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The perceptions of luxury products as status symbols by Taiwanese college students
451 Chang, Yi-Ning THESIS
LHRH fusion protein vaccines in beef heifers and bovine ectopic ovarian xenografting
452 1970- Stevens, Jeffrey David THESIS
Effects of glucocorticoid receptor binding on base excision repair at deoxyuridine in the glucocorticoid response element
453 1981- Wang, Yan THESIS
The effect of written word work using word boxes on the decoding fluency of young at-risk readers
454 Angus, Claudia Lynne THESIS
Rule hashing for efficient packet classification in network intrusion detection
455 Yoshioka, Atsushi. THESIS
Some graph theoretic methods for distributed control of communicating agent networks
456 1980- Herlugson, Kristin THESIS
Theoretical basis for numerically exact three-dimensional time-domain algorithms
457 1955- Wagner, Christopher Lincoln THESIS
A coupled upland-erosion, instream hydrodynamic-sediment transport model for assessing primary impacts of forest management practices on sediment yield and delivery
458 1966- Conroy, William John THESIS
Absorption, fluorescence and amplified spontaneous emission of blue-emitting dyes
459 1972- Dudley, Christopher THESIS
Fatty acid metabolism in Caenorhabditis elegans characterization of the delta-9 fatty acid desaturases and identification of a key regulator, nhr-80 /
460 1978- Brock, Trisha Jane THESIS
High pressure thermal sterilization of egg products
461 Juliano, Pablo. THESIS
Leadership styles and style adaptability of deans and department chairs at three public research universities [electronic resource] /
462 Al-Omari, Aieman Ahmad THESIS
Photoelectron spectroscopy studies on group IV semiconductor clusters and novel binary clusters [electronic resource] /
463 Cui, Lifeng THESIS
Lovely homegrown menus substituting beautiful edibles for ornamentals in residential landscapes /
464 1972- Haight, Bonnie Janeen THESIS
Pollen transmission of Cherry leafroll virus in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) [electronic resource] /
465 Hou, Hui THESIS
Norleual, an angiotensin IV receptor ligand and C-Met antagonist
466 1979- Yamamoto, Brent Joseph THESIS
Varietal differences in antioxidant activity and phenolic composition of asparagus
467 1981- Cakir, Esra THESIS
Liquid phase ion mobility spectrometry
468 1975- Tam, Maggie THESIS
Subsurface colloids stability, sampling, and transport under gravitational and centrifugal accelerations /
469 1972- Cziga?ny, Szabolcs THESIS
Perinatal human immunodeficiency screening in Washington State
470 Wagner, Sarah Annette. THESIS
Missed opportunities for cluster based economic development in Washington State's apparel and textile business
471 1951- Vandermar, Deborah Ann THESIS
Fe(III) and Cr(VI) reduction in alkaline media using Soap Lake alkaliphiles
472 1980- VanEngelen, Michael Robert THESIS
Fear and positive affectivity in infancy convergence/discrepancy between parent-report and laboratory-based indicators /
473 1977- Marmion, Julia THESIS
Ethylenediaminetetraacetate and nitrilotriacetate degradation by bacterium BNC1 biochemical characterization of the substrate uptake system and cloning of the entire EDTA-degrading gene cluster in Escherichia coli /
474 1977- Herman, Jacob Paul THESIS
Regional modeling of nitrogen, sulfur, and mercury atmospheric deposition in the Pacific Northwest
475 Porter, Matthew Kirk. THESIS
Parental investment and men's sexual behavior : life history theory and reproductive strategies in a sample of American men
476 1980- Boyette, Adam Howell THESIS
Creating cloth, creating culture : the influence of Japanese textile design on French art deco textiles, 1920-1930
477 1981- Hayden, Sara Elisabeth THESIS
The development of empowerment and leadership among youth involved in asset mapping
478 Wigen, Tiffany A. THESIS
Exploring potential improvements to term-based clustering of web documents
479 Arac?ic?, Damir. THESIS
Development of a novel method for measuring the transverse piezoelectric coefficients of thin piezoelectric films
480 1980- Sullivan, Timothy Michael THESIS
Examining the relationship between race-related stressors and post-traumatic stress disorder among African American male Vietnam veterans
481 Williams, David Zamon. THESIS
Radiation-induced desorption and surface modification in dielectric single crystal materials
482 1954- Kjelgaard, Khin THESIS
The politics of reliability a sociological examination of the State of Vermont's response to peak oil & climate change /
483 Sawyer, Scott THESIS
A methodology for obtaining traffic data input to the NCHRP 1-37A PDG
484 1970- Li, Jingjuan THESIS
Influence of silicon dioxide, magnesium oxide and zinc oxide on resorbable tricalcium phosphate based bioceramics
485 1982- Bernard, Sheldon Ainsworth THESIS
The epistemology of racism and community-based assessment practice
486 Inoue, Asao B. THESIS
Visualizing incomplete data in multidimensional databases
487 Peterson, Nina Marie. THESIS
Light as word : exploring the linguistic roles of light in interior space
488 1977- Beever, Meaghan K. THESIS
Multivariate compound point processes with drifts
489 1975- Zhou, Huajun THESIS
Uranium immobilization by Cellulomonas sp. ES6
490 1980- Sivaswamy, Vaideeswaran THESIS
HSP70 RNA expression in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) clonal lines
491 1964- Heredia-Middleton, Pilar THESIS
Food texture and perception
492 1976- Chauvin, Maite Andrea THESIS
Characterization of perennial Cicer species and DNA markers for aphanomyces root rot resistance in Pisum sativum
493 1977- Watt, Chasity Ann THESIS
Discontinuous finite/boundary element method for radiative heat transfer with application in laser cancer therapy
494 1976- Cui, Xiaoming THESIS
Strategic action and executive behavior : an agent-based simulation
495 1966- Kulik, Brian W. THESIS
Access attitudes : measuring and conceptualizing support for press access to government records /
496 1966- Cuillier, David THESIS
Synchronization of multiple rotating systems
497 1982- Slade, James THESIS
Taiwanese consumers perceptions of American versus Taiwanese apparel brands
498 1979- Chang, Ya-Ting THESIS
Effects of hypnosis on the academic self-efficacy of first-generation college students [electronic resource] /
499 Caban, Alisia Rose THESIS
Testing sociocultural and ethnocultural models of eating disorder symptomatology in Asian Indian-American women
500 1977- Bhargava, Anju THESIS

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