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AutoDBT a framework for automatic testing of web database applications /
151 1973- Ran, Lihua THESIS
The political effects of the digital divide
152 Wei, Lu THESIS
Telegraphing contextual character : an interior design application
153 1980- Andrews, Shannon G. THESIS
Energy-efficient bounded-diameter tree scatternets for bluetooth networks
154 1981- Campbell, Jonathan Thomas THESIS
Numerical analysis of plane cracks in strain-gradient elastic materials
155 1981- Akarapu, Sreekanth THESIS
Prediction of isotachophoresis steady-state zone position and analysis of zone behavior around a 180° turn
156 1981- Harrison, Schurie Lanette THESIS
Mechanical behavior and structure of passive films on austenitic stainless steels
157 1968- Al-Amr, Abdulaziz THESIS
Stability and folding of the H2A/H2B dimer effect of N-terminal tail removal and incorporation of the histone variant H2A.Z /
158 1974- Placek, Brandon Jeremy THESIS
Experiments on erosion and fluidization strength of kaolinite clay
159 1976- Maxwell, Adam Richard THESIS
Effects of geometric variation and residual stress on the dynamic response of multilayerd thin membrane structures
160 1976- Han, Tai Chun THESIS
Design of an automated calibration device for electromagnetic tracking systems
161 1982- Cole, Gareth Douglas THESIS
Numerical simulation of the performance of sand columns
162 1975- Murugaiah, Sathishbalamurugan THESIS
Trust in national identification systems a trust model based on the TRA/TPB /
163 1978- Li, Xin THESIS
A numerical study of nonlinear static and dynamic behavior of a square thin plate-membrane structure for application to a MEMS micro-generator
164 1979- Crabtree, Owen I. THESIS
Comparative study of interior design programs in South Korea and the United States
165 1975- Lee, Soeun THESIS
Effects of long duration earthquakes on bridge structures
166 1981- Valle, Blandine C. THESIS
Race of angels : Xicanisma, postcolonial passions, and rhetorics of reaction and revolution [electronic resource] /
167 Naynaha, Siskanna. THESIS
This land is your land, this land is mine : the socioeconomic implications of land use among the Jicarilla Apache and Arden communities
168 Wazaney, Bradford D. THESIS
Finite element modeling of internal flow and stability of droplets levitated in electric and magnetic fields
169 1976- Huo, Yunlong THESIS
Enhanced quality of service in Internet using dynamic scheduling
170 1983- Dalakoti, Animesh THESIS
Increasing the scale of electrophoretic true moving bed enantiomer separations using voltage gradients and filtration enhancement
171 1977- Thome, Brian Matthew THESIS
Adaptive remedial action schemes for transient instability
172 Zhang, Yi. THESIS
Dynamic characterization of a micro heat engine
173 Bardaweel, Hamzeh Khalid. THESIS
H-tree based configuration schemes for a reconfigurable DSP architecture
174 1970- Widjaja, Andy THESIS
Real-time DSP implementation of self-calibrating pulse-shape discriminator for high purity germanium
175 1976- Suarez, Reynold THESIS
Teaching democracy : education reforms during the allied occupation of Japan, 1945-1952
176 1982- Reed, Marie Rose THESIS
An investigation of nanomaterials for solar cells, catalysts and sensors
177 1981- Pounds, Tyler Deed THESIS
Biochemical studies of cardiac calsequestrin : its interaction with pharmaceutical drugs and its deleterious mutations
178 1978- Kim, Eunjung THESIS
Nurses with disabilities : a phenomenological study of nurses who are blind
179 1979- Buttrell, Sarah Maureen THESIS
Algorithms for the unitary eigenvalue problem
180 1971- David, Roden Jason THESIS
Competitive desorption of carbon tetrachloride + water from mesoporous silica particles
181 1976- Mower, Matthew Bywater THESIS
The situational activation of personality traits and its effect on adaptability : a theory for negotiation adaptability
182 Elshenawy, Eman Lotfy THESIS
Clock and data recovery circuits
183 1972- Zhang, Ruiyuan THESIS
Corporate newspapers, global warming, and the editorial vigor hypothesis [electronic resource] /
184 Kim, Taehyun. THESIS
High performance cache architectures for IP routing : replacement, compaction and sampling schemes [electronic resource] /
185 Guo, Ruirui. THESIS
Variability in late prehistoric prey-use strategies of the southeastern Columbia Plateau a test using the Harder Site faunal assemblage /
186 1976- Kimball, Vaughn R. THESIS
Gravitational wave detection, detector characterization, and parameter estimation using a network of interferometer detectors
187 1977- Rogan, Aaron Matthew THESIS
Culturalist revolutions
188 1972- Neiworth, James Joseph THESIS
Testing the influence of collective efficacy beliefs on group level performance metrics an investigation of the virtual team efficacy : performance relationship in information systems project management teams /
189 1959- Hardin, Andrew Martin THESIS
Stochastic modeling of water flow through a variably-saturated, heterogeneous field at Idaho National Laboratory uncertainty analysis /
190 1970- Yang, Limin THESIS
Dynamic response of bridges to near-fault, forward directivity ground motions [electronic resource] /
191 Bonvalot, Eliot THESIS
A numerical investigation of the effect of induced porosity on the electromechanical switching of ferroelectric ceramics [electronic resource] /
192 Brown, Morgan THESIS
Curation and lithic technological organization studies on the Owyhee River : a case study of the Chalk Basin site (35ML143), Malheur County, Oregon
193 1978- Wilson, Jennifer Keeling THESIS
Improving the survivability of agents in a first-person shooter urban combat simulation by incorporating military skills
194 Singh, Ashish C. THESIS
Sand state and performance analysis of micropiles
195 1966- Shu, Shanzhi THESIS
Direct measurement of parallel plate heat sink bypass flow
196 1974- Crockett, Dean D. THESIS
Size effects and deformation mechanisms in nanoscale metallic multilayered composites
197 1969- Akasheh, Firas THESIS
Fabrication, characterization and modeling of K?? piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers (pMUTs)
198 Choi, Hongsoo. THESIS
Mechanics of dilatancy and its application to liquefaction problems
199 1975- Sasiharan, Navaratnarajah THESIS
CAD tool emulation for a two-level reconfigurable DSP architecture
200 Skarpas, Daniel. THESIS

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