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Lightweight network management design for wireless sensor networks
201 Yuan, Fenghua. THESIS
Bidding strategy and empirical analysis of bidding in electrical power market
202 1972- Peng, Tengshun THESIS
From green to red the intersection of class and race in urban environmental inequality /
203 1970- Smith, Chad Leighton THESIS
An evaluation of an urban riverfront park, Riverfront Park, Spokane, Washington [electronic resource] : experiences and lessons for designers /
204 Zhang, Li THESIS
Social studies video projects in the middle school
205 Jonas, Anthony Stephen. THESIS
Use of the 'physician orders for life sustaining treatment' form in the emergency department setting : the providers' experience
206 1980- Richards, Allison THESIS
A MEMS based electrode array for cortical surface potential recordings [electronic resource] /
207 Hollenberg, Brian Anthony THESIS
Optically relayed push-pull velocity interferometry resolved in time and position
208 1978- Robinson, Dirk J. THESIS
Flexibility in the light reactions of photosynthesis
209 1966- Avenson, Thomas J. THESIS
Textiles and ethnic groupings on the Columbia Plateau [electronic resource] /
210 Held, Rhiannon Kathryn THESIS
Assessing object recognition memory in the domestic pig
211 1981- Gifford, Amanda Kristyne THESIS
A comparison of four tests of temporal resolution AFTR, RGDT, BFT and GIN /
212 1976- Lee, Jowan THESIS
A two-level reconfigurable cell array for digital signal processing
213 1980- Myjak, Mitchell John THESIS
The economic impact of potato production and processing in Washington State
214 Beleiciks, Nick John THESIS
Mediating realism the influence of transportation /
215 1980- Hale-Wisener, Amanda THESIS
Purification of a unique maturation enzyme involved in the processing of proaleurain
216 1973- Halls, Coralie Emilie THESIS
A study of cognitive engagement in online learning dissertation
217 1956- Wysocki, Carol Diane THESIS
A descriptive analysis of non-urgent emergency department utilization
218 1963- Brim, Carla B. THESIS
A mechanical apparatus to quantify the reflex response of the human head/neck system
219 1981- Lucas, Gerald Quinlan THESIS
Determinants of remittances : a generalized ordered probit approach
220 1981- McCoy, Adam Christopher THESIS
Characterization of microstructure and internal displacement field of sand using X-ray computed tomography
221 1973- Razavi, Mohammad Reza THESIS
Malpractice in the U.S. publicly-funded crime laboratories : exploring the causes, vulnerability and prevention policies
222 1977- Buker, Hasan THESIS
Hardware assisted misbehaving nodes detection in mobile ad hoc networks
223 1974- Liu, Hongxun THESIS
Cyclopean motion aftereffects using spiral patterns : dissociation between local and global processing [electronic resource] /
224 Rogers, Jason Alan THESIS
The development of landscape design principles based upon ecosystem aesthetics, and their application in rehabilitating Diablo Lake Overlook, Ross Lake National Recreation Area, Washington
225 Degerman, Traci Michelle THESIS
Incorporation of a commercial hydrolyzed whey protein isolate with angiotensin-converting enzyme-inhibition activity into bread
226 Brown, Jennifer Marie. THESIS
The instability analysis and direct numerical simulation of turbulent flows in electromagnetically levitated droplets
227 Ai, Xin THESIS
Computational study of chemical reactions
228 Ginovska, Bojana. THESIS
Energy dissipation in culverts by forcing a hydraulic jump at the outlet [electronic resource] /
229 Larson, Emily Anne THESIS
A fault model for pointcuts and advice in AspectJ programs
230 1980- Baekken, Jon Swane THESIS
GpuPy : efficiently using a GPU with Python
231 Eitzen, Benjamin. THESIS
Nonlinear electrophoresis in networked microfluidic chips
232 Cui, Huanchun. THESIS
Nursing students who are non-native English speakers perceived helpful resources and barriers to completion of a bachelor of science and nursing degree program /
233 Myers, Cynthia Lynn. THESIS
Product characteristics and reputation effects in the wine market [electronic resource] /
234 Costanigro, Marco THESIS
Transatlantic travel and cultural exchange in the early colonial era the hybrid American female and her new world colony /
235 Kuhlman, Keely Susan. THESIS
Open architecture for embedding VR based mechanical tools in CAD
236 1977- Joshi, Hrishikesh S. THESIS
Mutagenesis studies of the DctA C? dicarboxylate permease of Sinorhizobium meliloti
237 1978- Ziegler, Maria Anne THESIS
Fabrication of a microchip device for liquid phase ion mobility spectrometry
238 1973- Al Mamun, Nazmul Huda THESIS
Multiple current dipole estimation in a realistic head model using signal subspace methods
239 1975- Katyal, Bhavana THESIS
Personality and architectural preferences : a search for patterns
240 1959- Clayton, Kristyn THESIS
Optimizing the performance of direct digital frequency synthesizers for low-power wireless communication systems
241 1980- Betowski, David James THESIS
The effects of hypnotic ego strengthening on self-esteem
242 Herber, Thomas John. THESIS
Characterizing softball bat modifications and their resulting performance effects
243 1980- Cruz, Curtis Matthew THESIS
Testing the coastal decline model with flaked stone artifacts from the San Diego region of California
244 Iversen, David Richard. THESIS
Effects of hypnosis in the treatment of residual stump pain and phantom limb pain
245 1967- Rickard, Julie Ann THESIS
The economics of anaerobic digestion
246 Bishop, Clark Paul THESIS
Texas Mexican diaspora to Washington State : recruitment, migration, and community, 1940-1960
247 1983- Estrada, Josue? Quezada THESIS
Participatory conservation in the Philippines : a case study in Siquijor
248 1974- Chassels, Marla R. THESIS
Quality of service aware source initiated ad-hoc routing
249 1968- Vik, Knut-Helge THESIS
Distributed parallel computation using standard ML
250 Chattopadhyay, Vaishali. THESIS

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