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Evaluation of the AERMOD model and examination of required length of meteorological data for computing concentrations in urban areas /
51 Masuraha, Anand. THESIS
Rogue state? the United States, unilateralism, and the United Nations /
52 MacDonald, Robert L. THESIS
Mass transfer analysis of polyether sulfone and polyamide membranes modified by ion beam irradiation /
53 King, Stanley W. THESIS
The college choice process of nontraditional students /
54 Tumblin, Randall S. THESIS
Simulations and second/foreign language learning : improving communication skills through simulations /
55 Lyu, Yeonhwan. THESIS
Welfare reform and higher education: the impact of post-secondary education on self-sufficiency /
56 Twitchell, Sarah Jo. THESIS
Orientation instructors and undecided students' perceptions of course objectives /
57 DeAngelo, Angela. THESIS
The reality of this and that /
58 Kelly-Lopez, Catherine Ann. THESIS
Evaluating the use of cryopreserved hepatocytes for the prediction of in vivo hepatic clearance /
59 Eng, Heather Sui-Fong. THESIS
Modeling of commuters' route choice behavior /
60 Pal, Anirban. THESIS
A five-year spectroscopic and photometric campaign on the supergiant star Deneb /
61 Richardson, Noel Douglas. THESIS
Phytoremediation potential at an inactive landfill in northwest Ohio /
62 Barnswell, Kristopher Donald. THESIS
Lost and found : the process of historic preservation in Lucas County, Ohio /
63 Oberlin, Jennifer M. THESIS
A study of business-to-business electronic marketplace usage from the buyer perspective /
64 Truong, Dothang. THESIS
Application of the space-time conservation element and solution element numerical method to flows in fluid films /
65 Cioc, Sorin. THESIS
Photosynthetic characteristics of the dominant tree species in two climatically different landscapes /
66 Bresee, Mary K. THESIS
Formulation of a fast-acting ibuprofen suspension by using nicotinamide as hydrotropic agent-application of DSC, spectroscopy and microscopy in assessment of the type of interaction /
67 Oberoi, Lalit Mohan. THESIS
Flexible pavement condition model using clusterwise regression and mechanistic-empirical procedure for fatigue cracking modeling /
68 Luo, Zairen. THESIS
Stability imparted by a posterior lumbar interbody fusion cage following surgery : a biomechanical evaluation /
69 Sasidhar, Vadapalli. THESIS
A model for the prediction of subgrade soil resilient modulus for flexible-pavement design : influence of moisture content and climate change /
70 Davies, Beresford O. THESIS
Stress and coping styles of female prison inmates /
71 Partyka, Rhea D. THESIS
Institutions and process /
72 Lake, Danielle L. THESIS
Coping on death row : the perspectives of inmates and corrections officers /
73 Partyka, Rhea D. THESIS
Interconnection as an ethic of generosity /
74 Kusina, Jeanne Marie. THESIS
Children's modality preference for novel word learning /
75 Maher, Elizabeth Ann. THESIS
Photoluminescence by interstellar dust /
76 Vijh, Uma Parvathy. THESIS
A study of DNA replication and repair proteins from Bacteriophage T4 and a related phage /
77 Senger, Anne. THESIS
Determining the effects of different modes of coagulation as pretreatment to membrane filtraton of drinking water production in small water systems /
78 Sharp, Michelle Marie. THESIS
Retention of 8th grade band students during the transition of high school /
79 Hayes, William Fellows. THESIS
Using the theory of multiple intelligences to enhance science education /
80 Schwert, Amy Marie. THESIS
Electrolytic in process dressing (ELID) applied to double side grinding of ceramic materials /
81 Spanu, Cristian. THESIS
Design and implementation of an internet based spatial decision support system (SDSS) for freight management /
82 Palem, Srikanth Venkata. THESIS
Solid state polymerization, processing and properties of PEN/PET blends /
83 Fu, Quan. THESIS
Statistical inferences under a semiparametric finite mixture model /
84 Zhang, Shiju. THESIS
Three-dimensional numerical simulation and performance study of an industrial helical static mixer /
85 Khosravi Rahmani, Ramin. THESIS
Yoshimoto Taka'aki, communal illusion, and the Japanese new left /
86 Yang, Manuel. THESIS
Engaging cognitive neurosciences in the classroom /
87 Vasquez-Cropper, Marie E. THESIS
Development of an implantable data acquisition system /
88 Sonalkar, Prachi Santosh. THESIS
The acute influence of static and ballistic stretching on the biomechanics and muscle activity associated with the hamstring stretch /
89 Snyder, Alison Rose. THESIS
The influence of variations in shoe midsole density on the impact force and kinematics of landing in female volleyball players /
90 Nolan, Karen J. THESIS
Incorporation of natural ventilation in a commercial HVAC system using temperature as a comfort parameter /
91 Pendse, Rahul Subhash. THESIS
Comparison, evaluation, and use of AERMOD model for estimating ambient air concentrations of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter for Lucas County /
92 Jampana, Siva S. THESIS
Nonverbal communication in the real world /
93 Wrege, Alexander. THESIS
"What is Next?" gay male students' significant experiences after coming-out while in college /
94 Hofman, Brian. THESIS
Evaluation of ozone forecasting models using MM5 real-time forecasts and development of online ozone calculator for Cleveland and Akron, Ohio /
95 Tandale, Ashwini. THESIS
Towards a chemical toxonomy of comets : infrared spectroscopic methods for quantitative measurements of cometary water (with an independent chapter on Mars polar science) /
96 Bonev, Boncho Peichev. THESIS
Study on capacity of railroad network and airport terminals for upper midwest freight corridor /
97 Srimantula, Rohini. THESIS
Modeling intermodal freight flows using GIS /
98 Chanda, Praveen Kumar. THESIS
Transient crystallization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) bottles /
99 Boyd, Timothy Joseph THESIS
Study of parameters in the development of sustainable transportation system : a case study of Mumbai, India /
100 Dhakras, Bhairavi. THESIS

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