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Architecture-level risk assessment tool based on UML specification [electronic resource] /
51 Wang, Tianjian. THESIS
Evaluation of two reference planes to the horizon in the natural head position [electronic resource] /
52 Allport, David M. THESIS
Building a bisque kiln [electronic resource] /
53 Buchanan, David C. THESIS
The correctional-commercial complex [electronic resource] : an examination of privatization of the US prison system /
54 Maruono, Atsuko. THESIS
Shoes first [electronic resource] : the process of designing costumes for Shakespeare's Measure for measure /
55 Sorenson, Lesley. THESIS
Assessing public opinion toward homelessness in the United States [electronic resource] /
56 Dugan, Joni Mari. THESIS
The relationship between journalists and public relations practitioners during crises [electronic resource] /
57 Waugh, Cassie A. THESIS
Agricultural non-point source (AGNPS) water quality modeling in a GIS environment [electronic resource] /
58 Carpenter, Stephen G. THESIS
An evaluation of AVHRR NDVI data for monitoring western spruce budworm defoliation [electronic resource] /
59 Majeed, Zainal A. THESIS
Design and analysis of a hybrid steel/composite pipe for high pressure applications [electronic resource] /
60 Briers, William Jennings. THESIS
Subsurface mapping of Ellesmerian onlaps [electronic resource] : testing the opening of the Arctic Canada Basin /
61 Connelly, Brian A. THESIS
Determining the effects on parental attitudes and parenting styles towards child rearing after participation in a rural parenting program [electronic resource] /
62 Canter, Kathryn A. THESIS
Design, construction and testing of an innovative mechanism for manual wheelchair propulsion [electronic resource] /
63 Burke, Thomas S. THESIS
Finite element modeling of cells in response to loading [electronic resource] : effect of cytoskeleton /
64 Loke, Chee Wui. THESIS
Developing a framework for predicting the impact of ITS/CVO technology in developing countries [electronic resource] /
65 Turk, Mazen. THESIS
A transnational vision [electronic resource] : John H.B. Latrobe and Maryland's African colonization movement /
66 Van Sickle, Eugene S. THESIS
Kinship migration to northwestern Virginia, 1785-1815 : the myth of the southern frontiersman /
67 Sturm, Philip W. THESIS
Chemical and physical modification of petroleum, coal-tar, and coal-extract pitches by air-blowing [electronic resource] /
68 King, Nathan D. THESIS
Effects of duty cycles on diesel engine component life estimation [electronic resource] /
69 Jayasinghe, Dave S. THESIS
The relationship between preschoolers academic self-esteem and the quality of their child care center [electronic resource] /
70 Bodnovich, Kara Lynn. THESIS
Gerald Finzi's songs for baritone on texts by Thomas Hardy an historical and literary analysis and its effect on their interpretation /
71 Scheib, Curt. THESIS
Comparison of concentrations in the breathing zone [electronic resource] /
72 Kulkarni, Santosh. THESIS
A comparison of steady state and transient emissions from a heavy-duty diesel engine [electronic resource] /
73 Bane, Bradley R. THESIS
Using waterflood performance to characterize flow-units in a heterogeneous reservoir [electronic resource] /
74 Alla, Vamsi Krishna. THESIS
My history with flying objects
75 Kinzy, Dana M. THESIS
Glimpses of Wilsonianism [electronic resource] : United States involvement in Nicaragua during the Coolidge era /
76 Hall, Steven R. THESIS
A transient computational fluid dynamic model of a unit injector using methanol fuel [electronic resource] /
77 McKenzie, E. A. THESIS
Factors that influence an individual's decision to teach agricultural education [electronic resource] /
78 Hall, Lee Ann. THESIS
Sarah Livingston Jay, 1756-1802 [electronic resource] : dynamics of power, privilege and prestige in the Revolutionary Era /
79 Janson, Jennifer Megan. THESIS
Essays on macro factors and asset pricing [electronic resource] : theory and evaluation /
80 Huang, Dayong THESIS
Evaluation of the selective NOx recirculation technique using activated carbon [electronic resource] /
81 Zimmerman, Andrew James. THESIS
Geologic feature prediction using roof bolter drilling parameters [electronic resource] /
82 Mirabile, Benjamin T. THESIS
Structural determinants of murine leukemia virus reverse transcriptase that are important for template switching, fidelity, and drug-resistance [electronic resource] /
83 Svarovskaia, Evguenia S. THESIS
Detection and analysis of deck cracks in a long span empirically designed bridge deck through embedded sensory systems [electronic resource] /
84 Riad, Mourad Y. THESIS
An inverse boundary value problem from semiconductor modeling [electronic resource] /
85 Lu, Mingying THESIS
Net section rupture in tension members with connection eccentricity [electronic resource] /
86 Bartels, Peter Atwood. THESIS
A comparison of faculty role ambiguity and role conflict at freestanding and component community and technical colleges in West Virginia /
87 Hamilton, Pamela Casto. THESIS
The effects of a rural parent education program on parenting stress, perceived social support, parental locus of control, and parental efficacy [electronic resource] /
88 Cole, Janie M. THESIS
Acceptable casualties [electronic resource] : power, culture, and history in the West Virginia coalfields, 1900-1945 /
89 Rakes, Paul H. THESIS
Sensor technology for the breast examination training instrument [electronic resource] /
90 Matic, Bratislav. THESIS
Three essays in environmental markets [electronic resource] : dynamic behavior, market interactions, policy implications /
91 Xiarchos, Irene Margaret. THESIS
Economic feasibility of trout production in West Virginia : a mixed integer and quadratic-programming analysis /
92 Fidler, Frank H. THESIS
The expected value of catastrophes in underground coal mines 1987-2001 [electronic resource] /
93 Alexander, Danrick W. THESIS
Analysis of red spruce (Picea rubens) regeneration in Pocahontas, Randolph, and Tucker counties, West Virginia [electronic resource] /
94 Rollins, Adam W. THESIS
Foundations of object-based specification design [electronic resource] /
95 Fleming, David M. THESIS
FEM simulation of ultrasonic wave propagation in solid rods [electronic resource] /
96 Fu, Tuan-Chun. THESIS
Development of antibiotic resistance due to chromosomal mutation caused by AH26 endodontic sealer
97 1971- Hales, Jason J. THESIS
Forced labor and humanitarian ideology in Kenya, 1911-1925
98 Okia, Opolot. THESIS
Computerized training methods [electronic resource] : effects on retention and rate of responding /
99 Oddsson, Finnur. THESIS
Integrating spatial and spectral information for automatic feature identification in high resolution remotely sensed images [electronic resource] /
100 Lee, Jong Yeol. THESIS

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