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3D Follicle Segmentation in Ultrasound Image Volumes of Ex-Situ Bovine Ovaries
651 Lu, Qian 2008-06-05 THESIS
An Analysis of Late Woodland Ceramics from Peter Pond Lake, Saskatchewan
652 Young, Patrick S. 2008-02-20 THESIS
Factors Influencing the Language Use of Preschool Children in a Child/Parent Education Program
653 Byers, Patricia B. 2008-04-14 THESIS
Frame Synchronization for PSAM in AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Channels
654 Jia, Haozhang 2005-09-15 THESIS
"It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Death Wish": Subcultural Power Dynamics, Niche-Media Knowledge Construction, and the 'Emo Kid' Folk-Devil
655 Daschuk, Mitch D 2009-06-29 THESIS
The Gender Wage Gap in the Public and Private Sectors in Canada
656 Cheng, Xiaofang 2005-04-25 THESIS
The Relationship Between Teacher Attitudes and Skills and Student Use of Computers in Northern Schools
657 Greschner, Kelvin John 2008-12-12 THESIS
Instructional Strategies Chosen for the Classroom in a Process-oriented Curriculum: A Grounded Theory Study
658 Davies, Shauna Leigh 2008-08-14 THESIS
Improving Task Modelling to Support the Co-Evolution of Information Systems and Business Processes
659 Paquette, David 2005-11-30 THESIS
Buffalo Boy's Heart On
660 Stimson, Adrian Allan 2005-12-21 THESIS
Transmission of Vector Quantization Over A Frequency-Selective Rayleigh Fading CDMA Channel
661 Nguyen, Son Xuan 2005-12-19 THESIS
Nikāwiy Okiskinohāmāwina = Mother as Teacher : A Cree First Nation's Mother Teaching Through Stories
662 Bighead, Mary Emily 2008-09-25 THESIS
Creative Displacement and Corporeal Defiance: Feminist Canadian Modernism in Margaret Laurence's Manawaka Novels
663 Dudek, Debra Lynn 2000-01-01 THESIS
Discourses of Dominance: Saskatchewan Adult Basic Education Curriculum and Aboriginal Learners
664 Wilson, Lisa 2004-11-22 THESIS
A Study of the Impact of Cooperative Small Group Facilitated Case Studies on Student Learning Outcomes
665 Malin, Gregory Ryan 2007-12-06 THESIS
The Psycholinguistic Characteristics of Young Indian and Metis Students in Northern Saskatchewan Schools
666 Wilson, Robert Vernon 2008-09-25 THESIS
Structural Health Monitoring of Attridge Drive Overpass
667 Siddique, Abu Bakkar 2008-09-05 THESIS
Individual and Collective Rights in Africa and their Interrelationships with Economics and Politics
668 Latukhina, Maria 2008-02-19 THESIS
Liberating Community Education and Social Change : the Regina Native Women's Group (1971-1986)
669 DiLella, Anne-Marie 2007-07-03 THESIS
Analysis and Design of Virtual Enterprises
670 Pego-Guerra, Marco Antonio 2006-05-01 THESIS
Transient Moisture Characteristics of Spruce Plywood
671 Osanyintola, Olalekan Fatai 2005-12-22 THESIS
The Sectoral Composition of Global Trade
672 Hajzler, Christopher M. 2003-07-22 THESIS
Pre-Emption Against Terror: Just War Pacifist Approach.
673 Sem, Daniel Oduro 2004-09-20 THESIS
Investigation in Modeling a Load-Sensing Pump Using Dynamic Neural Unit Based Dynamic Neural Networks
674 Li, Yuwei 2007-01-15 THESIS
Grade 12 Canadian History: A Postcolonial Analysis
675 Farmer, Thomas Scott 2008-10-06 THESIS
The Development of an On-Off Control System for Automatic Swather and Combine Height-Of-Cut Adjustment
676 Kaminski, Tony L. 2008-09-16 THESIS
Azimuthal Resistivity to Characterize Fractures in the Battleford Formation, Birsay, Saskatchewan
677 Boris, Mark 2006-03-06 THESIS
The Aggregate Impacts of Individual-Based Income Support Programs for Farmers
678 Hosseinikuzavaki, Seyyed Safdar 1995-01-01 THESIS
Intellectual Property Rights and the Future of Plant Breeding in Canada
679 Galushko, Viktoriya Vitaliivna 2008-09-05 THESIS
A Study of Bilateral Contracts in a Deregulated Power System Network
680 Bhuiya, Ashikur Rahman 2008-08-11 THESIS
Peace, Progress and Prosperity: A Biography of the Hon. Walter Scott
681 Barnhart, Gordon Leslie 1998-01-01 THESIS
Automatic 3D Model Creation with Velocity-Based Surface Deformations
682 Rangel Kuoppa, Risto Fermin 2007-08-01 THESIS
The Influence of Vertical Reinforcement and Lateral Confinement on the Axial Capacity of Masonry Block Walls
683 Paturova, Anna 2006-03-28 THESIS
Social Violence in Canada: Theoretical Frameworks and Statistical Implications
684 Williams, Kyle Randall 2008-09-22 THESIS
Savages Versus Settlers, Wildness Versus Wheatfields : An Ecocritical Approach to the (European) Settlement Story in Early Canadian Prairie Fiction
685 Ternier Daniels, Elizabeth Frances 2008-07-18 THESIS
Exploring Knowledge of Canadian Values and Social Axioms in International and Landed Immigrant Students Adaptation to Canada
686 Calvez, Stryker Shay 2009-02-09 THESIS
Structural Studies of MenD - A Crystallographic Endeavor
687 Toogood, Ronald Daniel 2009-04-15 THESIS
Voluntary Compliance and Implied Cost of Equity Capital: Evidence from Canadian Share Repurchase Programs
688 Leung, Joanne 2008-09-18 THESIS
Field Electron Emission from Diamond and Related Films Synthesized by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
689 Lu, Xianfeng 2006-12-21 THESIS
Validation of the Environmental Analysis of Mobility Questionnaire (EAMQ): Comparison of Complex Walking Tasks and the EAMQ Among Community Dwelling Older Adults
690 Forbes, Jennifer Lynne 2008-06-10 THESIS
A Study of the School Attitudes of Grades 4-6 Indian Students in the Schools of Northwestern Saskatchewan
691 Pentelichuk, Mervin W. 2007-03-09 THESIS
Linear Dichroism in the NEXAFS Spectroscopy of N-Alkane Thin Films
692 Fu, Juxia 2006-11-09 THESIS
Transient Characteristics of Humidity Sensors and their Applications to Energy Wheels
693 Wang, Yiheng 2005-04-07 THESIS
Studies of Arabidopsis Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitors: Protein-Protein Interactions, Phosphorylation and Stability
694 Chan, Ron 2007-07-31 THESIS
A Study of Institutional Autonomy in the University of Malawi
695 Sankhulani, Eric James 2007-09-04 THESIS
Leadership In First Nations Schools : Perceptions Of Aboriginal Educational Administrators
696 Muskego, Pauline 2007-01-03 THESIS
697 Lyons, Joanne Doris 2008-09-18 THESIS
Complementing the Shape Group Method: Assessing Chirality
698 Warburton, Peter Lloyd 2009-05-27 THESIS
The Women's Web : Networking in Saskatchewan and The Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada
699 Norman, Ali Mary 2008-07-16 THESIS
Colonization, Destruction and Renewal : Stories from Aboriginal Men at the Pe'Sakastew Centre
700 Braun, Connie Louise 2007-07-03 THESIS

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