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An examination of the relationship between residential design and family lifestyles
351 1969- Sharon, Loni Dee THESIS
Analyzing motivational factors of action sports participants
352 1978- Park, Hyewon THESIS
The comparative genomics and physiology of myostatin
353 Garikipati, Dilip Kumar THESIS
Evaluating simple transpiration-based models of crop productivity
354 1969- Kremer, Cristian THESIS
Defects in calcium fluoride generated by 157 NM laser and low-energy electrons [electronic resource] /
355 Cramer, Loren Paul THESIS
Intervention in succession a method for applying succession theory in landscape design with a focus on vegetation succession in western Washington /
356 1977- Horton, Lindsey THESIS
Pim kinases phosphorylate p21 CiP1/WAF1 and c-Myc
357 1974- Zhang, Yandong THESIS
The effects of nucleosome core particle packaging on DNA charge transport
358 Bjorklund, Chad Christopher THESIS
Improving the efficiency of graph-based data mining with application to public health data
359 Zhang, Yan. THESIS
Neuroticism, daily hassles, and depressive symptoms an examination of moderating and mediating effects /
360 1971- Hutchinson, James THESIS
A physical model of dry ravel movement
361 Fu, Xiangyang. THESIS
A language of the body : images of disability in the works of D. H. Lawrence /
362 1971- Wright, Pamela THESIS
Is Smokey obsolete? : symbolic meanings of wildland fire and communication in the minds of wildland-urban interface residents
363 1982- Paveglio, Travis Brent THESIS
How use of the Internet impacts community participation and the maintenance of core social ties : an empirical study
364 1972- Stern, Michael James THESIS
Extranuclear DNA in Gregarina niphandrodes
365 1973- Toso, Marc A. THESIS
Agricultural risk management decision modeling for the US Pacific Northwest
366 1977- Chen, Xiaomei THESIS
An ontology-based approach for semantic level information exchange and integration in applications for product lifecycle management
367 1974- Zhan, Pei THESIS
Biochemistry of chromium(VI) reduction formation, fate, and implications of soluble organo-chromium(III) complexes on the biogeocycle of chromium /
368 1972- Puzon, Geoffrey J. THESIS
Evaluation of coupling mechanisms in wood plastic composites
369 1983- Rude, Erica Fay THESIS
Ecological unequal exchange : international trade and uneven cross-national social and environmental processes
370 1966- Rice, James C. THESIS
Speciation, phylogeography, and gene flow in giant salamanders (Dicamptodon)
371 1974- Steele, Craig A. THESIS
Photo-induced molecular reorientation and photothermal heating as mechanisms of the intensity-dependent refractive index in dye-doped polymers
372 1971- Park, Jeong Joon THESIS
Active assessment in engineering design using a systems approach
373 1971- Racicot, Kelley Ann THESIS
A heuristic slow voltage control scheme for large power systems
374 1969- Su, Jingdong THESIS
Modeling water availability and its response to climatic change for the Spokane River Watershed
375 1966- Fu, Guobin THESIS
High temperature Ag-Pd-CuOx air braze filler metal
376 1974- Darsell, Jens Tommy THESIS
Critical natural resources in the Mesa Verde region, A.D. 600-1300 : distribution, use and influence on Puebloan settlement
377 Johnson, Charles David. THESIS
Social institutions and culture as drivers of cross-national entrepreneurial activity application and extensions of Institutional Anomie Theory of Entrepreneurship /
378 Salimath, Manjula S. THESIS
Vital signs : costly signaling and personal adornment in the near eastern early neolithic
379 1982- Quinn, Colin Patrick THESIS
Nanoindentation slip steps and hydrogen embritlement
380 1977- Nibur, Kevin Andrew THESIS
Effects of ancillary service markets on frequency and voltage control performance of deregulated power systems
381 Roy, Jyotirmoy. THESIS
The political socialization effects of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report in high school aged adolescents
382 Epstein, Evan Sarah THESIS
Low-cost delay-constrained multicast routing heuristics and their evaluation
383 1977- Irava, Venkata Srinivas THESIS
VLSI implementation of cross-parity and modified dice fault tolerant schemes
384 1980- Blum, Daniel Ryan THESIS
Characterization of aminopeptidase N and endopeptidases E, O, O2, O3 from Lactobacillus helveticus WSU19, a Lactobacilli with industrial significance [electronic resource] /
385 Soeryapranata, Elly THESIS
Removal of the human pathogen Giardia intestinales from groundwater [electronic resource] /
386 Rust, Colleen Frances THESIS
Living learning communities : faculty and residence life perspectives [electronic resource] /
387 Dawson, Kari THESIS
Kinetics, zinc modulation, and glycosylation states of the dopamine transporter : effects of methamphetamine and cocaine
388 1979- Bjorklund, Nicole Lucia THESIS
Introducing the normal equivalent to evaluaute [i.e. evaluate] hedge fund performance
389 Hood, Matthew Edward. THESIS
Characterization of molecular excited states for nonlinear optics
390 1970- Kruhlak, Robert J. THESIS
Sorption and its effects on transport of organic dyes and cesium in soils
391 1966- Mon, Jarai THESIS
Lithic raw material procurement and the social landscape in the Central Mesa Verde Region, A.D. 600-1300
392 1971- Arakawa, Fumiyasu THESIS
A model of online impulse buying an empirical study /
393 1974- Parboteeah, Dhanila Veena THESIS
Sequence stratigraphy and chemostratigraphy of the Lower Cambrian Sekwi Formation, Northwest Territories, Canada
394 Dilliard, Kelly Ann. THESIS
A study of the effects of individual differences in working memory capacity and synchronous computer mediated communication in a second language on second language oral proficiency development [electronic resource] /
395 Payne, Jonathan Scott THESIS
An empirical comparison of program auralization techniques
396 1978- Stefik, Andreas Mikal THESIS
The fate of Chinese understory species in coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwest : the role of light
397 Brooke, Molly Muir THESIS
Toward sustainable building : green building design and integration in the built environment
398 1949- Feltes, Vince THESIS
The influence of organizational justice on the perceived likelihood of whistle-blowing
399 Seifert, Deborah Lynn THESIS
Special education eligibility and the learning disability category examining environmental, cultural, and socio-economic factors /
400 1971- Christenson, Christopher Adam THESIS

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