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A naming and directory service for publisher-subscriber's status dissemination
251 1980- Jiang, Ping THESIS
Stereotypes of and discrimination against racial/ethnic minorities [electronic resource] : can media exposure help change people's racial/ethnic prejudice for the better or for the worse? /
252 Zhang, Yunying THESIS
Self administered tactile therapy : a proposed intervention for the treatment of public speaking apprehension [electronic resource] /
253 Schmidt, Nancy Li. THESIS
Information technology capability, organizational culture, and export performance
254 1971- Zhang, Man THESIS
Are Florida physicians substituting bankruptcy protection for private malpractice insurance?
255 1979- Crain, Nicholas Geoffrey THESIS
A study of the crystal growth of select II-VI oxides by Czochralski and Bridgman techniques
256 1971- Nawash, Jalal Mohammad THESIS
Dwelling well an application of Christopher Alexander's theory of wholeness to investigate occupant affective responses to homes incorporating renewable natural resources /
257 1963- Peacock, Cherie Lynette THESIS
Effect of a thin optical Kerr medium on a Laguerre-Gaussian beam and the applications
258 1974- Zhang, Weiya THESIS
Schemes for reducing power and delay in SRAMs [electronic resource] /
259 Blomster, Katie Ann THESIS
Participatory design in strengthening sense of community : a PD proposal of Hubin Reconstruction Area in Hangzhou, China
260 Qi, Qi. THESIS
Schemes to reduce power in FPGA implementations of the advanced encryption standard
261 Van Dyken, Jason Daniel. THESIS
Effect of centrifugal and interfacial forces on colloid transport and mobilization
262 Sharma, Prabhakar. THESIS
Multi-interferometer search methods for gravitational waves
263 Seader, Shawn Eugene THESIS
Characterization and modeling of dislocation-precipitation interactions in aluminum al[l]oys
264 1976- Shahbazian Yassar, Reza THESIS
Aluminosilicate-coated silica sand for reactive transport experiments
265 1966- Jerez Briones, Jorge Antonio THESIS
Barriers to research utilization among registered nurses working in a community hospital
266 Schoonover, Heather Diane. THESIS
Mechanical characterization and thermal modeling of a MEMS thermal switch [electronic resource] /
267 Crain, Kevin Richard THESIS
The role of pavement in the perceived integration of plazas : an analysis of the paving designs of four Italian piazzas
268 Lien, Barbara THESIS
Design, fabrication, and characterization of a MEMS thermal switch and integration with a dynamic micro heat engine
269 Cho, Jeong-Hyun. THESIS
Extreme service packaging for silicon carbide electronic devices
270 Guinel, Maxime Jean-Franc?ois. THESIS
"We never part with our money without desire" : marriage economics and attempted rape in the comedies of Behn and Centlivre
271 Morrison, Leslie Michelle. THESIS
Site response of the 2001 Southern Peru earthquake
272 1978- Cortez-Flores, Adel M. THESIS
Factor analysis of the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory testing the goodness-of-fit of Millon's measure of adolescent psychopathology /
273 1969- Carrillo, Patrick Bryan THESIS
Evaluating hardware/software partitioning and an embedded Linux port of the Virtex-II pro development system [electronic resource] /
274 Lin, Hsiang-Ling Jamie. THESIS
Characterization of dislocation structures and their influence on processing of al alloys
275 1975- Trivedi, Pankaj THESIS
The librarian in the academy exploring the instructional role of librarians in higher education /
276 Walter, Scott Louis. THESIS
Population dynamics and sociopolitical instability in the Central Mesa Verde Region, A.D. 600-1280
277 1979- Cole, Sarah THESIS
The effects of molar flux, pressure, and product gases on the stability of molybdenum carbide during steam methane reforming
278 McCauley, Robert Lowry THESIS
History-based route selection for reactive ad hoc routing protocols
279 1981- Cappetto, Peter Michael THESIS
Temperature and time dependent behaviors of a wood-polypropylene composite
280 1981- Schildmeyer, Andrew Joseph THESIS
Multiple clock domain synchronization for network on chips
281 Sarkar, Souradip. THESIS
Evaluation of the ClearSky smoke dispersion ensemble forecast system for agricultural field burning in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho
282 Heitkamp, Kyle Matthew. THESIS
Steady state heat transfer characterization of a liquid metal thermal switch
283 1979- Wiser, Travis Sloan THESIS
Family structure and adult well-being the effects of duration, timing, transitions, and recentness /
284 1978- Smyth, Jolene D. THESIS
A stochastic localization strategy for wireless sensor networks
285 1976- Zhu, Yuntao THESIS
The imaginal role of schema instantiation in transportation
286 Rosenthal, Sonny. THESIS
Resonant frequency characterization of a novel MEMS based membrane engine
287 1978- Gifford, Robert Michael THESIS
Study of electromagnetic field uniformity in radio frequency heating applicator
288 1978- Wang, Jian THESIS
Development of a general dynamic hysteretic light-frame structure model and study on the torsional behavior of open-front light-frame structures
289 1978- Xu, Jian THESIS
"If it were easy, everyone would have a Ph.D." doctoral student success : socialization and disciplinary perspectives /
290 1974- Gardner, Susan Kristina THESIS
Tradition versus equality an ideological analysis of the presidential campaign rhetoric of George W. Bush and John Kerry regarding gay marriage /
291 1980- Hempstead, Brooke M. THESIS
Learning frameworks and technological traditions pottery manufacture in a Chaco period great house community on the southern Colorado plateau /
292 Nauman, Alissa L. THESIS
Before the blaze, the spark : the nature of armed resistance and its motivations in World War II
293 1976- Ross, Cynthia THESIS
Nitrification and the impact of organic matter in fixed-film biofilters application to recirculating aquaculture systems /
294 1977- Ling, Jian THESIS
Short-term air quality forecasts for the Pacific Northwest and long-range global change predictions for the U.S. [electronic resource] /
295 Chen, Jack Chi-Mou. THESIS
Assessment and mitigation of potential environmental impacts of Portland Cement Concrete highway grindings
296 1981- Shanmugam, Harini THESIS
Carbon nanotubes characterization and quality analysis using artificial intelligence
297 1979- Al-khedher, Mohammad Abdelfatah THESIS
The interrelation of art and space an investigation of late nineteenth and early twentieth century European painting and interior space /
298 Fitzpatrick, Devin Marie THESIS
A wide-area control for mitigating angle instability in electric power systems [electronic resource] /
299 Hu, Dongchen THESIS
Biological and molecular characterization of Dahlia mosaic caulimovirus
300 Pahalawatta, Vihanga. THESIS

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