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A structurational view of interfirm relationships : agents, social structures, and technology in practice [electronic resource] /
1 Tong, Pingsheng THESIS
A low power low noise high accuracy sensor IC
2 1974- Guo, Haidong THESIS
Layout generation and its application
3 Nickoloff, Jacob L. THESIS
Stability and structure of hydrogen defects in zinc oxide
4 1979- Jokela, Slade Joseph THESIS
Impact of thiamine and pyridoxine on alcoholic fermentations of synthetic grape juice
5 1978- Xing, Huajing THESIS
Mechanical behavior of a carbon nanotube turf
6 1981- Radhakrishnan, Harish THESIS
Jose? Marti? and the global dimensions of late nineteenth-century Cuban nation building
7 1971- Garcia, Armand THESIS
Response to osmotic stress by the haloalkaliphilic bacterium Halomonas campisalis
8 1981- Aston, John THESIS
Slit die rheology of HDPE and ABS based wood plastic composites
9 1980- Chastagner, Matthew Wayne THESIS
Determinants of sport website acceptance : an application and extension of the technology acceptance model
10 Hur, Youngjin. THESIS
Transovarial transmission efficiency of Babesia bovis by Rhipicephalus (boophilus) microplus
11 1973- Howell, Jeanne Marie THESIS
The effects of dredging on dissolved oxygen in agricultural waterways in King County, Washington
12 Milburn, Elizabeth Anne THESIS
Characterization of the ecological and physiological basis of superior rhizosphere colonization by 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol-producing fluorescent Pseudomonas genotypes
13 1969- Delafuente, Leonardo THESIS
Fabrication and characterization of a micro capillary evaporator for MEMS based power generation
14 1979- Carpenter, Daniel A. THESIS
The potential role of high photosynthetic capacity in pest resistance mechanisms in Fragaria chiloensis
15 1957- Vega, Alexis THESIS
A high performance low power mesochronous pipeline architecture for computer systems
16 Tatapudi, Suryanarayana Bhimeshwara. THESIS
Characterization of mechanical properties of carbon nanotube turfs
17 Zbib, Ali Ahmad. THESIS
Orientation dependence of dislocation structure evolution of aluminum alloys in 2-D and 3-D
18 1979- Merriman, Colin Clarke THESIS
Cold working effects on mechanical properties in sheet metal joining for automotive applications
19 1981- Blake, David Matthew THESIS
Examining dioxin-mediated alterations in pulmonary immune cell function during influenza virus infection : effects on cytolytic activity and interferon gamma
20 Neff-Laford, Haley D. THESIS
A preliminary study of the effect of calcium chloride highway anti-icer liquid on roadside trees in Leavenworth, Washington
21 Dirkse, Jason Lennart. THESIS
Molecular dynamics simulation of electroosmotic & pressure driven flows in nanochannels
22 1982- Miao, Miao THESIS
A crystallographic and theoretical study of halogen---halogen and halogen---halide synthons
23 1972- Awwadi, Firas Fandi THESIS
The impact of deficit irrigation strategies on sweet cherry (Prunus avium L) physiology and spectral reflectance
24 Antunez-Barria, Alejandro Jose THESIS
Portraits of three teachers : factors that influence transfer of learning [electronic resource] /
25 Ching-Yi Tseng, 1976- THESIS
Biological hydrogen production via self-immobilized bacteria
26 1979- Hu, Bo THESIS
Working memory and individual differences in decision making
27 1978- Jameson, Tina L. THESIS
Ultrafast lattice dynamics in excitonic self-trapping of quasi-one dimensional materials
28 1976- Morrissey, Francis Xavier THESIS
Increased roughness in reinforced concrete box culverts
29 1982- Hill, Adam Samuel THESIS
Using enzymes to link soil structure and microbial community function in a prairie chronosequence
30 1979- Fansler, Sarah J. THESIS
The role and interaction of the AT? and cholinergic systems in the nucleus basalis of meynert (NBM) effects on spatial learning /
31 Wilson, Wendy L. THESIS
40 Gbps SiGe pattern generator IC with variable clock skew and output levels
32 1981- Zahller, Matthew John THESIS
Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry instrumentation design and development reduction of ion cloud de-phasing and time-of-flight discrimination /
33 Kaiser, Nathan Kenneth. THESIS
Transformation of microspores for generating doubled haploid transgenic wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
34 1964- Liu, Weiguo THESIS
A theoretical approach : an exploratory analysis of higher level narcotraffickers of Latin American decent
35 Garci?a, Marti?n Mera?z. THESIS
Supply chain sales promotion : the operations and marketing interface
36 1978- Yang, Shilei THESIS
Characterization of solid acid catalysts for isobutane/butene alkylation
37 1972- Platon, Alexandru THESIS
A novel wood-strand composite laminate using small-diameter timber
38 1978- Weight, Shilo Willis THESIS
Potential of radio frequency heating of fresh fruits as an alternative quarantine method
39 1971- Birla, Sohan L. THESIS
Explaining variation in the sex composition of coaches for women's intercollegiate athletic teams [electronic resource] /
40 Robertson, Michelle L. THESIS
Bioreduction of hexavalent chromium flow-through column experiments and reactive transport modeling /
41 1970- Alam, Md Mahbub THESIS
A discrete, stochastic model and correction method for bacterial source tracking
42 1963- Leach, Mark Daniel THESIS
Phosphorus leaching from manure-impacted soils affected by fluctuating water tables
43 1969- Mejias-Bassaletti, Jaime THESIS
High IIP2 CMOS doubly balanced quadrature sub-harmonic mixer for 5 GHz direct conversion receiver
44 1978- Upadhyaya, Parag THESIS
Wood fiber reinforced bacterial biocomposites effects of interfacial modifers and processing on mechanical and physical properties /
45 Anderson, Scott Powell. THESIS
Three essays on demand for freight transportation : optimization, spatial econometrics and parametric estimations
46 1973- Puenpatom, Tosmai THESIS
Evolution of multiple antimicrobial drug resistance conservation of genes encoding streptomycin, sulfonamide and tetracycline resistance among Escherichia coli with increasing multi-drug resistance /
47 Joseph, Renu. THESIS
Dynamics and viability of a cougar population in the Pacific Northwest
48 1979- Lambert, Catherine Marie THESIS
Parent-child communication about work : linkages with children's perceptions of parental employment and children's educational and occupational aspirations
49 Winkelman, Sara L. THESIS
Effects of insecticide and adjuvant mixtures on cladocerans and Coho salmon
50 Deardorff, Angela Diane. THESIS

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