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Flow of a Non-Newtonian Bingham Plastic Fluid over a Rotating Disk
251 Rashaida, Ali A 2005-08-19 THESIS
Community Stakeholder Salience to the Forestry Resource Firm: A Property-Rights Game-Theoretic Analysis.
252 Sprague, Peter Michael 2004-07-14 THESIS
Study of Hydrodynamic Behaviour in a Conical Fluidized Bed Dryer using Pressure Fluctuation Analysis and X-ray Densitometry
253 Wormsbecker, Michael 2008-11-25 THESIS
Modeling of Positive-Displacement Dispensing Process
254 Kai, Jun 2008-04-01 THESIS
An Equalization Technique for High Rate OFDM Systems
255 Yuan, Naihua 2003-12-05 THESIS
The Characterization and Calibration of the OSIRIS Infrared Imager
256 Bourassa, Adam 2003-10-30 THESIS
A Fiducial Subject Pre-alignment System for the Biomedical Imaging and Therapy Beamlines at the Canadian Light Source
257 Popoola, Aminat Adeola 2009-04-22 THESIS
Impacts Of A State Trader On Global Wheat Trade: A Gravity Model Approach
258 Pirness, Arvin C 2007-10-16 THESIS
A Certain and Reasoned Art: The Potential of a Dialogic Process for Moral Education; Aristotelian and Kantian Perspectives
259 Butler, Colin James 1999-01-01 THESIS
Control of a Hydraulically Actuated Mechanism Using a Proportional Valve and a Linearizing Feedforward Controller
260 Dobchuk, Jeffery William 2004-08-25 THESIS
Large Eddy Simulation of Mixed Convection in a Vertical Slot and Geometrical Statistics of Wall-Bounded Thermal Flow
261 Yin, Jing 2008-03-10 THESIS
Plasma Flow Velocity Measurements With A Gundestrup Probe In The STOR-M Tokamak
262 St. Germaine, Geoffrey Martin 2006-08-23 THESIS
Participatory Action Research and Health Promotion: The Grandmothers' Story
263 Dickson, Geraldine 1997-01-01 THESIS
Plasma Flow Velocity Measurements Using A Gundestrup Probe In The STOR-M Tokamak
264 St. Germaine, Geoffrey Martin 2006-08-22 THESIS
A Fiduciary Theory for the Review of Aboriginal Rights
265 Lancaster, Phil 2007-07-03 THESIS
Plasma Position Control in the STOR-M Tokamak: A Fuzzy Logic Approach
266 Morelli, Jordan Edwin 2003-02-04 THESIS
An Analysis of Spin Correlations in 12C(d,2He)12B to Test the Bell and Wigner Inequalities: A Tale of Two Protons
267 Polachic, Christopher John 2003-02-05 THESIS
The Transient Motion of a Solid Sphere Between Parallel Walls
268 Brooke, Warren Thomas 2005-10-20 THESIS
Determination of the Air and Crop Flow Behaviour in the Blowing Unit and Spout of a Pull-Type Forage Harvester
269 Lammers, Dennis Peter 2005-07-29 THESIS
Fides, Contractual Language, and the Construction of Gender in Propertius 3.20
270 Racette-Campbell, Melanie 2007-09-24 THESIS
Analysis of the Aboriginal Government provisions of the 1992 Charlottetown Accord: Self-Government in the "Post-Charlottetown" Era
271 Isaac, Thomas 2007-01-18 THESIS
Development of a Low Level Autonomous Machine
272 Griffith, Jason Carl 2008-09-05 THESIS
Optimal Area Triangulation
273 Vassilev, Tzvetalin Simeonov 2005-08-23 THESIS
Developing an Efficient FEM Structural Simulation of a Fan Blade Off test in a Turbofan Jet Engine
274 Husband, Jason Burkley 2007-10-29 THESIS
Rape and "Consent to Force": Legal Doctrine and Social Context in Victorian Britain
275 Buydens, Norma Lorraine 2007-04-30 THESIS
Cognitive Dissonance, Mental Frames and the Financial Value of Agricultural Co-operatives
276 Lamprinakis, Lampros 2008-06-05 THESIS
Development of a Hydraulic Robot for Tunnel Drilling: Manipulator Kinematics and Tracking Control
277 Zhong, George Guozhen 1996-01-01 THESIS
A Stranger at Home, At Home Among Strangers: Joseph Conrad as an Expatriate Writer
278 Voitkovska, Ludmilla 1999-01-01 THESIS
A Hydraulic Flexible Joint Robot Simulator
279 Dezfulian, Shahram 2007-06-28 THESIS
Modeling and Off-line Control of Fluid Dispensing for Electronics Packaging
280 Chen, Daniel Xiongbiao 2008-10-06 THESIS
Recognition of Phonemes In a Continuous Speech Stream By Means of PARCOR Parameters In LPC Vocoder
281 Cui, Ying 2007-01-15 THESIS
Canada and 9/11: Border Security in a New Era
282 Carpentier, Michel Lawrence 2007-12-20 THESIS
Distributed Soil Displacement and Pressure Associated with Surface Loading
283 Abou-Zeid, Ahmed S. 2004-02-27 THESIS
A Spatial Diversity Scheme For Fixed Point Indoor Wireless Communication
284 Gerein, Neil 2004-01-09 THESIS
The EU and the War in Iraq: European Indecision in the Realm of Foreign Policy
285 Hammel, Elan Nicole 2009-04-21 THESIS
286 Pilling, Rick A. 2008-04-17 THESIS
Investigating the Operating Mechanism of a Diffraction Based BioSensor
287 Valiani, Jahangir Jafferali 2007-11-01 THESIS
High Speed Digital Protection of EHV Transmission Lines Using Traveling Waves
288 Sidhu, Harjinder Singh 2004-05-04 THESIS
Imaging Dilute Contrast Materials in Small Animals using Synchrotron Light
289 Zhang, Honglin 2009-06-29 THESIS
Characterization of the Movement of Spray Drift Past a Shelterbelt
290 Peterson, Jonathan Christian 2008-04-29 THESIS
St. Vital Cemetery (1879-1885) : An Osteological and Paleopathological Assessment
291 Swanston, Treena Marie 2008-04-14 THESIS
Looking Beyond Survival: A Study of Teacher Resilience in a Context of Change
292 Dellow, Karen 1998-01-01 THESIS
Fuzzy Control of the ElectroHydraulic Actuator
293 Sampson, Eric Bowyer 2005-05-20 THESIS
Sensor Placement for Microseismic Event Location
294 Errington, Angus Frank 2006-11-07 THESIS
Treaty Land Entitlement in Saskatchewan: Conflicts in Land Use and Occupancy in the Witchekan Lake Area
295 McLeod, Brenda V. 2007-01-08 THESIS
A methodology to describe spatial surface flux boundary conditions for solving tailings impoundment closure water balance problems
296 Rykaart, Ewoud Maritz 2009-07-09 THESIS
Organizational Choice and Behaviour: A Framework for Analyzing Decision-making in Co-operative Organizations
297 Heit, Jason D 2007-09-19 THESIS
The Promise of Nitrogen Plasma Implanted Gallium Arsenide for Band Gap Engineering
298 Risch, Marcel 2008-03-31 THESIS
Nietzsche and Wittgenstein: An Anti-Metaphysical Approach to Existential Meaning
299 Tekin, Serife 2004-08-24 THESIS
The Global Organization and Topological Properties of Drosophila melanogaster
300 Rajarathinam, Thanigaimani 2006-01-03 THESIS

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