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Aboriginal World Views and Their Implications for the Education of Aboriginal Adults
601 Martin, Peter Robert 2007-07-03 THESIS
Health Care Delivery in an Inuit Settlement: A Study Of Conflict and Congruence in Inuit Adaptation to the Cosmopolitan Medical System
602 O'Neil, John D. 2007-03-13 THESIS
Definition of Topographic Organization of Skull profile In Normal Population and Its Implication On The Role Of Sutures In Skull Morphology
603 Pirouzmand, Farhad 2007-01-02 THESIS
Probabilistic Performance Model for Evaluation of a Smart Work Zone Deployment
604 Bushman, Robert James 2007-03-19 THESIS
Trajectory/Temporal Planning of a Wheeled Mobile Robot
605 Waheed, Imran 2007-01-04 THESIS
On the Value Group of Exponential and Differential Ordered Fields
606 Haias, Manuela Ioana 2007-08-25 THESIS
The Relationships of Place: A Study of Change and Continuity in Stó:lõ Understandings of I:yem
607 Fehr, Amanda Beth 2008-09-29 THESIS
A Case Study of the Ethical Dilemmas Experienced by Three Aboriginal Educators
608 Martell, Gordon Arthur 2007-07-23 THESIS
Indian in the Western Comic Book: a Content Analysis
609 Green, Vicki Anne 2007-01-15 THESIS
Looking Beyond: The RNs' Experience of Caring for Older Hospitalized Patients
610 Molnar, Gaylene L 2005-03-09 THESIS
Diamagnetic Flux Measurements on the STOR-M Tokamak
611 Trembach, Dallas John 2009-04-23 THESIS
Nistam Ka-ke Askihkokechik Puskwaw-askihk: An Assessment of Besant-Sonota Pottery on the Canadian Plains
612 Scribe, Brian 2009-05-27 THESIS
Prisoner of War or Illegal Enemy Combatant? An Analysis of the Legal Status and Rights of the Guantánamo Detainees
613 McDonald, Nicole Reyann 2008-04-30 THESIS
Post-Secondary Governance of International Education: A Saskatchewan Study
614 Sanga, Kabini F. 1997-01-01 THESIS
Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Electron Dynamics in Low Pressure Discharges with Magnetic Fields
615 Sydorenko, Dmytro 2006-06-14 THESIS
Stochastic Non-Parametric Frontier Analysis in Measuring Technical Efficiency: A Case Study of the North American Dairy Industry
616 Haghiri, Morteza 2009-01-02 THESIS
A Q-enhanced 3.6 GHz Tunable CMOS Bandpass Filter for Wideband Wireless Applications
617 Ge, Jiandong 2004-04-14 THESIS
Effective Finite Element Modelling of Micro-Positioning Systems
618 Zettl, Benjamin Arthur 2003-12-19 THESIS
A Healing Approach to Teaching : a Case Study
619 Boire, Roberta 2007-12-03 THESIS
Modeling A Run-Around Heat And Moisture Recovery System
620 Fan, Haisheng 2005-05-18 THESIS
Residual-Excited Linear Predictive (RELP) Vocoder System with TMS320C6711 DSK and Vowel Characterization
621 Taguchi, Akihiro 2004-01-09 THESIS
The Impact of the Spanish Influenza Pandemic in Saskatchewan, 1918-1919
622 Lux, Maureen Katherine 2008-08-29 THESIS
Automatic Development of Global Phase Diagrams for Binary Systems in Pressure-Temperature Space
623 Yang, Quan 2006-08-25 THESIS
Instructional Supervision: Perceptions of Canadian and Ukrainian Beginning High-School Teachers
624 Kutsyuruba, Veniamin Venedyktovych 2003-09-10 THESIS
Influence of Residual Flucarbazone-sodium on Inoculation Success Measured by Growth Parameters, Nitrogen Fixation, and Nodule Occupancy of Field Pea
625 Niina, Kuni 2008-09-22 THESIS
Representing Short Sequences in the Context of a Model Organism Genome
626 Lewis, Christopher Thomas 2009-05-25 THESIS
Henri Bourassa and the First World War
627 Clubb, Warren Alexander 2008-10-09 THESIS
The Effects of Meso-Scle Topography on the Performance of Engineered Soil Covers
628 Kelln, Christopher James 2008-09-12 THESIS
Fault Detection in the Electrohydraulic Actuator Using Extended Kalman Filter
629 Chinniah, Yuvin Adnarain 2008-10-06 THESIS
Confinement Effects in Shallow Water Jets
630 Shinneeb, AbdulMonsif 2006-08-29 THESIS
Analysing The Characteristics of VoIP Traffic
631 He, Qinxia 2007-07-13 THESIS
Transcriptional Regulation of SRC by the SP Family of Factors and Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors
632 Ellis, Danielle J. 2007-07-05 THESIS
Identity and Environmentalism in Zapatista Public Discourse on the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve
633 Crocker, Adam Neil 2007-01-22 THESIS
A Panel Unit Root Test Approach to PPP Exchange Rates with Non-linear Deterministic Trends
634 Michael, Nils 2005-10-19 THESIS
Incorporating Station Related Maintenance and Aging Outages in Composite System Reliability Evaluation
635 Yang, Hua 2005-09-30 THESIS
A seismic study of the northern Williston Basin
636 Zhu, Chengnan 2009-07-08 THESIS
Image Analysis Techniques for Classification of Pulmonary Disease in Cattle
637 Miller, C. Denise 2007-09-13 THESIS
Transmission Loss Allocation Using Artificial Neural Networks
638 Haque, Rezaul 2006-04-07 THESIS
Labour Relations and Indian Self-Determination: A Fort Alexander Case Study
639 Anderson, Brian 2006-11-07 THESIS
Synthesis of Carbon and Tungsten Based Thin Films by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
640 Chen, Weifeng 2007-04-26 THESIS
Analysis and Development of a Tunable Fiber Bragg Grating Filter Based on Axial Tension/Compression
641 Mohammad, Najeeb 2005-09-30 THESIS
Motivational Visualization for Resources-Sharing Online Communities
642 Sun, Lingling 2005-06-14 THESIS
Pathogenic and Molecular Variability in a Population of Mycosphaerella Graminicola, Cause of Septoria Tritici Leaf Blotch of Wheat
643 Razavi, Mohammad 2008-12-22 THESIS
The Education of True Believers? Soviet Youth in the 1920s
644 Redlick, Teresa L 2008-05-01 THESIS
Canada and Chemical Warfare 1939-1945
645 Paige, Christopher 2009-03-09 THESIS
An Evaluation of the Performance of Prototype Instrumented Soil Covers at the Regina Municipal Landfill
646 Strunk, Randi Lynn 2009-04-13 THESIS
(In)Visible Images: Seeing Disability in Canadian Literature, 1823-1974
647 Truchan-Tataryn, Maria Alexandra 2007-12-17 THESIS
The Thermodynamic Model for the RecA/LexA Complex Formation
648 Moya, Ignace Adolfo 2006-08-28 THESIS
Identification and Analysis of the Flagellin Gene and Protein from the Genus Pectinatus
649 Chaban, Bonnie 2003-12-11 THESIS
The Picture of a Paradox: Rule-following after Wittgenstein and Beyond
650 Niemi, Mark Harold 2008-07-02 THESIS

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