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A Furrow-Following Tractor Guidance System
401 Kirk, Thomas Gordon 2008-09-04 THESIS
Stresses and Deformations in Involute Spur Gears by Finite Element Method
402 Wei, Zeping 2004-10-29 THESIS
Narrowband Interference Detection and Mitigation for Indoor Ultra-Wideband Communication Systems
403 Quach, Huy Quang 2006-12-15 THESIS
A Grounded Theory of Child Abuse
404 Andrew, Gail 2004-08-25 THESIS
Two Staggered Finite Circular Cylinders in Cross-Flow
405 Li, He 2008-02-20 THESIS
Hybrid Intelligent Machine systems: Design, Modeling and Control
406 Ouyang, Puren 2005-09-02 THESIS
Unilateralism in Canadian Foreign Policy: An Examination of Three Cases
407 Stromberg, Rhiannon Erin 2006-10-17 THESIS
Tracking Theories of Self in the World
408 Rutherford, Brenda Colleen 2005-01-07 THESIS
Long-Term Matric Suction Measurements in Highway Subgrades
409 Nguyen, Quan 2006-05-17 THESIS
Voices Of Parents: The Lived Experience Of Caring For A Child With A Life-Threatening and Life-Limiting Diagnosis Within Existing Social Policies
410 Fowler-Kerry, Susan Eva 2008-06-05 THESIS
The Gospel According to Glamour: A Rhetorical Analysis of Revolve: The Complete New Testament
411 Bennetch, Rebekah J. 2009-01-21 THESIS
Science and Modernity: Modern Medical Knowledge and Societal Rationalization in Malaysia
412 Chai, Choon-Lee 2008-06-20 THESIS
Real and Nominal Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks
413 Bhuiyan, Mohammad Rokonuzzaman 2004-08-20 THESIS
The Creation and Dissolution of Binaries in William Gibson?s Neuromancer: Babylon, Zion, and the Artificial Intelligences
414 Friesen, Rilla Marie 2008-03-31 THESIS
Anomalous and Nonlinear Effects in Inductively Coupled Plasmas
415 Tyshetskiy, Yuriy Olegovich 2003-12-19 THESIS
A Study on Flow Regime Identification in Microgravity Gas-Liquid Flows Using a Capacitance Sensor
416 Lowe, Devin C. 2009-05-08 THESIS
Breakthrough Behavior of H2S Removal with an Iron Oxide Based CG-4 Adsorbent in a Fixed-Bed Reactor
417 Wang, De Ming 2008-10-21 THESIS
Low-Complexity Iterative Receivers for Multiuser Space-Time Block Coding Systems
418 Yang, Yajun 2006-10-31 THESIS
Uncertainty Analysis of a Particle Tracking Algorithm Developed for Super-Resolution Particle Image Velocimetry
419 Joseph, Sujith 2003-08-11 THESIS
Sensemaking During the Induction Phase of Socialization of a Neophyte Principal: A Researcher's Reflections
420 Gorius, Patricia Ann 1999-01-01 THESIS
Autoregressive Hidden Markov Model with Application in an El Nino Study
421 Tang, Xuan 2005-01-04 THESIS
An O Without a Figure: King Lear and the Mask of the Fool
422 Traub, Miranda Jane 2004-10-04 THESIS
Effects of Soil Packing on Seed Germination and Seedling Response
423 Djokoto, Israel Kofi 2008-09-05 THESIS
A Case Study of Polar Bear Co-Management in the Eastern Canadian Arctic
424 Davis, Christy Ann 2008-07-15 THESIS
Modelling the Public Intellectual: The Case of Matthew Arnold
425 McLeod, Tenielle Robyn 2008-01-02 THESIS
Investigation into the Dispensing-based Fabrication Process for Tissue Scaffolds
426 Ke, Hui David 2006-08-30 THESIS
Comparison of Proportional Hazards and Accelerated Failure Time Models
427 Qi, Jiezhi 2009-03-30 THESIS
Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of a Load-Sensing and Pressure Compensated Hydraulic System
428 Wu, Duqiang 2003-12-11 THESIS
An Experimental Study of the Measurement of Low Concentration Hydrogen Sulfide in an Aqueous solution
429 Wu, Dongqing 2006-09-29 THESIS
Dynamics and Control of Flexible Manipulators
430 Vakil, Mohammad 2008-07-24 THESIS
Electrical Properties of Amorphous Selenium Based Photoconductive Devices for Application in X-ray Image Detectors
431 Belev, Gueorgui Stoev 2007-02-14 THESIS
Civilized People in Uncivilized Places: Rubber, Race, and Civilization during the Amazonian Rubber Boom
432 Ruiz, Jean L. 2006-05-23 THESIS
Dynamic Silicon Firewall
433 Laturnas, Darrell Keith 2006-09-20 THESIS
Investigation of the old Cumberland House trading post (FIMn-8): an analysis of the artifact and faunal assemblages
434 Froehlich, Laurie L. 2009-06-22 THESIS
Experimental Investigations of the Fair Wage-Effort Hypothesis
435 Meredith, Evan Edward 2006-08-02 THESIS
The Economics of Branchline Abandonment: A Case Study of West-Central Saskatchewan
436 Khakbazan, Mohammad 1999-01-01 THESIS
Sport Gave Me Something to Wake Up For: Aboriginal Adults with Disabilities Speak about Sport
437 Elliott, Melanie Dawn 2007-07-05 THESIS
Preparation and Evaluation of Sol-Gel Made Nickel Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane
438 Sun, Haijun 2005-08-07 THESIS
The Performance of Membranes in a Newly Proposed Run-around Heat and Moisture Exchanger
439 Larson, Michael David 2006-12-19 THESIS
The Psychological Contracts of Experienced College Instructors
440 Hrabok, Ann 2008-11-19 THESIS
Design of Switch Architecture for the Geographical Cell Transport Protocol
441 Gyawali, Umesh 2009-02-25 THESIS
Run-Around Energy Recovery System with a Porous Solid Desiccant
442 Li, Meng 2008-01-18 THESIS
South Downtown Revitalization in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada: A Review and Reconsideration
443 McLoughlin, Megan Elaine 2005-03-23 THESIS
An Economic Inquiry into Blending Rents At Primary Elevators in Western Canada: A Spatial Approach
444 Hucq, Andre Louis 1997-01-01 THESIS
Electron Transfer Mechanism And Potential Applications Of ?-Helical Peptides
445 Mandal, Himadri Shekhar 2007-10-26 THESIS
Heat and Mass Transfer in Freezing Unsaturated Soil
446 Jame, Yih - 2008-11-28 THESIS
A Problem-Solving Environment for the Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Algebraic Equations
447 Ter, Thian-Peng 2007-03-26 THESIS
Integrating Peer-To-Peer Into Web Services
448 Han, Weidong 2006-08-24 THESIS
Evaluating the Structure, Process and Outcome of an Early Intervention in Psychosis Program: A Case Study of the Saskatoon Health Region
449 Neufeld, Marianne Morrison 2007-09-24 THESIS
p38(MAPK) Negatively Regulates Monoamine Oxidase-A Activity As Well As Its Sensitivity To Ca2+.
450 Cao, Xia 2008-01-04 THESIS

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