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A poetics of the seasons Lorca's early cosmic vision /
1 Granrose, Kathleen Diane. THESIS
Test tube envy science and power in Argentine narrative from Sarmiento to Giardinelli
2 Brown, James Andrew. THESIS
Database selection in distributed information retrieval a study of multi-collection information retrieval /
3 Powell, Allison L. THESIS
Measurements of CP violation and K?charge radius using K[L][arrow][pi]?[pi]?e?e? decays
4 Golossanov, Alexander. THESIS
Refrain, Again: The Return of the Villanelle
5 French, Amanda Lowry, MA 2004-08-01 DISSERTATION
Applications of Balanced Incomplete Block Designs to Communication Systems
6 Noshad, Mohammad, PhD 2013-08-17 DISSERTATION
"I am Jack's raging bile duct" [electronic resource] : Fight club and the American mythology of violence in the postmodern movement /
7 Freed, Robin Noelle. THESIS
The hottest places in hell the Catholic Church and civil rights in Selma, Alabama, 1937-1965. /
8 Hite, Gregory Nelson. THESIS
The @rt institution in the @ge of hyper-reproduction [electronic resource] /
9 Kidd, Dustin Mark. THESIS
Intelligent Transportation Systems: Development of Transportation Information Management System for a Small Urban Community
10 Barrett, Daniel J. THESIS
Results merging in the networked computer science technical reports library
11 Nelson, Eric J. THESIS
An empirical test of the epidemiology of health /
12 MacDonald, Karen Michelle. THESIS
An interactive, Web-based testing system for an introductory computer science course [electronic resource] /
13 Shamas, James A. THESIS
Modular synthesis of Annonaceous acetogenins and their activity against H-116 human solid colon tumor cells
14 Paige, Mikell Atkin. THESIS
Implementation and evaluation of a collision-avoidance navigational algorithm on a mobile robot
15 Woolley, Eileen K. THESIS
Warhol and the art of cultivated postmodern naivete
16 Cresap, Kelly Mark. THESIS
Merging VRML models: extending the use of photomodeller [electronic resource] /
17 Hudson, Thomas R. THESIS
New Keynesian price and cost dynamics theory and evidence /
18 Kurmann, Andre?. THESIS
Genetic algorithm with punctuated equilibria analysis of the travelling salesperson problem instance /
19 Ignat, Daniel B. THESIS
The structure and function of Kalahari Transect vegetation
20 Caylor, Kelly Krispin. THESIS
Improving electronic commerce through gathering customer data
21 Shah, Tej S. THESIS
Mapping molecular accessibility and intermolecular interactions between ribonuclease A and paramagnetic small molecules using nuclear magnetic relaxation /
22 Teng, Ching-Ling. THESIS
Learning about junk science
23 Yacob, Seyenie. THESIS
How well do emergency medical dispatch priority decisions match actual patient need?
24 Wu, Helen Whayming. THESIS
John Stuart Mill on quality and competence
25 Miller, John Joseph. THESIS
Integrated diode circuits for greater than 1 THz
26 Schoenthal, Gerhard Siegbert. THESIS
Managing boys forming masculinity in nineteenth-century United States literature and culture /
27 Parille, Kenneth Miller. THESIS
Three essays in entrepreneurship
28 Lee, Joo-Heon. THESIS
Making sense of pornography the gendered interpretations of sexual imagery /
29 Luedtke, Karlin Rae. THESIS
"All aboard!" [electronic resource] : the role of the railroads in protecting, promoting, and selling Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks /
30 Virginia., University of THESIS
Electronic submission of undergraduate thesis modification of the University of Virginia electronic thesis submittal system /
31 Connelly, Zachary D. THESIS
Coordinating multiple histone modifications by the SAGA and SLIK transription complexes /
32 Daniel, Jeremy Austin. THESIS
Overcoming gender? transsexualism and the gender paradigm /
33 Davis, Erin Calhoun. THESIS

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