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Evaluation of Competition Between Turfgrass and Trees in the Landscape
1 Hendrickson, Christopher A. 2008-12-01 THESIS
Use of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for the Identification of Bacteria of Importance to the Food Industry
2 Pegram, Sarah 2008-05-01 THESIS
Uptake and Release Kinetics of Sulfolane by Cattail Plants
3 Leo, Tiffany 2008-12-01 THESIS
Seasonal Utilization of Sago Pondweed by Waterfowl at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Utah
4 Sterling, Michael R. 1970-05-01 THESIS
Food Availability and Selective Utilization by Juvenile Mallards (Anas Platyrhynchos Platyrhynchos L.) on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Utah
5 Chura, Nicholas J. 1962-05-01 THESIS
Hydrogen Production By Anaerobic Fermentation Using Agricultural and Food Processing Wastes Utilizing a Two-Stage Digestion System
6 Thompson, Reese S 2008-12-01 THESIS
The De Villers Book of Hours
7 Williams, Kenneth R. 1996-01-01 THESIS
Seed Banks of Sagebrush Communities Seeded with Crested Wheatgrass
8 Gunnell, Kevin L. 2009-05-01 THESIS
Soil Moisture Responses in Traditional and Drought Adapted Landscapes in the Intermountain West
9 Gregory, James 2008-12-01 THESIS
Diets of Ladybird Beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in Utah Alfalfa Fields
10 Davidson, Lynette Nicole 2008-12-01 THESIS
Pulse-Laser Infrared Photothermal Spectrometry of Condensed-Phase Aerosols Based on Photothermal Deflection Spectroscopy
11 Dada, Oluwatosin Olubunmi 2008-12-01 THESIS
Modeling, Designing, Fabricating, and Testing of Channel Panel Flat Plate Heat Pipes
12 Harris, James R 2008-12-01 THESIS
Volatilization of Trichloroethylene from Shallow Subsurface Environments: Trees and Soil
13 Winters, Rachel Melanie 2008-12-01 THESIS
Modeling the Electrodynamics of the Low-Latitude Ionosphere
14 Wohlwend, Christian Stephen 2008-12-01 THESIS
An Evolutionary Approach to Image Compression in the Discrete Cosine Transform Domain
15 Banham, Benjamin E 2008-12-01 THESIS
Perceptions of Emotional Intelligence Preparation and Industry Expectations for Utah State University MBA Graduates
16 Waller, Arthur D. 2008-05-01 THESIS
Synthetic Complexes of Relevance to Ni(II)-Containing Enzymes
17 Rudzka, Katarzyna 2008-12-01 THESIS
Are delay discounting, probability discounting, time perception, and time perspective related? A cross-cultural study among Latino and White American students
18 Baumann Neves, Ana Amelia 2009-05-01 THESIS
Reproductive tactics of aphidophagous lady beetles: comparison of a native species and an invasive species that is displacing it
19 Kajita, Yukie 2008-12-01 THESIS
A Qualitative Study of Seminary Principals for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
20 Johnson, Eric W 2008-12-01 THESIS
Vegetation characteristics of Wyoming big sagebrush communities historically seeded with crested wheatgrass in Northeastern Great Basin, USA
21 Williams, Justin Rodney 2009-05-01 THESIS
The Process of Tracking in Mathematics in Box Elder School District
22 Bushnell, Megan Haramoto 2008-12-01 THESIS
A model for doctoral students' perception and attitudes toward written feedback for academic writing
23 Can, Gulfidan 2009-05-01 THESIS
Darboux Intergrability Of Wave Maps Into 2-Dimensional Riemannian Manifolds
24 Ream, Robert 2008-12-01 THESIS
Evolutionary Genetics of Tetrodotoxin (TTX) Resistance in Snakes: Tracking a Feeding Adaptation from Populations Through Clades
25 Feldman, Chris R. 2008-12-01 THESIS
Ecotypic variation in Elymus elymoides subspecies brevifolius race C in the Northern Intermountain West
26 Parsons, Matthew C. 2008-12-01 THESIS
The Effect of an Ambient Olfactory Intervention on Time-on-Task and Performance During Participant Interaction with an Electronic Flashcard System
27 Loewer, Aaron J. 2009-05-01 THESIS
Aminoglycosides and Syringomycin E as Fungicides Against Fusarium graminearum in Head Blight Disease
28 Kawasaki, Yukie 2008-12-01 THESIS
Algorithm Development of the Aglite-Lidar Instrument
29 Marchant, Christian 2008-05-01 THESIS
Bird Studies of the Bear River Marshes
30 Parkinson, Ernest W. 1933-05-01 THESIS
Impact Analysis of System and Network Attacks
31 Biswas, Anupama 2008-12-01 THESIS
Sampling Frequencies Ratio Estimation and Symbol Timing Recovery for Baseband Binary Pulse Amplitude Modulation
32 Rodriguez, Ana A. 2008-05-01 THESIS
Hydrogen Production Using Geothermal Energy
33 Hand, Theodore Wayne 2008-12-01 THESIS
Harvest of Wild and Stocked Fish from the Logan River Drainage
34 Pechacek, Louis S. 1950-05-01 THESIS
Microbial Growth Inhibition and Decomposition of milk Mineral and Sodium Tripolyphosphate Added to Media or Fresh Ground Beef
35 Tansawat, Rossarin 2009-05-01 THESIS
Factors Affecting the Longevity of the Department of Industrial Technology
36 Cloward, Jerry 2009-05-01 THESIS
Joseph Smith and the Bible: "Extending the Text and Filling the Silences"
37 Needham, Sylvan Eugene 2009-05-01 THESIS
Axisymmetric Coanda-Assisted Vectoring
38 Allen, Dustin S 2008-05-01 THESIS
Meshed Patch Antennas Integrated on Solar Cell - A Feasibility Study and Optimization
39 Turpin, Timothy W. 2009-05-01 THESIS
The Influence of Debris Cages on Critical Submergence of Vertical Intakes in Reservoirs
40 Allen, Skyler D 2008-12-01 THESIS
Mechanisms of Induced Cell Death in Bluetongue Virus Challenged Human Cell Lines
41 Hoopes, Justin Darrel 2009-05-01 THESIS
Rapid Prototyping in Design Education: A Comparative Study of Rapid Prototyping and Traditional Model Construction
42 Greenhalgh, Scott D. 2009-05-01 THESIS
Design of Tunable Edge Coupled Microstrip Bandpass Filters
43 Kaveri, Srinidhi V 2008-12-01 THESIS
Identifying value in instructional production systems : mapping the value stream /
44 Woll, Craig A. THESIS
Sediment Movement in Bear River, Utah
45 Clyde, Calvin Geary 1953-06-01 THESIS
The Phosphorus Budget of the Upper Little Bear River-Hyrum Reservoir Watershed
46 Luce, William A. 1974-05-01 THESIS
An Ecological Study of the Bottom Fauna of Bear Lake Idaho and Utah
47 Smart, Earl W. 1958-05-01 THESIS
Algorithm Development for Column Water Vapor Retrieval Using the SAM Sensor
48 Williams, Joshua Bruce 2008-05-01 THESIS
Effective Practices of Project Lead The Way Partnership Teams
49 Reutzel, Cody J. 2008-12-01 THESIS
Threat perception as a determinant of pro-environmental behaviors: Public involvement in air pollution abatement in Cache Valley, Utah
50 Marquit, Joshua D 2008-12-01 THESIS

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