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Optimal Online Tuning of an Adaptive Controller
401 Huebsch, Jesse 2004-01-01 THESIS
Field Analysis of Total PCBs in Soils by Thermal Desorption/GC and Determination of the Individual PCB Congeners by GC X GC - TOF-MS
402 Li, Xiaojing 2009-01-01 THESIS
Hydrologic Validation of Real-Time Weather Radar VPR Correction Methods
403 Klyszejko, Erika Suzanne 2006-01-01 THESIS
The Model Theory of Algebraically Closed Fields
404 Cook, Daniel 2000-01-01 THESIS
Super GTA: Urban Implications of Ontario's Greenbelt
405 Martin, Edward Johnson 2006-01-01 THESIS
Hollow Ground
406 Isaacs, Hayley 2007-01-01 THESIS
The Role of Leisure in Coping with the Death of a Spouse among Women Participating in Bereavement Support Groups
407 Menounos, Garyfalia Maria 2007-02-13 THESIS
Invariance Properties and Performance Evaluation of Bit Decoding Algorithms
408 Abedi, Ali 2004-01-01 THESIS
Methodologies for capture zone delineation for the Waterloo Moraine well fields
409 Muhammad, Dawood 2000-01-01 THESIS
A three-dimensional damage percolation model
410 Orlov, Oleg 2006-12-05 THESIS
An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Design and Develop Hypermedia Documents
411 Zhang, Ping 2005-01-01 THESIS
Algorithms for Normal Forms for Matrices of Polynomials and Ore Polynomials
412 Cheng, Howard 2003-01-01 THESIS
Prepositional Phrase Attachment Disambiguation Using WordNet
413 Spitzer, Claus 2006-01-01 THESIS
Feasibility Analysis of a Powered Lower-Limb Orthotic for the Mobility Impaired User
414 Eby, Wesley R. 2005-01-01 THESIS
Physics in Higher-Dimensional Manifolds
415 Seahra, Sanjeev 2003-01-01 THESIS
416 Hassan, Jamal 2006-12-01 THESIS
Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis of Contaminant First Arrival Times at Household Drinking Water Wells
417 Kang, Mary 2007-01-01 THESIS
Die ?asexuelle Witwe? im Identit├Ątskonflikt am Beispiel von Arthur Schnitzlers ?Frau Berta Garlan? und ?Frau Beate und ihr Sohn?
418 Murbeth, Susanne 2006-01-01 THESIS
Sensitivity Analysis and Distortion Decomposition of Mildly Nonlinear Circuits
419 Zhu, Guoji 2007-01-01 THESIS
Modeling of a-Si:H TFT I-V Characteristics in the Forward Subthreshold Operation
420 Zhu, Lei 2005-01-01 THESIS
The Processing and Characterization of Porous Ni/YSZ and NiO/YSZ Composites used in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications
421 Clemmer, Ryan 2006-01-01 THESIS
Effective Thermal Conductivity of Composite Fluidic Thermal Interface Materials
422 Karayacoubian, Paul 2006-01-01 THESIS
Mining Topic Signals from Text
423 Al-Halimi, Reem Khalil 2003-01-01 THESIS
Finite Element Model of a Two-cell Contact and Separation Experiment
424 Tsui, Simon 2008-01-01 THESIS
Occupational Prestige of Canadian Professions in the New Economy
425 Pomeroy, Emily Anne 2008-12-01 THESIS
Composer-Centered Computer-Aided Soundtrack Composition
426 Vane, Roland Edwin 2006-01-01 THESIS
Unsupervised Clustering and Automatic Language Model Generation for ASR
427 Podder, Sushil 2004-01-01 THESIS
Unsupervised clustering and automatic language model generation for ASR [electronic resource] /
428 Podder, Sushil Kumar.; Waterloo. Dept., University of THESIS
Application of Non-linear Optimization Techniques in Wireless Telecommunication Systems
429 Kohandani, Farzaneh 2006-01-01 THESIS
A Collapsing Method for Efficient Recovery of Optimal Edges
430 Hu, Mike 2002-01-01 THESIS
Optimal Path Queries in Very Large Spatial Databases
431 Zhang, Jie 2005-01-01 THESIS
Computational Redundancy in Image Processing
432 Khalvati, Farzad 2008-01-01 THESIS
Numerical Simulation of Hydrocarbon Fuel Dissolution and Biodegradation in Groundwater
433 Molson, John W.H. 2000-01-01 THESIS
A Symmetric Interaction Model for Bimanual Input
434 Latulipe, Celine 2006-01-01 THESIS
The Design and Evaluation of a Microfluidic Cell Sorting Chip
435 Taylor, Jay Kendall 2007-01-01 THESIS
Kinetic Investigation and Modelling of Multi-Component Polymer Systems with Depropagation
436 Leamen, Michael 2005-01-01 THESIS
Hydraulic Performance of the Seepage Collection Ditches at the Albian Sands Muskeg River Mine
437 Yasuda, Naoki 2006-01-01 THESIS
Portfolio Selection Under Nonsmooth Convex Transaction Costs
438 Potaptchik, Marina 2006-01-01 THESIS
Physical Hydrogeology and Impact of Urbanization at the Waterloo West Side: A Groundwater Modelling Approach
439 Radcliffe, Anthony 2000-01-01 THESIS
A Study of Segmentation and Normalization for Iris Recognition Systems
440 Mohammadi Arvacheh, Ehsan 2006-01-01 THESIS
Reinforcement Learning for Parameter Control of Image-Based Applications
441 Taylor, Graham 2004-01-01 THESIS
Shortest Path Queries in Very Large Spatial Databases
442 Zhang, Ning 2001-01-01 THESIS
Scarf's Theorem and Applications in Combinatorics
443 Rioux, Caroline 2006-01-01 THESIS
Specification and Implementation of Workflow Control Patterns in Reo
444 Mousavi Bafrooi, Seyedeh Elham 2006-01-01 THESIS
Effects of a Non-Condensable Gas on the Vapex Process
445 Friedrich, Karen 2005-01-01 THESIS
Transitive Factorizations of Permutations and Eulerian Maps in the Plane
446 Serrano, Luis 2005-01-01 THESIS
Biochemistry in Bacterioferritin
447 Suttisansanee, Uthaiwan 2006-01-01 THESIS
Accounting for the Effects of Power System Controllers and Stability on Power Dispatch and Electricity Market Prices
448 Kodsi, Sameh 2005-01-01 THESIS
Detectability of Singularly Perturbed Systems
449 Vu, Leonard Phong 2005-01-01 THESIS
The Effect of Tangible Rewards on Perceived Organizational Support
450 Silbert, Lisa 2005-01-01 THESIS

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