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Gender Identity and the Family Story: A Critical Analysis
10301 Benson, Kristen Edith 2009-05-05 THESIS
Relationship between Semi-Starvation Symptoms, Self-Efficacy, and Weight Loss
10302 Fox, Courtney 2009-05-29 THESIS
Improving Field-Programmable Gate Array Scaling Through Wire Emulation
10303 Fong, Ryan Joseph 2004-09-23 THESIS
Family members' experiences of saturation, bonding, and leisure :a feminist perspective
10304 Zangari, Mary-Eve C 2007-10-03 THESIS
Characterizing flotation response [electronic resource] : a theoretical and experimental comparison of techniques /
10305 Randolph, John Michael. THESIS
Impact of Sulfonylurea Herbicides on Seeded Bermudagrass Establishment and Cold Temperature Influence on Perennial Ryegrass Response to Foramsulfuron
10306 Willis, John Benjamin 2008-12-09 THESIS
Applications of Roll-Along Resistivity Surveying in conjunction with Other Geophysical Methods
10307 Sayer, Suzanne 2008-01-25 THESIS
An Ecological Examination of Ego and Ethnic Identity Formation Within Second Generation Korean-Americans
10308 Im, Janice H. 1999-06-02 THESIS
Effects of Feeding Supplemental Eicosapentanoic Acid and Docosahexanoic Acid to Beef Females on Reproductive Responses and Free Fatty Acids
10309 Wuenschel, Jr. 2006-09-25 THESIS
Genetics of resistance to Haemonchus contortus infections in sheep
10310 Vanimisetti, Hima Bindu 2003-04-04 THESIS

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