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Equine Immobilization with a Limb Restraint System
351 Cai, Wei 2007-06-14 THESIS
The GABA Transporter and the Regulation of the GABAA Receptor
352 Davies, Martin 1993-01-01 THESIS
Full Spectrum: Amnesty International and Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
353 Rowe, Paul W. 2009-06-04 THESIS
A Framework for Assessing the Exchange Costs in the Flax Fibre Supply Chain
354 Melitz, Siea M. 2005-07-22 THESIS
Silicon Firewall Prototype
355 Cheng, Jin 2003-12-18 THESIS
Validation of the MOPITT-A Instrument Through Radiative Transfer Modelling and Laboratory Calibration
356 Lamont, Kirk 2007-08-31 THESIS
Inversion of Heavy Crude Oil-In-Brine Emulsions
357 Sun, Ruijun 2009-03-25 THESIS
Waterhen Lake Reserve: An Ethno-History from 1921-1993
358 Fiddler, Charles V. 2009-01-27 THESIS
Modeling and Validation of Crop Feeding in a Large Square Baler
359 Remou&#x00E9, null; Tyler, null 2007-11-01 THESIS
Development of a Gamma-Ray Beam Profile Monitor for the High-Intensity Gamma-Ray Source
360 Regier, Thomas Zachary 2003-10-29 THESIS
Mechanical Support Design of Analyzer for a Diffraction Enhanced X-Ray Imaging (DEI) System
361 Alagarsamy, Nagarajan 2007-05-18 THESIS
The Application of the British Tractor to Canadian Agriculture
362 Grocock, Ernest Douglas 2008-09-11 THESIS
Laboratory study of evaporative fluxes in homogeneous and layered soils
363 Bruch, Philip G. 2008-06-26 THESIS
The Rael World: Narratives of the Raelian Movement
364 Hanson, Tayah L. 2005-11-01 THESIS
How To Integrate A Pharmacist Into An Already Established Primary Health Care Team
365 Kolodziejak, Lynette 2008-02-06 THESIS
Preferential Flow in Vertically Oriented, Unsaturated Soil Layers
366 Newman, Lori Lynn 2009-05-22 THESIS
Facilitating Community Participation in Health Needs Assessment
367 Dunn-Pierce, Tanya 2008-10-06 THESIS
Emerging Resilience in a Family Affected by Autism
368 Mierau, Lori Jo-Ann 2008-04-07 THESIS
In-Situ Passive Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Leachate Using a Modified Drainage Leachate Collection System (LCS)
369 Ruiz Castro, Ernesto Fidel 2005-04-27 THESIS
Policy Communities and Policy Networks: The Establishment of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Education Policy in the Saskatchewan Region
370 Wilke, Larry 2009-01-21 THESIS
Knotting Statistics After a Local Strand Passage in Unknotted Self-Avoiding Polygons in Z^3
371 Szafron, Michael Lorne 2009-04-15 THESIS
User Motivational Mechanism for Building Sustained Online Communities
372 Cheng, Ran 2005-09-27 THESIS
Conflicting Discourses in Canadian Aboriginal Politics : A Case Study of the First Nations Governance Initiative
373 Boisard, Stéphanie 2008-07-23 THESIS
Correlated Biostratigraphy and Palaeoecology of Microplankton from the Bearpaw Formation (Campanian-Maastrichtian) of Alberta, Canada
374 Dalzell, Matthew Thomas 2007-03-28 THESIS
Samsara Unlimited: Towards an Ecology of Compasssion
375 Pillay, Pravintheran 2006-12-11 THESIS
Stereoselective Synthesis: Studies Involving Dipole-Stabilized Carbanions Alpha to Nitrogen
376 Nelson, Kenneth M. 2004-08-31 THESIS
State Estimation, System Identification and Adaptive Control for Networked Systems
377 Fang, Huazhen 2009-04-14 THESIS
Between Interests and Ideals: An Ethnographic Investigation of Organic Farmers in Saskatchewan
378 Bronson, Kelly Selina 2004-08-09 THESIS
The Breakfast Series
379 Hare, James Edward 2007-12-12 THESIS
Synchronization in All-Digital QAM Receivers
380 Pelet, Eric R. 2009-04-30 THESIS
Classification of Bovine Reproductive Cycle Phases Using Ultrasound-Detected Features
381 Maldonado Castillo, Idalia 2007-07-05 THESIS
Individualized Selection of Learning Objects
382 Liu, Jian 2009-05-15 THESIS
Monitoring Phytoremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils in a Closed and Controlled Environment
383 McPherson, Alexis Meghan 2007-10-01 THESIS
Towards a New Approach for Enterprise Integration: The Semantic Modeling Approach
384 Radhakrishnan, Ranga Prasad 2005-02-01 THESIS
Toward a Gender-Sensitive Interpretation of Urban Residential Areas: Empirical Analysis of Montreal and Saskatoon
385 Viaud, Gilles 1995-01-01 THESIS
Treating the Literary Literally: The Reflexive Structure of Flann OBriens At Swim-Two-Birds
386 Thibodeau, Clay 2003-09-10 THESIS
Integrated Control and Estimation Based on Sliding Mode Control Applied to Electrohydraulic Actuator
387 Wang, Shu 2007-02-28 THESIS
Time Development of Local Scour at a Bridge Pier Fitted with a Collar
388 Alabi, Patrick Dare 2006-08-23 THESIS
Understanding the Electronic Structure of LiFePO4 and FePO4
389 Hunt, Adrian 2007-02-01 THESIS
The F&ST Experience: A Narrative Study
390 Carr, John William 2008-09-05 THESIS
Application of Deterministic-Probabilistic (D-P)Criterion to Bulk Electric System Planning
391 Bao, Huiling 2007-06-28 THESIS
Transient Flow of a Slurry
392 Hubbard, Lanny Thomas 2009-06-12 THESIS
When the Mounties Came : Mounted Police and Cree Relations on Two Saskatchewan Reserves
393 Strom, Tracy Lee 2008-07-18 THESIS
Electronic Transport Properties of Stabilized Amorphous Selenium X-ray Photoconductors
394 Fogal, Bud J 2005-03-17 THESIS
The Relationship of Expressed Vision and Instructional Supervision in a Selected School District
395 Dray, Norman William 2007-07-31 THESIS
Electric Distribution System Risk Assessment Using Actual Utility Reliability Data
396 Feng, Zhe 2006-04-21 THESIS
The Primitive Mystique : Romance and Realism in the Depiction of the Native Indian in English-Canadian Fiction
397 Retzleff, Marjorie Anne 2008-07-18 THESIS
Executive Government Organization in Saskatchewan and the Government Organization Act 1986-87-88
398 Leung, Sanney 2008-09-29 THESIS
Modelling of Transionospheric HF Radio Wave Propagation for the ISIS II and ePOP Satellites
399 Gillies, Robert Gordon 2006-02-06 THESIS
Condition Monitoring of Axial Piston Pump
400 Li, Zeliang Eric 2005-11-30 THESIS

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