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Anodized titania : processing and characterization to improve cell-materials interactions for load bearing implants
601 1974- Das, Kakoli THESIS
Conceptual and comparative formulations of Daoism : an interplay between Daoism and environmental ethics
602 1979- Liu, Xian THESIS
"He was more than just one soldier" narrating national identity in small-town America /
603 1980- Moreno, Raul Benjamin THESIS
From the U.S. to China : a national survey of higher education faculty perceptions of Sino-U.S. educational partnerships
604 1965- Sun, Yongsheng V. THESIS
Evaluation of seed and drench treatments for management of damping-off and seedling blight pathogens of spinach for organic production
605 Cummings, Jaime Anne. THESIS
Phylogeny, biogeography, and evolution of perennation structures in Montieae (Portulacaceae)
606 O'Quinn, Robin Lea. THESIS
Taenia Taeniaeformis : differential staining on onchospheres with vital dyes under critical temperatures
607 1977- Chapalamadugu, Kalyan C. THESIS
Expression and function of the small heat shock protein Hsp27 during embryogenesis of zebrafish Danio rerio
608 Ustyugov, Alexey. THESIS
An exploration of emotional switching and memory in public service announcements
609 1981- Thomas, Lindsay Marie THESIS
New analytical tools for systems biology
610 1970- Tang, Xiaoting THESIS
The antithetical effects of matrix metalloproteinase inhibition on hippocampal plasticity between young-adult and aged-adult rodents
611 Meighan, Peter Conklin THESIS
Performance of log shear walls and lag screw connections subjected to monotonic and reverse-cyclic loading
612 1980- Graham, Drew Abram THESIS
Relationships between community, interactions, and ways of knowing in college precalculus classes
613 1962- Coomes, Jacqueline Rene THESIS
Obtaining high performance phasor measurements in a geographically distributed status dissemination network
614 1980- Johnston, Ryan Andrew THESIS
Genetic analysis of traits associated with domestication in rainbow trout
615 1972- Drew, Robert Edward THESIS
Predicting student outcomes for Washington State middle schools using school counselor's and administrator's racial consciousness and organizational variables
616 Bleecker, Wendy S. THESIS
PTSD and health among VA general medical care patients an investigation into the mediating effects of coping /
617 1974- Henson, Brandy Renee THESIS
Analysis of copper isotope ratios by multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and interpretation of copper isotope ratios from copper mineralization
618 1972- Maher, Kierran C. THESIS
Woody debris and macroinvertebrate community structure of low-order streams in Colville National Forest, Washington
619 1979- Rogers, Megan Bryn THESIS
Unraveling the behavioral mechanisms behind contrafreeloading
620 1978- McGowan, Ragen Marie THESIS
A policy roadmap for low impact development in Spokane, Washington
621 1964- Lebarron, Elise THESIS
Impact of soil biology on nitrogen cycling and weed suppression under newly established organic orchard floor management systems
622 1974- Hoagland, Lori A. THESIS
Physiological and biochemical responses of fruit exocarp of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) mutants to natural photooxidative conditions
623 1972- Torres Del Campo, Carolina Andrea THESIS
Ultra high pressure inactivation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Listeria innocua on fruit
624 1976- Chauvin, Maite Andrea THESIS
Characterization of manure excretion and environmental impacts of nutrient management in dairy production systems
625 1978- Nennich, Tamilee Dawn THESIS
Factors affecting implementation of a performance-based model in high school mathematics a teacher change study /
626 1945- Brocklebank, Ruth Rollins THESIS
Parenting practices : parenting practices across children's temperament and cultures
627 1981- Sung, Suz-Chieh THESIS
Responsible drinking messages via the Internet : strategies that could potentially induce an intended attitude change among college students
628 1981- Kirpal, Nidhi THESIS
Improving the ecologicical [i.e. ecological] validity of executive functioning assessment
629 1976- Chaytor, Naomi S. THESIS
Soil quality, microbial community structure, and organic nitrogen uptake in organic and conventional farming systems
630 1973- Reeve, Jennifer Rose THESIS
Channel morphology, hyporheic exchange, and temperature gradients within Chinook salmon spawning habitat
631 Hanrahan, Timothy Patrick. THESIS
Ab initio investigation of the thermochemistry, spectroscopy and dynamics of reactions between mercury and reactive halogen species
632 1977- Shepler, Benjamin C. THESIS
A low impact development method for mitigating highway stormwater runoff, using natural roadside environments for metals retention and infiltration
633 1975- Lancaster, Cory Deyne THESIS
Intertemporal risk management decisions of farmers under preference, market, and policy dynamics /
634 Du, Wen. THESIS
Reproduction and adaptation in Eastern Pacific eelgrass populations
635 Neely, Joshua Stephen. THESIS
Investigation of crystallization of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-CO-3-hydroxyvalerates) and their bamboo fiber reinforced composites
636 1978- Qian, Jun THESIS
Children's goals and competence : the relation between children's goals, competence, and adjustment
637 1983- Hood, Janelle Karina THESIS
Success for all : the hidden curriculum
638 1980- Jennings, Megan Marguerite THESIS
Students as historians history teachers' attitudes toward using primary and secondary sources /
639 1977- Marmion, Sean W. THESIS
Assessment requirements for school personnel in NCATE institutions
640 1958- McKenzie, Jon W. THESIS
An efficient key update scheme for wireless sensor networks
641 1979- Prajapati, Kamini B. THESIS
Relationships between preharvest soybean oil application and postharvest behaviour of apples
642 1974- Mu?ller, Ines THESIS
Niche separation amongst sympatric ursids relative to salmon use
643 1979- Fortin, Jennifer Kay THESIS
Exp[l]oring the cultural roots of parenting European American and Mainland Chinese parenting beliefs, goals, and practices /
644 1980- He, Huihua THESIS

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