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Microstructural and geometric effects on the piezoelectric performance of PZT MEMS
401 Robinson, Michelle Christina. THESIS
Performance evaluation of fault tolerant methodologies for network on chip architecture
402 1978- Zhu, Haibo THESIS
On the external stability of linear systems with actuator saturation constraints, and the decentralized control of communicating-agent networks with security constraints
403 1983- Wen, Zheng THESIS
Professional vitality : perspectives from nine school principals
404 1969- Reyes-Gonzalez, Susana THESIS
Investigation of radiological contamination of soil samples from Idaho National Laboratory
405 1978- Payne, Rosara Faith THESIS
Indirect interconnection networks for high performance routers/switches
406 1976- He, Rongsen THESIS
Characterization, regulation and expression of the myxovirus resistance (Mx) genes in ovine endometrium and immune cells during early pregnancy
407 1972- Assiri, Abdullah M. THESIS
Dioxin-induced deregulation of neutrophil recruitment to the lungs of mice infected with influenza virus
408 1978- Teske, Sabine THESIS
Non-equiprobable multi-level coding for the additive white Gaussian noise channel with Tikhonov phase error
409 1972- Ni, Li THESIS
The impact of emotional labor, value dissonance, and occupational identity on police officers [sic] levels of cynicism and burnout
410 Schaible, Lonnie Matt. THESIS
An exploration of the relationship between students' and teachers' perceptions of school safety and the importance of safety strategies
411 1983- Booren, Leslie M. THESIS
Smart simulation techniques for the evaluation of parametric uncertainties in black box systems
412 1982- Ramamurthy, Dinesh THESIS
A medium-grain reconfigurable architecture for digital signal processing
413 Myjak, Mitchell John. THESIS
Coping with conflict : a study of superintendent leadership in the State of Washington [electronic resource] /
414 Holland, Stephen A. THESIS
Design analysis techniques for software quality enhancement
415 1953- Williams, Daniel Dee THESIS
Design of fish passage at bridges and culverts : Hydraulic engineering circular - 26
416 1982- Frei, Christopher Michael THESIS
Improving protein interactions prediction using machine learning and visual analytics
417 Singhal, Mudita. THESIS
Application of a simplified analysis method for natural dispersion of highway stormwater runoff
418 1973- Reister, Mitchell Steven THESIS
Fuel processing catalysis for microchannel applications [electronic resource] : methanol steam reforming and selective CO methanation /
419 Dagle, Robert Alexander THESIS
Evaluation of airborne herbicide movement to wine grape vineyards in the Walla Walla Valley of Washington State
420 1967- Holshue, Kenneth F. THESIS
Transient error resilience in network-on-chip communication fabrics
421 1982- Ganguly, Amlan THESIS
The growth and development of muscle and fat cells
422 Fernyhough, Melinda. THESIS
A study investigating the correlation between teaching assistants' communication apprehension in the college classroom and student perceptions of teaching assistant's communication apprehension
423 1968- Wernicke, Helga THESIS
Projections of Washington-British Columbia trade and traffic, by commodity, route and boder crossings
424 1982- Galloway, Hamilton Douglas THESIS
To err in the eyes of the authorities : Lady Eleanor Davies and the reclamation of prophetic speech
425 1983- Cornell, Caitlin Marie THESIS
Using whey protein gel as a model food to study dielectric heating of salmon
426 1980- Wang, Yu THESIS
Nondestructive detection of post-tensioning tendons and simulated voids in concrete specimens using thermal imaging
427 1980- Musgrove, Ryan Ross THESIS
Local ideals of beauty under global pressure : gender identity and formation in Dangriga, Belize
428 Luminais, Misty Nicole. THESIS
Urban flux and concentration measurements of volatile organic compounds and CO? in Mexico City
429 1973- Velasco Saldan?a, Hector Erik THESIS
Multi-constrained node-disjoint multipath QoS routing algorithms for status dissemination networks
430 1979- Supreeth Koushik, Sheshadri THESIS
Lead isotope compositions of subducting sediments around the Pacific
431 1976- Yu, Chunjiang THESIS
Community college student government experience and student development : a qualitative study
432 1959- Esterhuizen, Amy H. THESIS
Oxygen-18 in surface and soil waters in a dryland agricultural setting, Eastern Washington : flow processes and mean residence times at various watershed scales
433 Goodwin, Angela Jasna. THESIS
A multivariate analysis of two cooking methods for nine muscles from limousin and wagyu steers [electronic resource] /
434 Farrell, Terence Christopher THESIS
Positioning products in business-to-consumer electronic commerce : differential effects of product positioning on affect and cognition
435 1976- Schneider, Christoph THESIS
Religious identity and its relevance in interpreting media portrayals of Muslims
436 1981- Fagan, Jill Anne THESIS
Bridging the ultra-low power and high speed regions using a tunable body biasing approach
437 Bero, Brent C. THESIS
Betwixt and between : the perceived legitimacy of campus police
438 1968- Wada, James Christopher THESIS
Role of 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol-producing Pseudomonas fluorescens in the suppression of take-all and pythium root rot of wheat [electronic resource] /
439 Allende-Molar, Raul THESIS
Developing the humor styles questionnaire-revised : a review of the current humor literature and a revised measure
440 1977- Reff, Robert Charles THESIS
A gasp of fresh air [electronic resource] : a high speed distributed FIFO scheme for managing interconnect parasitics /
441 Rydberg, Ray Robert THESIS
Equalization and coding for the two-dimensional intersymbol interference channel
442 Cheng, Taikun. THESIS
Timing, distribution and climatic implictions of late quaternary eolian deposits : northern Columbia Plateau, WA
443 1980- Dalman, Kurt Alan THESIS
Serving up ethnic identity in Chacoan frontier communities the technology and distribution of Mogollon and Puebloan ceramic wares in the Southern Cibola Region /
444 Elkins, Melissa Anne. THESIS
Doing gender when home and work are blurred : women and sex-atypical tasks in family farming
445 1978- Smyth, Jolene D. THESIS
Growth and characterization of metal nanoparticles on nanowire substrates
446 1980- Lalonde, Aaron David THESIS
Conflict and conflict resolution in Bolivia
447 Stilwell, Carolyn Anne THESIS
Process and outcome evaluation of the Spokane County meth family treatment court, 2003-2005
448 McMillin, Heidee Eileen. THESIS
Mechanical weed control in conservation tillage [electronic resource] /
449 Kopan, Suzanne THESIS
The perceptions of luxury products as status symbols by Taiwanese college students
450 Chang, Yi-Ning THESIS

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