FRP sandwich panels [electronic resource] /
103 Wang, Weiqiao. THESIS
Interaction between positive and negative effectors of embryonic and postnatal muscle growth in the chicken and the mouse [electronic resource] /
104 Gahr, Scott Allen. THESIS
Quantifying effects of vehicle weight and terrain on emissions, fuel economy, and engine behavior [electronic resource] /
105 Strimer, Corey M. THESIS
The growth and characterization of GaN quantum dots [electronic resource] /
106 Yang, Nanying THESIS
Women and physical culture in modern Poland [electronic resource] /
107 Mathur, Nameeta. THESIS
Home schoolers transition to public schools in West Virginia [electronic resource] /
108 Krout, Anne. THESIS
Differences among standardized test scores due to factors of Internet access at home and family affluence [electronic resource] /
109 Macho, Steve. THESIS
Epileptiform bursting in the disinhibited neonatal cerebral cortex [electronic resource] /
110 Wells, Jason Eric. THESIS
Effects of cumulative practice on mathematics problem-solving behavior [electronic resource] /
111 Hazlett, Kristin H. THESIS
Assessment of the impact of the West Virginia Medicaid's prior authorization policy for NSAIDs on chronic patients [electronic resource] : economic and humanistic outcomes /
112 Momani, Aiman A. THESIS
Consumer preferences for genetically modified fish and seafood [electronic resource] : an econometric approach /
113 Bennett, Brian S. THESIS
Association of parental weight with pregnancy weight gain and outcome [electronic resource] /
114 Banerji, Rini. THESIS
A comparison of the edentulous and dentate prosthodontic patient for the occurrence of obstructive sleep apnea [electronic resource] /
115 Patel, Mayur Mahendra. THESIS
The changes in pitching mechanics and pitch velocity during a seven-inning simulated game in high school baseball pitchers [electronic resource] : a prospective descriptive study /
116 Erkel, Jeremy J. THESIS
Integration of statistical and neural network method for data analysis [electronic resource] /
117 Chavali, Krishna Kumar. THESIS
Resistance of temporally controlled behavior to change [electronic resource] /
118 Elcoro, Mirari. THESIS
A study to determine the relationship between the leadership styles of career technical directors and school climate as perceived by teachers [electronic resource] /
119 Blatt, Dennis A. THESIS
Self-efficacy and spirituality in the recovery process from alcohol dependence [electronic resource] : a paradox /
120 States, Julie Ann. THESIS
A study of the relationship between the perceived leadership style of nursing chairpersons and the organizational effectiveness of baccalaureate nursing programs /
121 Small, Terri Thompson. THESIS
Open Sesame: From Student Success towards Faculty Research Contributions in Institutional Repositories
122 Hagen, John H., BA 2008-05-20 OTHER
Exploring visitor meanings of place in the National Capital Parks--Central [electronic resource] /
123 Chen, Wei-Li Jasmine. THESIS
Finite element analysis of interaction between actin cytoskeleton and intracellular fluid in prechondrocytes and chondrocytes subjected to compressive loading [electronic resource] /
124 Viswanathan, Sundar THESIS
The effects of knowledge of results compared to knowledge of results with goal setting intervention on selected tennis skills [electronic resource] /
125 Trittenwein, Oliver. THESIS
Potential relations between extraversion and cardiovascular reactivity during laboratory stressors [electronic resource] /
126 Taylor, Brandie K. THESIS
The relationship of interviewer's communication behaviors and applicant's evaluation of the interviewer [electronic resource] /
127 Hunter, Seft. THESIS
Arylhydrazine carcinogenesis and the synthesis of C8-arylpurine oligonucleotides [electronic resource] : a study of DNA adduct affects on DNA conformation and stability /
128 Daft, Jonathan R. THESIS
Augmentation of the differentiation response to antitumor quinolines [electronic resource] /
129 Rahim-Bata, Rayhana. THESIS
The First Amendment rights of high school students and their student newspapers [electronic resource] /
130 Boggs, Teresa J. THESIS
A qualitative analysis of sensationalism in media [electronic resource] /
131 Frye, William B. THESIS
Machine vision applications in UAVs for autonomous aerial refueling and runway detection [electronic resource] /
132 Rowe, Larry W. THESIS
The effects of personality traits and playing video games on aggressive thoughts and behaviors [electronic resource] /
133 Cicchirillo, Vincent. THESIS
The relationship between interorganizational collaboration and the perception of school-business partnership effectiveness in West Virginia /
134 Norman, Julie Marie. THESIS
Educators' views of implementing direct instruction curricula [electronic resource] : connections to students with disabilities /
135 Wilson, Brenda T. THESIS
Economic and humanistic impact of medication nonadherence in patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [electronic resource] /
136 Joshi, Ashish V. THESIS
The role of soft money, independent, and coordinated expenditures in elections for the U.S. House of Representatives [electronic resource] /
137 Spiker, Kevin R. THESIS
Numerical simulation of continuous miner rock cutting process [electronic resource] /
138 Yu, Bo THESIS
Electrochemical detection of mercury, cadmium, lead, and copper using boron-doped diamond electrodes [electronic resource] /
139 Babyak, Carol M. THESIS
An exploratory study of multiple relationships, ethical decision making and the identification of potentially harmful relationships in college counseling centers [electronic resource] /
140 Frere, Leslie M. THESIS
Electrochemical fabrication of semiconductor nanostructure arrays for photonic applications [electronic resource] /
141 McGinnis, Stephen Patrick. THESIS
Time, temperature and frequency viscoelastic behavior of commercial polymers [electronic resource] /
142 Julius, Michael J. THESIS
Representative ways to analyze and survey changes in long-term electrocardiographic recordings [electronic resource] /
143 Crihalmeanu, Simona Gabriela. THESIS
The effects of explanatory style on bowling performance [electronic resource] /
144 Parker, Paula M. THESIS
The effects of rumination and emotional writing on heart rate recovery following anger recall
145 Hernandez, Danielle H. THESIS
Heritage to legacy [electronic resource] : a content analysis of the Coretta Scott King award winning picture books from 1976-2004 /
146 Abdel-Malik, Khafilah. THESIS
Compressive strength prediction for composite unmanned aerial vehicles [electronic resource] /
147 Wen, Edward A. THESIS
148 Moore, Mark Tobin. THESIS
Federal highway spending and economic growth in Appalachia /
149 (James Herbert) Noonan, James THESIS
Depositional environments, age, and regional correlation of the Black Hand Sandstone Member of the Cuyahoga Formation and the Lower Mississippian of the central Appalachians
150 1966- Matchen, David Lee THESIS

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