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An evaluation of an ion-exchange method for the removal of technetium-99 from groundwater
101 Elliott, Wanda Sue. THESIS
The influence of individual predispositions on measures of message encoding
102 Van de Vord, Rebecca THESIS
Flexible QoS-managed status dissemination middleware framework for the electric power grid
103 1975- Gjermundrød, Kjell Harald THESIS
Computational representations for electron microbeam microdosimetric quantities in one micron diameter spherical targets
104 1975- Batdorf, Michael Todd THESIS
Improvement of detection method and heat resistance study among strains of Enterobacter sakazakii
105 Chen, Pei-Chun. THESIS
Apple (Malus domestica borkh.) fruit skin disorders and changes in pigment concentrations associated with the disorders
106 1973- Felicetti, David Andrew THESIS
Supporting polymorphism in XML data
107 1977- Zhang, Shuohao THESIS
The coherence of public concern for the environment a conceptual and methodological analysis /
108 Xiao, Chenyang THESIS
Configurable middleware-level intrusion detection support for embedded systems
109 1979- Næss, Eivind THESIS
Bonobo maternal style, status-seeking and infant behavior a preliminary study /
110 Johnson, Eric Michael. THESIS
Ratatoskr : wide-area actuator RPC over gridstat with timeliness, redundancy, and safety
111 Viddal, Erlend Smørgrav. THESIS
Exploring the relationship between natural enemy biodiversity and herbivore suppression
112 1975- Straub, Cory Severen THESIS
New techniques for proteomics study : instrumentation, separation, and application
113 1977- Wu, Si THESIS
Engineering enhanced enzymes for suicide gene therapy of cancer
114 Willmon, Candice Lynn. THESIS
Whole-canopy photosynthesis and transpiration under regulated deficit irrigation in Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon [electronic resource] /
115 Perez Pen?a, Jorge Esteban THESIS
Approximate XPath
116 1971- Xu, Lin THESIS
Expanding the "exile model" : race, gender, resettlement, and Cuban-American identity, 1959-1979
117 1979- Current, Cheris Brewer THESIS
A supply-side approach to occupational feminization veterinary medicine in the United States, 1976-1995 /
118 1975- Lincoln, Anne E. THESIS
Experiencing entertainment-education : the influence of transportation and identification on story-consistent beliefs and attitudes
119 1971- De Lisle, Jethro S THESIS
Effectively utilizing legume cover crops as an organic source of nitrogen in concord grape [electronic resource] /
120 Bair, Kyle Edward THESIS
Physiological and biochemical analysis of transgenic rice over-expressing C? genes from maize and the diversity and plasticity of C? photosynthesis in Eleocharis (Cyperaceae)
121 1975- Murphy, Lesley Ryann THESIS
Characterization of Pacific Northwest softwoods for wood composites production
122 1981- Langum, Christopher E. THESIS
The effects of self-efficacy statements in anti-tobacco fear appeal PSAs
123 Hively, Myiah Hutchens. THESIS
Mother's social cognitions and discipline responses differences between physical and relational aggression /
124 1981- Senich, Samantha THESIS
Conserving natural enemies to control lygus in Washington State alflafa [i.e. alfalfa] fields
125 1978- Jorgensen, Ann Elizabeth THESIS
Immobilized enzymes time temperature indicators for dielectric pasteurization processes /
126 1972- Orellana Feliciano, Lynette E. THESIS
Mechanisms of growth factor-induced lysophosphatidic acid production in ovarian cancer cells
127 1979- Jones, Ashley Cameron THESIS
128 1980- Ireland, Christopher THESIS
Floral lures for attract and kill and for seasonal monitoring of alfalfa looper, corn earworm and cabbage looper moths [electronic resource] /
129 Camelo, Leonardo De THESIS
Choice of a traceability strategy for U.S. seafood market enhancement : traceability as a signal of quality
130 1979- Ahmadov, Vugar THESIS
Influences of acculturation on house form as reflected in a Russian immigrant group in the United States
131 1978- Kokurina, Hanna THESIS
Numerical modeling of dynamic soil-pile-structure interaction
132 1975- Balendra, Surendran THESIS
The salience of media frames
133 Hmielowski, Jay D. THESIS
CAD tool emulation for a two-level reconfigurable cell array for digital signal processing
134 1982- Larson, Jonathan Karl THESIS
Minimal boundary conditions for simulations of disordered materials
135 1980- Padbidri, Jagan THESIS
Turbulence characteristics of flow in a full-scale spiral corrugated culvert fitted and sloped- and slotted-weir baffles
136 1982- Morrison, Ryan Richard THESIS
Numerical and experiment studies on convective phenomena in materials processing systems
137 1976- Xu, Bing THESIS
Nanoindentation induced thin film fracture
138 1979- Morasch, Kevin R. THESIS
Molecular dynamics simulation of the thermal properties of Y-junction carbon nanotubes
139 1978- Cummings, Aron William. THESIS
Adolescents' perception of parental and peer mathematics anxiety and attitude toward mathematics : a comparative study of European-American and Mainland-Chinese students
140 1980- He, Huihua THESIS
The effects of long-duration earthquakes on concrete bridges with poorly confined columns
141 Thompson, Theron James THESIS
Structural violence, health and the Chad/Cameroon oil pipeline
142 1975- Herrygers, Christa M. THESIS
Energy loss characterization of the P3 MEMS heat engine [electronic resource] /
143 McNeil, Kirsten Elizabeth THESIS
Thermodynamic studies of the Escherichia coli factor for inversion stimulation and the eukaryotic nucleosome core particle
144 1976- Hoch, Duane A. THESIS
Ad majorum dei glorium Jesuit secondary education in Washington State, 1886-1919 /
145 Traynor, John. THESIS
Design of wide-area damping control systems for power system low-frequency inter-area oscillations
146 Zhang, Yang. THESIS
Traceability system approaches and cost analysis for the beef industry
147 1982- Mus, Mehmet THESIS
Investigation of atmospheric dispersion in an urban environment using SF? tracer and numerical methods
148 1981- Flaherty, Julia Emily THESIS
Flutter analysis of open-truss stiffened suspension bridges using synthesized aerodynamic derivatives
149 1975- Al-Assaf, Adel THESIS
Reproducing conflict in an online group
150 1959- Hockersmith, Patrick M. THESIS

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