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Environmental Behaviour, Place Attachment and Park Visitation: A case study of visitors to Point Pelee National Park
151 Halpenny, Elizabeth A. 2006-01-01 THESIS
Modeling of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer for Optimization of Pin-Fin Heat Sinks
152 Khan, Waqar 2004-01-01 THESIS
Characterization of Genes involved In Development and Senescence
153 Hopkins (nee Kaup), Marianne 2006-01-01 THESIS
Active and Semi-Active Bushing Design for Variable Displacement Engine
154 Arzanpour, Siamak 2006-01-01 THESIS
Counting Bases
155 Webb, Kerri 2004-01-01 THESIS
Progressive Disc Herniation: An investigation of the mechanism using histochemical and microscopic techniques
156 Tampier, Claudio 2006-01-01 THESIS
Linear approximations from factored Markov Dicision Processes
157 Patrascu, Relu-Eugen. THESIS
Characterization of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A-2 (eIF5A-2) in arabidopsis thaliana effects of wounding and pathogen attack /
158 Gatsukovich, Yulia. THESIS
The application of particle image velocimetry in a small scale wind tunnel
159 Sperandei, Bryan. THESIS
Cache oblivious data structures
160 Ohashi, Darin. THESIS
Transforming suburbia the networked pedestrian village of Bayview Hills /
161 Cheung, Esther Sze-Wing. THESIS
Paleolimnological evidence of the effects of recent cultural eutrophication and climatic variability during the last 300 years in Lake Malawi, East Africa
162 Puchniak, Megan K. THESIS
The automation of glycopeptide discovery in high throughput MS/MS data
163 Swamy, Sajani. THESIS
Snow accumulation in a distributed hydrological model
164 Davison, Bruce. THESIS
Mapping template semantics to SMV
165 Lu, Yun. THESIS
High resolution microwave spectroscopy of ultra cold Rydberg atoms as a probe of electric and magnetic fields
166 Zanjani, Parisa Bohlouli. THESIS
Toward an improved understanding of software change
167 Zou, Lijie. THESIS
Packing directed joins
168 Williams, Aaron Michael. THESIS
Characterisation and optimization of ultrashort laser pulses
169 Macpherson, James B. THESIS
Stabilization strategies of the lumbar spine in vivo
170 Grenier, Sylvain Gabriel. THESIS
Fast extraction of BRDFs and material maps from images
171 Jaroszkiewicz, Rafal. THESIS
Ordered interal routing schemes
172 Ahmed, Mustaq. THESIS
A statistical assessment of a process to evaluate the commercial success of inventions
173 Sampson, Glen Charles. THESIS
Memory, modernity, and the city : an interpretive analysis of Montreal and Toronto's respective moves from their historic professional hockey arenas
174 Gunderson, Lisa Anne. THESIS
Intervals with few prime numbers
175 Wolczuk, Dan. THESIS
A parameterized algorithm for upward planarity testing of biconnected graphs
176 Chan, Hubert Yan-Chor. THESIS
An approximation algorithm for character compatibility and fast quartet-based phylogenetic tree comparison
177 Tsang, John. THESIS
Corrosion of reinforcing steel in loaded cracked concretes exposed to de-icing salts
178 Mendoza, Antonio R. THESIS
Virtual frameworks for source migration
179 Chi, Jack S. THESIS
An embedded shading language
180 Qin, Zheng. THESIS
A social network analysis of corporate venture capital syndication
181 Zheng, Ju Kimberly. THESIS
Balancing act local fair trade in Kitchener-Waterloo /
182 Clegg, Alison M. THESIS
Offset surface light fields
183 Ang, Jason. THESIS
Increased formability and the effects of the tool/sheet interaction in electromagnetic forming of aluminum alloy sheet
184 Boyd, Jose? Miguel THESIS
An empirical study of different branching strategies for constraint satisfaction problems
185 Park, Vincent. THESIS
An optimizing pulse sequence compiler for NMR QIP
186 Pe?rez Delgado, Carlos A. THESIS
Lexical affinities and language applications
187 Terra, Egidio. THESIS
The continuum architecture : towards enabling chaotic ubiquitous computing
188 Dra?goi, Octavian Andrei. THESIS
Lysozyme deposition studies on silicone hydrogel contact lens materials
189 Subbaraman, Lakshman Nagapatnam. THESIS
RMA a pattern based J2EE development tool /
190 Chen, Jun. THESIS
Surface chemistry of hexacyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on (2x1) and modified surfaces of Si(100)
191 Li, Qiang. THESIS
Comparison of cylindrical boundary pasting methods
192 Aggarwal, Shalini. THESIS
Characterization of HSP47 expression in Xenopus laevis cell culture and embryos
193 Hamilton, Amanda M. THESIS
The production and fate of picoplankton and protozoa in the pelagic food web of Napoleon Gulf, Lake Victoria, East Africa
194 Jackson, Victoria S. THESIS
Modeling a controlled-sourced, multichemical plume undergoing natural attenuation
195 Martin, Caitlin Anne. THESIS
A geometric B-spline over the triangular domain
196 Ingram, Christopher K. THESIS
The market-oriented contribution of individuals translating strategy into action /
197 Schlosser, Francine. THESIS
An attempt to automate NP-hardness reductions via SOE logic
198 Nijjar, Paul. THESIS
Digital rights management and code obfuscation
199 Sethi, Amit. THESIS
Towards automatic initial buffer configuration
200 Ku, Fei Yen. THESIS

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