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Deglacial chronology and glacial stratigraphy of the western Thunder Bay lowland, northwest Ontario, Canada /
351 Loope, Henry Munro. THESIS
A field study of construction deformations in a mechanically stabilized earth wall /
352 Abele, Nathan Daniel. THESIS
The Role of Acidosis on Vascular Function during Dynamic Handgrip Exercise and Flow-mediated Dilation
353 Thistlethwaite, John R. 2008-01-01 THESIS
The Ancient Order of Hibernians and Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians in Ohio: A Comparative Analysis
354 Creech, Nicole M 2005-01-01 THESIS
Deictic Reference: Arabs vs. Arab Americans
355 Esseili, Fatima A. 2006-01-01 THESIS
Victorian Governesses : A Look at Education and Professionalization
356 Green, Katie Noelle 2009-06-16 THESIS
Elucidating higher echelon concepts through refinement of fundamentals /
357 Choudhry, Abdus. THESIS
The utilization of remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) for the development of a wetlands classification and inventory for the lower Maumee River Watershed, Lucas County, Ohio /
358 Torbick, Nathan M. THESIS
Role of Dreissena as ecosystem engineers : effects to native bioturbators and benthic community structure and function /
359 DeVanna, Kristen M. THESIS
The College Choice Process Of Non-traditional Students
360 Tumblin, Randall S. 2002-01-01 THESIS
Lost and Found: The Process of Historic Preservation in Lucas County, Ohio
361 Oberlin, Jennifer Michelle 2004-01-01 THESIS
Na/K-ATPase : a signaling receptor
362 Tian, Jiang. THESIS
Differential regulation of glucocorticoid and progesterone receptor subcellular localization by tetratricopeptide repeat domain proteins
363 Banerjee, Ananya. THESIS
The lived experience of women with first-time myocardial infarction : a phenomenological study
364 Olson, Shelia Ann. THESIS
Investigation of self-reported transitional health care needs of the adolescent with congenital heart disease
365 Garris, Theresa M. THESIS
Analysis of the human variable gene repertoire in response to pneumococcal polysaccharides
366 Shriner, Anne K. THESIS
The interactive transcript abundance index [c-Myc*p73alpha]/[p21*Bcl-2] correlates with spontaneous apoptosis and response to CPT-11 : implications for predicting chemoresistance and cytotoxicity to DNA damaging agents
367 Harr, Michael W. THESIS
What is the lived experience of the client with end stage renal disease on hemodialysis?
368 Scaife, Diane. THESIS
The heat shock protein 70 response to acute and endurance exercise
369 Brickman, Todd Martin. THESIS
Regulation of folate receptor raft recycling
370 Elnakat, Hala. THESIS
Effects of bacterial products on human blood leukocytes
371 Smith, Laura A. THESIS
The lived experience of losing a loved one to sudden traumatic death
372 Watson, Sherry A. THESIS
Neuronal adaptations in rat hippocampal CA1 neurons during withdrawal from prolonged flurazepam exposure : glutamatergic system remodeling
373 Song, Jun. THESIS
Advantages of using the ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 tracer gas test method vs. the ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-1992 face velocity test method for the chemical laboratory hood certification
374 Fahim, Mahdi. THESIS
Examination of the performance of AERMOD model under different world conditions /
375 Danish, Farzana. THESIS
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Quality of Health Care among Adults with Diabetes in the United States
376 Zhang, Yanjun 2009-06-16 THESIS
The immune response to streptococcus pneumoniae and pneumococcal polysaccharides
377 Rabquer, Bradley. THESIS
Na/K ATPase : signaling versus pumping
378 Liang, Man. THESIS
Effects of CO2 and Nitrogen on Plant Response to Heat Stress
379 WANG, DAN 2008-01-01 THESIS
Isoform Specific Effect of Ischemia/Reperfusion on Cardiac Na,K-ATPase: Protection by Ouabain Preconditioning
380 Stebal, Cory J. 2009-07-14 THESIS
The role of L-type voltage-gated calcium channels in hippocampal CA1 neuron glutamate and GABA-A receptor-mediated synaptic plasticity following chronic benzodiazepine administration
381 Xiang, Kun 2007-01-01 THESIS
CEACAM1: A Molecular Link Between Fat Metabolism and Insulin Clearance
382 Yang, Yan 2005-01-01 THESIS
hMSH6 Protein Phosphorylation: DNA Mismatch Repair or DNA Damage Signaling?
383 Kaliyaperumal, Saravanan 2009-07-14 THESIS
The cardiotonic steroid Marinobufagenin (MBG) induces Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in LLC-PK1 cells
384 Raju, Vanamala Bindinganavile 2008-01-01 THESIS
The Lived Experience of a Family Member Who Suffers from Mental Illness
385 Fior-Nossek, Felicia Mary 2005-01-01 THESIS
The Physiological Function of Beclin, a Novel BCL-2 Interacting Protein in Protein Trafficking
386 Zeng, Xuehuo 2005-01-01 THESIS
Development of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) Software and Databases for Radiation Therapy Applications
387 Adhikary, Kalyan 2006-01-01 THESIS
Transcriptional Regulation of RKIP in Prostate Cancer Progression
388 Beach, Sandra M. 2008-01-01 THESIS
Bidirectional Regulation of AMPA and NMDA Receptors during Benzodiazepine Withdrawal
389 Shen, Guofu 2009-07-14 THESIS
Comparative Functional Analysis and Identification of Regulatory Control in Gene Networks Using the Leucine-Responsive Regulatory protein and its Regulon as a Model System
390 Lintner, Robert E. 2007-01-01 THESIS
RANBP17, A Novel Non-bHLH Binding Partner of bHLH Transcription Factor E12
391 Lee, Jun-Ho 2008-01-01 THESIS
Structural and Functional Analysis of Moraxella catarrhalis Adhesins MCAP and OMPCD
392 Akimana, Christine 2007-01-01 THESIS
Regulation of IP3 Receptor-Mediated Calcium Release by Na/K-ATPase
393 Chen, Ying 2007-01-01 THESIS
Characterization of the Moraxella catarrhalis Hag Adhesin
394 Bullard, Brian 2007-01-01 THESIS
Modulation of Folate Receptor Beta for Drug Targeting in Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
395 Qi, Huiling 2005-01-01 THESIS
Functional analysis of the Rad51d (E233G) breast cancer associated polymorphism and a pharmacogenetic evaluation of RAD51D status
396 Nadkarni, Aditi A. 2008-01-01 THESIS
LPS induced TH2 (Interleukin-4) cytokine production in macrophages and its regulation
397 Mukherjee, Sumanta 2008-01-01 THESIS
Role of FKBP51 and FKBP52 in Glucocorticoid Receptor Regulated Metabolism
398 Warrier, Manya 2008-01-01 THESIS
Assessment of the Effect of Cancer and its Treatment on PET Scan F-18 Tracer Distribution in Pre- and Post-treatment and its Relation to Myocardial Tissue Uptake
399 Earla, Janaki Ram 2005-01-01 THESIS
Dosimetric Comparison of Superficial X-Rays and a Custom HDR Surface Applicator for the Treatment of Superficial Cancers
400 Merz, Brandon A. 2008-01-01 THESIS

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