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A brief history of the formative years of the recreation discipline at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, 1944-1968
1 Krumenauer, Kay L. THESIS
A survey of therapeutic horseback riding programs
2 Moront, Mary L. THESIS
An analysis of the reasons students enroll in the Machine Tool Operation and Tool & Die Making diploma program at Waukesha County Technical College
3 Biro, Michael A. THESIS
A history of the La Crosse Police Department the first forty years /
4 Larson, Brent D. THESIS
The flora of La Crosse County
5 Nontelle, Deon M. THESIS
A quantitative survey of the phytoplankton and water quality of the La Crosse, "Black" and Mississippi Rivers
6 Cary, George A. THESIS
Supporting parentally bereaved students the school counselor's role /
7 Beckel, Jane R. THESIS
Some ecological aspects of Myrick Marsh with an emphasis on animal populations
8 Craig, Charles D. THESIS
Well water management assessment for the city of Osseo, Wisconsin
9 Clements, Lauri L. THESIS
A case study on the implementation of a management accountability program for safety at Company XYZ [electronic resource] /
10 Smart, Angela N. THESIS
A follow-up study on primary prevention of child abuse [electronic resource] : the development of the Children's Parenting Inventory (CPI) to identify high-risk parenting attitudes among at-risk middle school children /
11 Kopp, Mindee. THESIS
A history of photography in La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1853-1930
12 Hill, Edwin L. THESIS
Impact of the Red Cedar Medical Center community walking program
13 Marek, Kathryn L. THESIS
The application of fecal coliform - fecal streptococci ratios as indicators of enteric pollution in Pammel Creek
14 Olson, Harlan B. THESIS
Evaluation of management practices to minimize occupational noise exposure at Company XYZ [electronic resource] /
15 Bork, Brian L. THESIS
Teacher perceptions of the role of a school counselor
16 Skutley, Katherine E. THESIS
The stability of alpha-tocopherol in whole-wheat flour and forn meal during heating
17 Wisjaja, Kelvin. THESIS
An analysis of utilizing not-for-profit organizations and service-learning activities in the administrative assistant program at Western Technical College
18 Fancher, Gail A. THESIS
School counselors perceptions of current violence intervention/prevention programs
19 Dalhoe, Angela. THESIS
Implementation and evaluation of the use of STI classroom management systems by River Falls High School students, parents, and guardians
20 Forster, William L. THESIS
Industry perceptions of an academic program name visual communications in the Wisconsin Technical College System /
21 Griggs, Jacob S. THESIS
Total quality management (TQM) at the University Centers
22 Wilson, Marya L. THESIS
Development and testing of a gainsharing formula in a mid-size company in northwest Wisconsin
23 Czekalski, Scott. THESIS
An assessment of the hearing conservation practices at Company XYZ
24 Lor, Xiongmee Yang. THESIS
Best practices of employee assistance programs
25 Standal, Laura. THESIS
Laboratory colonization of one mosquito species and cytogenetic analysis of two genera and four species in the Myrick Marsh floodplain of La Crosse, Wisconsin [electronic resource] /
26 Wick, Donald Gary.; Wisconsin--La Crosse., University of THESIS
Factors affecting self-pruning in Northern Red Oak : (Quercus rubra L.) /
27 Jenniges, Stephanie M. THESIS
Media and peer influence on fad diets tried by adolescent females
28 Berry, Lisa La THESIS
Elementary students' and parents' perceptions of bullying behaviors at school
29 Plourde, Jessica L. THESIS
Predicting student success using curriculum based measurements of reading to predict student success on Minnesota's statewide assessments /
30 Emery, Kristine Louise. THESIS
A correlational study of self-esteem and family support in adult children of alcoholics and adult children of non-alcoholics
31 Kraemer, Jennifer Lynn. THESIS
Development of an on-line gaming tutorial Texas Hold'em PRO Accelerator
32 Burgess, John W. THESIS
Comparison of colorectal cancer screening practices between rural and urban providers
33 Pedersen, Katherine Lynn. THESIS
People Process Culture alumni follow-up and recommendations for course improvement
34 Przybylski, Angie M. THESIS
Leon W. Miller
35 Larson, Gerald C. THESIS
The digital design document strategies, principles and processes /
36 Ausman, Eman. THESIS
Description of elementary technology education in the DC Everest Public School District as perceived by elementary teachers
37 Brecke, Chad E. THESIS
The profession of school psychology in the coutnry of Luxembourg
38 Schmitz, Clare Barnard. THESIS
Network configuration and change management software selection for Company XYZ
39 Martin, Todd. THESIS
The annual midwest crane count : development of a program plan /
40 Barch, Brian T. THESIS
Increasing awareness, and utilization of the employee assistance program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout
41 Goodman, Chris. THESIS
Equal opportunities for professional development a needs assessment for a non-profit professional organization /
42 Shindley, Lynda R. THESIS
The use of puppets in children's grief groups an exploratory study /
43 Standard, Marion E. THESIS
Identifying factors that influence enrollment in technology education classes at Stillwater High School
44 Kapsner, Todd. THESIS
Comparisons of microbial counts in organic chickens and commercially processed chickens
45 Kingsbury, Laura. THESIS
Bird species-habitat relationships in managed northern hardwoods on the Ottawa National Forest /
46 Brashear, Katherine Elaine. THESIS
Past life therapy an effective psychotherapeutic approach /
47 Lightbourn, Christina. THESIS
Playground improvement project
48 Peters, Jennifer. THESIS
Strategic planning in education a case study of the Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin Area Unified Scool District /
49 Drivas, Aimee E. THESIS
Analysis of XYZ company's powder transfer in the processing department
50 Munn, Kemal. THESIS

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