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Comparative Reproductive Energetics and Selenium Ecotoxicology in Three Boreal-breeding Waterfowl Species
2051 DeVink, Jean-Michel Albert 2007-09-14 THESIS
Effects of Peripartum Propylene Glycol Supplementation on Nitrogen Metabolism, Body Composition and Gene Expression for the Major Proteolytic Systems in Skeletal Muscle in Transition Dairy Cows
2052 Chibisa, Gwinyai Emmanuel 2008-03-18 THESIS
Simulation of The Effects of Climate Change on Forage and Cattle Production in Saskatchewan
2053 Sykes, Cheri 2008-02-19 THESIS
"Awash perilously with song": The Poetry of John V. Hicks
2054 Remlinger, Paula Jane 2006-09-14 THESIS
Grain Hardness and Slow Dry Matter Disappearance Rate in Barley
2055 Camm, Giselle Anne 2008-04-07 THESIS
Composition and Structure of Fescue Prairie Respond to Burning and Environmental Conditions More Than to Grazing or Burning and Grazing in the Short-term
2056 Mori, Nadia 2009-04-13 THESIS
Truth and Forgetting in Guatemala: an examination of Memoria del Silencio and Nunca Mas
2057 Hatcher, Rachel Louise 2005-08-25 THESIS
Modeling and Analysis of Thick Suspended Deep X-Ray Liga Inductors on CMOS/BiCMOS Substrate
2058 Yu, Xiaoyang 2006-08-02 THESIS
Effects of Surgery, Anesthesia and Pain on Reproduction and Behaviour of Captive and Free-Ranging Ducks
2059 Machin, Karen L. 2008-11-25 THESIS
Characterization of Connective Tissue of Bovine Skeletal Muscles and Thermal and Chemical Modification of Epimysium to Decrease Shear Stress
2060 Perera, Anula 2009-03-26 THESIS
Testicular Development in Bulls
2061 Bagu, Edward Tshima 2007-01-02 THESIS
The Toxicity and Bioavailability of Nickel and Molybdenum to Standard Toxicity-Test Fish Species and Fish Species Found in Northern Canadian Lakes
2062 Pyle, Gregory George 2000-01-01 THESIS
Structural Analysis of Monomeric Isocitrate Dehydrogenase from Corynebacterium glutamicum
2063 Imabayashi, Fumie 2004-09-17 THESIS
The Canadian State and Native Migrant Labour in Southern Alberta's Sugar Beet Industry
2064 Laliberte, Ronald F. 2007-07-03 THESIS
Aesthetic Mechanisms of Stalinization in Romanian Architecture: The Case of Hunedoara, 1947-1954
2065 Marginean, Mara 2008-04-30 THESIS
Vertebrate Palaeoichnology of the Lower Cretaceous (Lower Albian) Gates Formation of Alberta
2066 McCrea, Richard T. 2009-05-14 THESIS
Pre-Treatment of Flax Fibers for Use in Rotationally Molded Biocomposites
2067 Wang, Bei 2004-08-18 THESIS
Applying an Unfolding Model to the Stages and Processes of Change
2068 Beever, Rob 2008-01-02 THESIS
The Dairy Industry in Saskatchewan
2069 Handy, John Albert 2008-09-05 THESIS
The Saskatchewan Provincial Police 1917 - 1928
2070 Robertson, Duncan Francis 2009-03-18 THESIS
Comparative Reproductive Strategies between Long-Tailed Ducks And King Eiders at Karrak Lake, Nunavut: Use of Energy Resources during The Nesting Season
2071 Lawson, Shona Louise 2006-09-21 THESIS
The Effects of Supplementing with Constituents of Flaxseed during Exercise Training on Inflammation in Older Adults
2072 Cornish, Stephen Mark 2008-06-05 THESIS
Can Defense Mechanisms Aid in our Differentiation of Borderline and Antisocial Personalities?
2073 Presniak, Michelle D 2008-09-03 THESIS
The crypt lymphoepithelium of the palatine tonsils of pigs : a study of its structure, function and role in the pathogenesis of Streptococcus suis infection
2074 Salles, Mônica Weissmann 2009-07-16 THESIS
Social Provisions in the Exercise Setting
2075 Watson, Jocelyn Dawn 2004-12-16 THESIS
Boreal Forest Songbird Diversity and Reproductive Success: Roles of Vegetation, Predators, and Competitors
2076 Rangen, Sheila Anne 2000-01-01 THESIS
Validation of the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory with Saskatchewan Young Offenders
2077 Gossner, Delphine 2008-12-17 THESIS
Traditional Places and Modernist Spaces: Regional Geography and Northwestern Landscapes of Power in Canada, 1850-1990
2078 Moffat, Ben Lawrence 2000-01-01 THESIS
Sensorimotor Behaviour in Rats After Lesions of Dorsal Spinal Pathways
2079 Kanagal, Srikanth Gopinath 2008-09-05 THESIS
Late Prehistoric Mortuary Practices : an Analysis of the Bethune, Sisterbutte, Glen Ewen and Moose Bay Burials in Saskatchewan
2080 Dawson, Sheila Margaret 2008-04-14 THESIS
Cold Counsels and Hot Tempers: The Development of the Germanic Amazon in Old Norse Literature
2081 Bergen, Kristina 2006-12-21 THESIS
Once The Land Is For Certain: The Selkirk First Nation Approach To Land Management, 1997-2007
2082 Mease, Anne Marie 2009-04-22 THESIS
Nest-Site Selection, Energetics of Reproduction and Comparative Behaviour of Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) and Blue-Winged Teal (A. discors)
2083 Gloutney, Mark Louis 1996-01-01 THESIS
F4ac-Fimbrial-Binding Proteins in Porcine Milk and the Absorption of Colostral Proteins by Piglets
2084 Huang, Yanyun 2008-11-13 THESIS
Halogen-Element (F, Cl, and Br) Behaviour in Apatites, Scapolite, and Sodalite: An Experimental Investigation with Field Applications
2085 Dong, Ping 2005-09-15 THESIS
Experiencing Farming In Stressful Times: A Naturalistic Inquiry
2086 Sanderson, Barbara Joy 2004-09-10 THESIS
Siddhartha Savage: The Importance of Buddhism in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World
2087 Tufts, Carey C 2006-08-21 THESIS
Historical Racial Theories: Ongoing Racialization in Saskatchewan
2088 Baker, Carmen Leigh 2007-01-16 THESIS
Factors Affecting Breeding Performance in Merlins (Falco columbarius): Tactics, Roles and Responses of Two Sexes
2089 Espie, Richard Henry 2000-01-01 THESIS
Modified Bargaining Protocols for Automated Negotiation in Open Multi-agent Systems
2090 Winoto, Pinata 2007-03-29 THESIS
Causal Assumptions: Some Responses to Nancy Cartwright
2091 Kristtorn, Sonje 2007-07-31 THESIS
Telling Tales, Hearing Stories, Imagining Difference: The Role of Imagination and the Dramatic Arts in Educating Students as Agents of Social Change
2092 Marken, Kari Anna 2007-04-27 THESIS
Quasi-Homogeneous Gold and Bimetallic Nanoparticle Catalysts
2093 Hou, Wenbo 2008-08-13 THESIS
Effects of Burning and Thinning on Species Composition and Forage Production in British Columbia Grasslands
2094 Ducherer, Kim Lannette 2006-01-05 THESIS
Household Unpaid Work by Immigration Status in Canada.
2095 Green, Maria Ekhuemueghian 2003-09-17 THESIS
Modal Auxiliary
2096 Montcombroux, Bruce 2007-08-31 THESIS
The Effect of Sensitization on the Corrosion Susceptibility and Tensile Properties of AA5083 Aluminum
2097 Adigun, Olusegun John 2006-02-24 THESIS
Cryopreservation and Xenografting of Testis Tissue
2098 Abrishami, Mahsa 2009-06-25 THESIS
Linking Decision Support Systems for Ducks with Relative Abundance of Other Grassland Bird Species.
2099 Skinner, Susan Patricia 2004-04-29 THESIS
Variation in Mallard Home Range Size and Composition in the Prairie Parkland Region of Canada: Correlates and Consequences for Breeding Females
2100 Mack, Glenn G. 2003-08-25 THESIS

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