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A receiver-initiated MAC protocol with enhancements for multi-hop wireless networks
301 1981- Thind, Balvinder Kaur THESIS
Perceptions of pretty people : an experimental study of interpersonal attractiveness [electronic resource] /
302 Poteet, George Anthony THESIS
Development of a coating technology for wood plastic composites
303 1977- Gupta, Barun Shankar THESIS
On the feasibility of using FSM approaches to test large web applications
304 1978- Mallery, Christopher Jerry THESIS
How mixed-mode surveys are transforming social research : the influence of survey mode on measurement in web and telephone surveys
305 1979- Christian, Leah Melani THESIS
Consumers' preferences for dairy products in alternative food store formats in China
306 1974- Bai, Junfei THESIS
The use of herbal medicine by U.S. immigrants from the former Soviet Union [electronic resource] /
307 Tagintseva, Taisiya Y. THESIS
Barry Commoner and the science of survival
308 1974- Egan, Michael THESIS
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's paradigm shift : a grounded theory analysis of law enforcement officers' receptivity toward collaborative problem solving
309 Patten, Ryan. THESIS
Extensions in the theory of Lucas and Lehmer pseudoprimes
310 1980- Loveless, Andrew David THESIS
A systematic approach to garbage collection for real-time systems
311 1977- Fu, Wei THESIS
A nonlinear stability analysis of rhombic optical pattern formation in an atomic sodium vapor ring cavity
312 1975- Alvarado, Francisco Javier THESIS
Modeling of high strain rate and strain localization in FCC single crystals multiscale dislocation dynamics analyses /
313 1975- Shehadeh, Mu'Tasem A. THESIS
The Burntside Lake and Shagawa/Knife Lake shear zones : deformation kinematics, geochemistry and geochronology; Wawa Subprovince, Ontario, Canada
314 Wolf, David Eny THESIS
Fabrication, materials, and characterization for efficient MEMS power generation
315 1979- Martinez, Julia Vivian THESIS
Processing and characterization of PVDF, PVDF-TrFE, and PVDF-TrFE-PZT composites
316 1978- Stroyan, Jared James THESIS
Cure kinetics of wood phenol-formaldehyde systems
317 1964- Wang, Jinwu THESIS
Questioning the use of lawn in the arid West testing personal preferences and analyzing turf use in Utah /
318 1975- Shaw, David Austin THESIS
Introduction and characterization of an innovative biofuel cell platform with improved stability through novel enzyme immobilization techniques
319 1983- Fischback, Michael Bryant THESIS
Electrokinetic flow diagnostics using micro particle image velocimetry
320 1977- Horiuchi, Keisuke THESIS
A theoretical and experimental investigation of multi-phase interactions in pure and multicomponent droplet evaporation
321 1981- Bonuccelli, Courtney Leigh THESIS
A high-performance, hybrid wave-pipelined linear feedback shift register with skew tolerant clocks
322 1978- Lowe, Jeffrey THESIS
Magma dynamics of the phonolitic Diego Herna?ndez Formation, Tenerife, Canary Islands
323 1972- Olin, Paul Hessel THESIS
Paul Tsongas and the battles over energy and the environment, 1974-1980
324 Netherton, Dane Morris. THESIS
Risk, induced innovation, and productivity convergence in U.S. agriculture
325 1974- Liu, Yucan THESIS
Investigation into the effects of variable row spacing in bolted timber connections subjected to reverse cyclic loading
326 1980- Knudson, Caleb Jesse THESIS
Enhancing the longevity of ion-selective electrode arrays in bioreactors
327 Fuchida, Hajime. THESIS
Modeling haptics for virtual cutting embedded in CAD
328 Kate, Hrishikesh. THESIS
Long-term retention of skilled visual search following severe closed-head injury [electronic resource] /
329 Pavawalla, Shital Prabodh THESIS
Detecting packet-dropping faults in mobile ad-hoc networks
330 1981- Gavini, Sireesh THESIS
Mitochondrial localization of high mobility group A1 proteins
331 1978- Dement, Gregory Allan THESIS
Co-production of fumaric acid and chitin using Rhizopus oryzae fermentation on a nitrogen-rich agricultural residue--dairy manure
332 1971- Liao, Wei THESIS
Data modeling and processing in deregulated power system
333 1971- Xu, Lin THESIS
Characterization of micro-capillary wicking evaporators
334 1978- Quy, Tiffany Anne THESIS
Multivariate discrete phase-type distributions
335 1975- Goff, Matthew THESIS
Is standardization silencing sociology?
336 1978- Mahon-Haft, Taj THESIS
Newsvendors and supply chain coordination under satisficing objectives and multiple objectives
337 1978- Shi, Chunming THESIS
Essays in environmental and natural resource policy
338 1979- Benson, Aaron George THESIS
A real-time wide-area control for mitigating small-signal instability in large electric power systems
339 1965- Restrepo, Jaime Quintero THESIS
Clustering based localization for wireless sensor networks
340 Slaaen, Roger Antoniussen. THESIS
Effectiveness of polymer fibers for improving the ductility of masonry structures
341 1980- Hervillard, Thomas P.C. THESIS
Statewide early-grade reading assessment practices in the United States
342 1974- Gilchrist, Christina Lynne THESIS
Investigating the role of vascular endothelial growth factor in bovine testis development
343 1983- Caires, Kyle Cody THESIS
Evidence for genetic differences in the Africanized honey bee populations of South and North America
344 1980- Alhamlan, Fatimah S. THESIS
Gain control and linearity improvement for low noise amplifiers in 5GHZ direct conversion receivers
345 1980- Rajashekharaiah, Mallesh THESIS
Characterization of a tymovirus causing disease in diascia ornamental plants
346 Segwagwe, Amogelang Thethe. THESIS
Feedback control algorithms through Lyapunov optimizing control and trajectory following optimization
347 McDonald, Dale Brian. THESIS
Seismic behavior and retrofit of outrigger knee joints
348 1974- Shattarat, Nasim Khalil THESIS
Understanding human aneuploidy : the origin of trisomy and effect of recombination and maternal age
349 Hall, Heather Elizabeth. THESIS
The role of religiosity in academic success : a qualitative study
350 Elms, Richard T. THESIS

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