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X-Ray Spectroscopy of Organic Materials
451 Wilks, Regan G. 2009-06-29 THESIS
Free and Polymer-Supported Chiral Lithium Amides: Synthesis and Applications
452 Lesanko, Agnieszka Ulaczyk 2008-11-25 THESIS
Isolation, Purification and Characterization of Glucosidases From Three Honey Bee Species (Apis mellifera, A. cerana and A. dorsata)
453 Pontoh, Julius 2001-01-01 THESIS
Building Skills, Building Homes: Community Sustainability, Straw Bale Construction, and Indigenous Perspectives
454 Vandale, Carol A. 2005-11-29 THESIS
UHECR Flux from SHDM Annihilation in GC-like Substructures
455 Wunderle, Kai Erik 2006-02-14 THESIS
A Numerical Study of Finite Element Calculations for Incompressible Materials under Applied Boundary Displacements
456 Nagarkal Venkatakrishnaiah, Vinay Kumar 2006-08-23 THESIS
Multiculturalism and Identity in Canada: A Case-Study of Ukrainian-Canadians
457 Woods, Eric Taylor 2006-04-13 THESIS
Hydrogeologic Characterization of a Newly Constructed Saline-Sodic Clay Overburden Hill
458 Chapman, Denise E 2008-09-18 THESIS
The Consort Pebble Chert Quarry Site (EkOr-8) and the Role of Chert Pebbles in Pre-Contact Sites on the Canadian Plains
459 Steuber, Karin Ingrid 2008-09-05 THESIS
The Year of the Rat: Images of Betrayal in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four
460 Besenski, Seth Andrew 2008-01-04 THESIS
Cossacks and Wallflowers: Ukrainian Stage Dance, Identity and Politics in Saskatchewan from the 1920s to the Present
461 Staniec, Jillian D. 2007-08-27 THESIS
Pygmy among the giants: the Weyburn Security Bank
462 Martin, William McLintock 2009-06-22 THESIS
"Divine Discontent": Women, Identity, and the Western Producer
463 Scowby, Christa L. 2008-08-28 THESIS
Credibility of Corporate Announcements and Market Reaction: Evidence from Canadian Share Repurchase Programs
464 Schmidt, Luke 2006-11-06 THESIS
A Case Study of One Family's Experience with Assistive Technology
465 Huck, Kelly L 2006-09-12 THESIS
The Cyborg Collars and The Cyborg Project
466 Barrett, Donna Joan 2006-05-30 THESIS
The Hartley Site (FaNp-19) and the Use of Sandhill Environments in the Late Precontact Period
467 Hanna, Margaret Jane 2007-06-18 THESIS
Modeling and Validation of the Baling Process in the Compression Chamber of a Large Square Baler
468 Afzalinia, Sadegh 2005-05-30 THESIS
Patriotism and Treason in the Life and Thought of Jean Paulhan
469 Harrigan, Amanda Rae 2009-05-25 THESIS
Automatic Feed-Rate Control of Combines
470 Friesen, Orlando H. 2008-09-12 THESIS
Visual Balance in Engineering Design for Aesthetic Value
471 Mokarian, Mohammad Ali 2007-05-14 THESIS
Shadows, Masks and the Illusion of Learning
472 Horner, Valerie Joy 2007-04-25 THESIS
The Lived Experience of Untimely Spousal Bereavement
473 Lowe, Marilee E. 2005-08-15 THESIS
Semantic Social Routing in Gnutella
474 Upadrashta, Yamini 2005-02-18 THESIS
Managing School Division Amalgamations: Process and Transitions
475 Reddyk, Mary Alice 2000-01-01 THESIS
Prospective Leadership Development in Colleges and Universities in Canada: Perceptions of Leaders, Educators, and Students
476 Berg, Douglas 2003-04-03 THESIS
Modeling the Transient Behavior of a Run-around Heat and Moisture Exchanger System
477 Seyed Ahmadi, Mehran 2008-11-25 THESIS
(Re)Making Bread: Industrial Technologies and the Skills of Food Industry Workers
478 Zagozewski, Timothy 2008-04-23 THESIS
Topological Entanglement Complexity of Systems of Polygons and Walks in Tubes
479 Atapour, Mahshid 2008-09-09 THESIS
Using a Common Accessibility Profile to Improve Accessibility
480 Fourney, David W. 2007-12-03 THESIS
A Volume-Mass Constitutive Model for Unsaturated Soils
481 Pham, Hung Quang 2005-07-22 THESIS
"From an old country to a new:" Opposing Worlds and Narrative Traditions in Willa Cathers My Ántonia
482 Storey, Amanda Irene 2008-04-04 THESIS
Simulating Peer-to-Peer Networks
483 Ting, Nyik San 2006-08-25 THESIS
Tis set down so in heaven, but not in earth: Political Theology in Measure for Measure
484 Goossen, Jonathan T 2006-09-13 THESIS
The Influence of the Microstructural Shape on the Mechanical Behaviour of Interpenetrating Phase Composites
485 Del Frari, Gregory Albert 2005-03-24 THESIS
Earning Their Wings: British Pilot Training, 1912-1918
486 Morley, Robert Michael 2006-12-15 THESIS
Perspectives On Population Health Theory And Practice Among Health Workers In A Health Region
487 Gibson, Terrance Ward 2006-03-22 THESIS
The Melhagen Site: A Besant Bison Kill in South Central Saskatchewan
488 Ramsay, Allyson M. 2009-01-09 THESIS
A Phenomenological Investigation of the Role of Guilt in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
489 Savoie, Dallas 2009-01-29 THESIS
ECG Compression for Holter Monitoring
490 Ottley, Adam Carl 2007-04-11 THESIS
The Indicator Approach in the Examination of Spatial Variations in the Level of Development of Natives and the Concept of Dualism in Canada
491 Stewart, David A. 2007-09-14 THESIS
Disabling Farm Injuries: Wives' Experiences
492 Kaminski, Roxanna May 2005-09-16 THESIS
Scientific Research and Economic Activity: The Perceptions of Academic and Industrial Scientists of the Production and Capitalization of Knowledge
493 Dzisah, James Sefe 2006-12-07 THESIS
Water Transmission Line Leak Detection using Extended Kalman Filtering
494 Lesyshen, Ryan M 2005-04-04 THESIS
Roles of Amino Acids in the Food Effect: Metabolic and Pharmacokinetic Studies on Propafenone and Metoprolol
495 Tan, Weiwei 2000-01-01 THESIS
A Brief Discourse on Human Conduct in Economics
496 Hayes, Ethan 2006-07-06 THESIS
Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking of the JXTA Peer-To-Peer Platform
497 Halepovic, Emir 2004-08-24 THESIS
Modeling a Run-around Heat and Moisture Exchanger Using Two Counter/Cross Flow Exchangers
498 Vali, Alireza 2009-06-29 THESIS
Model Predictive Impedance Control: A Model for Joint Movement Control
499 Towhidkhah, Farzad 1996-01-01 THESIS
Sentencing Circles in Saskatchewan
500 Orchard, Bonnie E. 2008-04-14 THESIS

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