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Otoacoustic emission testing in the early identification of noise-induced hearing loss in South African mineworkers
1 Clark, Adele Laura. THESIS
The different faces of Bulimia Nervosa
2 Bradford, Karen Mayler. THESIS
An investigation of the P300 event related potential across gender
3 Lombard, F. D. THESIS
Novells open source evolution a case study in adapting open source business strategies /
4 Du Preez, Jacobus Andries. THESIS
Counselling across cultures experiences of intern clinical psychologists /
5 Makau, Keabetswe Mpho. THESIS
A new liquid chromatographic method for the identification of tuberculosis and other mycobacterium species
6 Schillack, Volker Reinhard. THESIS
The development of early literacy skills among a group of urban Sepedi-speaking children
7 Schutte, Henrie?tte. THESIS
An Analysis of particle swarm optimizers
8 Van den Bergh, Frans. THESIS
Technology for knowledge innovation : a realistic pluralist scientific problem solving capability
9 Van der Walt, Johanna Maria. THESIS
A patient with the diagnosis of a "factituous disorder" a phenomelogical investigation /
10 Bosch, Adrian Frans. THESIS
Quality assurance in education and training programmes in business with special rereference to adult literacy an empirical survey /
11 Zitha, Elias Velaphi. THESIS
A Hilbert space approach to multiple recurrence in ergodic theory
12 Beyers, Frederik J. THESIS
The impact of the combined lactoperoxidase and pasteurisation treatment on the safety of goat milk and cottage cheese
13 Mariba, Onneile Jacqueline. THESIS
Nation building in Mozambique an assessment of the secondary school teacher's placement scheme, 1975-1985 /
14 Mabunda, Moise?s Euge?nio. THESIS
Effect of TDS content of water on the selenium status and certain growth parameters of mutton sheep
15 Holele, Kabelo Kgomotsego THESIS
The chemistry of the alkali-induced solubilisation of coal
16 Shoko, Lay. THESIS
An Ecological assessment of the sustainable utilization of the woody vegetation in the Lowveld Bushveld, Mpumalanga province
17 Rademan, Louise Katherine. THESIS
Damping-off and stem rot of cowpea in Benin caused by Sclerotium rolfsii
18 Adandonon, Appolinaire. THESIS
Home-based literacy experiences of severely to profoundly deaf pre-schoolers and their hearing parents
19 Stobbart, Carlin Lillian. THESIS
The influence of family dynamics on the productivity of working mothers in DaimlerChrysler SA
20 Riekert, Liesl. THESIS
Format and long-term effect of a technique mastering programme in teaching calculus [electronic resource] /
21 Du Preez, Anna Elizabetha. THESIS
Integration of community development and statutory social work services within the developmental approach
22 Landman, Liezel. THESIS
Using particle swarm optimization to evolve two-player game agents
23 Messerschmidt, Leon. THESIS
Comparative study into occupant support concepts with respect to crash response
24 Meintjies, Schalk Willem THESIS
Towards appropriate institutional linkage structures for effective participatory and coordinated agricultural extension in Malawi
25 Mwangwela, Dennis Lusekelo. THESIS
Cowpea seed coats and their extracts phenolic composition and use as antioxidants in sunflower oil /
26 Mokgope, Lethabo B. THESIS
Assessing animal health delivery for tick and tick-borne disease control in smallholder dairy systems of Kenya an application of new institutional economics /
27 Ndung'u, Leah Wanjiru. THESIS
Female responses and male signals in the acoustic communication system of the field cricket, Gryllus bimaculatus (De Geer)
28 Verburgt, Luke. THESIS
Towards a framework for business continuity management [electronic resource] : an IT governance perspective /
29 Wessels, Eugene. THESIS
The management of HIV/AIDS in the South African Public Service challenges and best practices for the Department of Public Enterprises /
30 Dlamini, Lomkhosi. THESIS
Acceptability, choice and preference of brands and flavours of dairy fruit beverages by black female consumers
31 Visser, Cecilia Elaine. THESIS
Determining economic value added for agricultural co-operatives in South Africa
32 Liebenberg, Isabel Elsje. THESIS
Die Impak van die finansie?le beleid vir ontwikkelingsgerigte maatskaplike welsyn (1999) op maatskaplike dienslewering in Atteridgeville (Afrikaans)
33 Venter, Maryke Elisabet. THESIS
Diagnosis of Tritrichomonas foetus in bulls by culture and PCR methods
34 Irons, Peter Charles. THESIS
The effects of structural changes on the demand for labour, with special reference to the South African textile and clothing industries
35 Molatsana, Nkabo Elias THESIS
Feeding of infants with paediatric HIV/AIDS at care centres in Gauteng
36 De Lange, Jacqueline. THESIS
Development and validation of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for detection of equine encephalosis virus antibody and antigen
37 Crafford, Jan Ernst. THESIS
The influence of welding parameters on the sensitisation behaviour of 3CR12
38 Greeff, Mary Louise. THESIS
Effect of planting dates and densities on yield and yield components of short and ultra-short growth period of maize (Zea mays L.)
39 Kgasago, Hans. THESIS
White boyhood under Apartheid the experience of being looked after by a black nanny /
40 Goldman, Sarron. THESIS
Allelopathic interference of silverleaf nightshade (Solanum elaeagnifolium Cav.) with the early growth of cotton (Gossypium hirsitum L.)
41 Mkula, Ntombizanele Precious. THESIS
The relationship between the school principal and the school governing body
42 Mahlangu, Vimbi Petrus. THESIS
Crisphead lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) cultivar evaluation and response of transplants to nitrogen nutrition
43 Madzivhandila, Livhuwani Lilly-Rose. THESIS
An investigation of the communication practices of the Kodumela Peanut-Butter Development Project
44 Makunyane, M. E. THESIS
Application of Pediococcus spp. adjunct cultures in Gouda cheese
45 Verachia, Wasseela. THESIS
Modelling the soil water balance of canola, Brassica napus L. (Hyola 60)
46 Tesfamariam, Eyob Habte. THESIS
A case-study based assessment of Agile software development
47 Theunissen, William Herman THESIS
Screening of four plants commonly used in ethnoveterinary medicine for antimicrobial, antiprotozoal and anti-oxidant activity [electronic resource] /
48 Naidoo, Vinasan. THESIS
Lipid stabilisation and partial pre-cooking of pearl millet by thermal treatments
49 Nantanga, Komeine Kotokeni THESIS
Reading the English epic changing noetics from Beowulf to the Morte d'Arthur /
50 Prozesky, Maria L. 2005-01-01 THESIS

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