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A Quest of the spirit
251 Satar, Ali A. THESIS
Centre for youth sub cultural expression
252 Asare-Bediako, Godwin A. THESIS
Isolation of an anti-HIV compound from Elaeodendron croceum (Thunb.) DC
253 Prinsloo, Gerhard. THESIS
Seed germination and vegetative propagation of bush tea (Athrixia phylicoides)
254 Tesfamicael., Araya Hintsa THESIS
Metakognisie, intrinsieke prestasiemotivering en kritiese denke as korrelate van akademiese sukses onder eerstejaar-sielkunde studente
255 Lemmens, Juan-Claude. THESIS
Stadskrif 'n ondersoek na die moontlikhede van teks as ontwerp-gereedskap en verryker van ruimtelike ervaring, toegepas in 'n Pretoria middestedelike konteks : die laaste Afrikaanse skripsie /
256 Prinsloo, Johan Nel. THESIS
Random variables a CAI tutorial in statistics for distance education /
257 Fresen, Jill Winifred. THESIS
The geochemistry and petrology of the roof-rocks of the Bushveld Complex east of Groblersdal
258 Kleemann, G. J. THESIS
The Influence of animal-assisted play therapy on the self-esteem of adolescents with special needs
259 Sentoo, Gail Soobrayan. THESIS
Towards the abolition of the death penalty in Africa a human rights perspective /
260 Chenwi, Lilian Manka. THESIS
Alternative means to regulate the employment relationship in the changing world of work
261 Vettori, Stella. THESIS
The experiences and perceptions of police members regarding the effectiveness of trauma debriefing within the South African Police Service
262 Chabalala, Tinyiko Godfrey. THESIS
Communication research centre
263 Lotz, Werner. THESIS
Auditory processing disorders : training curriculum for communication pathologists within the South African context [electronic resource] /
264 Khan, Farhana. THESIS
A comparative analysis of the perspectives of three German educational theorists on constructivism and instructional design
265 Hambrock, Helga Brigitta. THESIS
Copper deficiency in Blesbok (Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi) from the Karoo Nature Reserve
266 Quan, Melvyn. THESIS
Age determination of Acacia erioloba in the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park [electronic resource] /
267 Steenkamp, Carol Judith. THESIS
Die literere biografie 'n terreinverkenning /
268 Pelser, Abraham Christoffel. THESIS
Die literere biografie : 'n terreinverkenning /
269 Pelser, Abraham Christoffel. THESIS
Inexperienced adults' reliance on extrinsic product attributes to judge the quality of major household appliances
270 Makgopa, Meriam Mmasupu. THESIS
Comparing chest X-rays with ultrasound for the prediction of left atrial size at Pretoria Academic hospital
271 Quinton, Susanna Jacoba THESIS
Documenting reclamation and closure of Ermelo coal mines implications for national strategy for mine reclamation in South Africa /
272 Tshivhandekano, Aubrey Ndinannyi. THESIS
The red syenite of the Pilansberg complex as a nepheline source for the South African ceramics and glass industry
273 Pantshi, Bukiwe. THESIS
Oxygen carriers for a novel bio-artificial liver support system
274 Moolman, Francis Sean. THESIS
Design and implementation of a STANAG 5066 data rate change algorithm for high data rate autobaud waveforms
275 Schulze, Stephan. THESIS
Evaluation of biological control systems for control of mango post-harvest diseases
276 Govender, Veloshinie. THESIS
Comparison of vascular and neurological parameters between diabetic subjects without diabetic foot ulceration or amputation and those with either foot ulceration or a lower extremity amputation a pilot study /
277 Duim-Beytell, Martha Catharina. THESIS

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