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Spatial investigation of mineral transportation characteristics in the state of Washington
51 1975- Khachatryan, Hayk THESIS
Landscape ecology of rodents in a no-till agriculture system
52 1980- Capelli, Jason L. THESIS
Old designs for young people art, innovation and cultural continuity in Kyrgyzstan /
53 1975- Tuttle, Tiffany L. THESIS
Genetic variation in Bromus tectorum (L.) (Poaceae) in the Eastern Mediterranean region
54 1982- Lindon, Heather Lynn THESIS
Vibratory insertion and extraction of surgical implants
55 1977- Scott, Jeff E. THESIS
The chemical and biological components of rainwater a case study for the habitability of the atmosphere /
56 Rust, Phillip Lloyd. THESIS
Empirical estimation of attributes influencing warehouse/distribution center operations an in-depth analysis of the Washington warehouse industry /
57 1975- Pike, Quinton David THESIS
The effects of hypnosis on flow and in the performance enhancement of basketball skills
58 Vasquez, Brian L. THESIS
Detailed molecular characterization of the 'Ph1 gene region' of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
59 1979- Sidhu, Gaganpreet K. THESIS
Learning from lived experinces : strengths and insights of bilingual immigrant teachers
60 1963- Carrison, Catherine L. THESIS
Developing an IPM program to control the carpenterworm moth and poplar-and-willow borer in irrigated hybrid poplars
61 1970- Hannon, Eugene Russell THESIS
Manipulation of crop load with bioregulators to mitigate biennial bearing in apple
62 1970- Schmidt, Torrance Ray THESIS
Economics of soil and water conservation in irrigated and dry lands agriculture
63 1981- Zaikin, Andrey THESIS
Modeling of FETs with abnormal gate geometries for radiation hardening
64 1981- Champion, Corbin Leigh THESIS
Mechanisms responsible for the maintenance of high prevalence of antimicrobial drug resistant Escherichia coli in dairy calves
65 1978- Khachatryan, Artashes Ruben THESIS
Dynamics of grape berry volume change during ripening
66 Biondi, Marco. THESIS
The interrelationship among job satisfaction/dissatisfaction of student affairs professionals and selected demographic variables
67 Cook, Jennifer L. THESIS
Sociopolitical radicalism : the making of martyrs, an assessment of past and current methods of recruitment and socialization applied by radical Islamic terror groups
68 1977- McNassar, John L. THESIS
Molecular cloning and characterization of three enzymes involved in Taxol/Taxoid biosynthesis Taxoid 2[alpha]-hydroxylase, Taxoid 7[beta]-hydroxylase, and Taxoid 5[alpha]-O-Acetyl transferase /
69 1977- Chau, Mydoanh THESIS
A game theoretic approach to understanding ethical conformity in marketing
70 1977- Martin, Kelly Duggan THESIS
High-performance hybrid wave-pipeline scheme as it applies to adder micro-architectures
71 1981- Levy, James E. THESIS
Identification of stripe rust resistance in wheat relatives and landraces
72 Loladze, Alexander. THESIS
Theoretical and experimental characterization of the first hyperpolarizability
73 1974- Moreno, Javier Pe?rez THESIS
Effect of exogenous phytase addition to diets on phytate phosphorus digestibility in dairy cows
74 1979- Garikipati, Dilip Kumar THESIS
Planting a virtual vineyard : using problem-based learning to examine the importance of site selection to premium wine grape production in Washington state [electronic resource] /
75 House, Kathryn L. THESIS
Teaching second language learners with technology a case study of a teacher learning process /
76 1974- Yang, Yu-Feng Diana THESIS
A low-frequency paleoclimatic reconstruction from the La Plata Mountains, Colorado and its implications for agricultural productivity in the Mesa Verde region [electronic resource] /
77 Wright, Aaron M. THESIS
Non-leaf chlorenchyma in Bienertia cycloptera and Suaeda aralocaspica (chenopodiaceae) exhibit single cell C? photosynthesis [electronic resource] /
78 Clay, Christine Nicole THESIS
Fast point-feature label placement for dynamic visualizations
79 Mote, Kevin Dean. THESIS
Enhance communication security in wireless ad hoc networks through multipath routing
80 1969- Zhao, Li THESIS
A middleware framework providing adaptive quality of service for bluetooth
81 1976- Skaug, Thor Egil THESIS
A theoretical study of anomeric methyl glycosides separated by ion mobility spectrometry : the sodium adducts of alpha- and beta-methyl-D-mannopyranoside
82 1981- Pastor, Patrick A. THESIS
Solving the principal minor assignment problem and related computations
83 1964- Griffin, Kent E. THESIS
Structuralism pluralism and editorial page representation
84 De Lisle, Linda B. THESIS
Black liquor from crop straw pulping as a potassium source and soil amendment
85 1964- Xiao, Canming THESIS
Kinematics, partitioning and the relationship between velocity and strain in shear zones
86 1981- Murphy, Justin James THESIS
Increased sensitivity of enzyme-based amperometric glucose biosensors and their application as time-temperature integrators
87 1970- Reyes de Corcuera, Jose? Ignacio THESIS
The experience of becoming and being a male Hispanic nurse in the United States
88 Santos, John THESIS
The Crown Jewel gold skarn deposit [electronic resource] /
89 Gaspar, Luis Miguel THESIS
Dietary goal setting among Latinos and Caucasians with type 2 diabetes
90 1973- Briggs Early, Kathaleen R. THESIS
A framework for capturing, querying, and restructuring metadata in XML data
91 1976- Jin, Hao THESIS
Dynamic and composable trust for indirect interactions
92 1974- Dionysiou, Ioanna THESIS
Campylobacter jejuni motility is regulated by co-culture with epithelial cells
93 1982- Lane, Alison Briana THESIS
Effect of high hydrostatic pressure on whey protein concentrate functional properties
94 1974- Liu, Xiaoming THESIS
Development of transgenic barley expressing human type I collagen
95 1972- Osorio, Claudia E. THESIS
A test of federally threatened water howellia (Howellia aquatilis Gray) presence as an indicator of unfavorable environmental conditions for invasive reed canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea L.)
96 1982- Robison, Laura Ann THESIS
Effects of Thai healthcare policy on household demand, hospital efficiency and household earnings
97 1977- Puenpatom, Rajitkanok THESIS
Modification of plant and yeast lipids by heterologous expression of protist, algal, and animal desaturases
98 1978- Olsen, Rebecca Lynn THESIS
Identification and structural characterization of siderophores produced by halophilic and alkaliphilic bacteria
99 1976- Richards, Abigail Marie THESIS
Photosynthetic performance of single-cell C? species (Chenopodiaceae)
100 Smith, Monica Elizabeth. THESIS

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