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The role of the ram in the impala (Aepyceros melampus) mating system
201 Oliver, Colin Malcolm. THESIS
Fingerprinting encrypted tunnel endpoints
202 Izadinia, Vafa dario. 2005-01-01 THESIS
A profile of informal carers in South Africa
203 Joubert, Janetta Debora. THESIS
Pharmacokinetics and in vitro effects of imipramine hydrochloride on the vas deferens in cattle
204 Cordel, Claudia. THESIS
Response of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) transplants to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrition
205 More, Ketseemang. THESIS
X-ray diffraction study of high temperature reaction products in the barium oxide-silica-alumina-ferric oxide system
206 Schmidt, Heinrich. THESIS
Synergy of agriculture, community development, and eco-tourism agri-tourism farm complex
207 Van Rooyen, Cornelius Johannes. THESIS
Sammy Marks business hotel
208 Hutten, Etienne Regardt. THESIS
Substance abuse and psychological well-being of South African adolescents in an urban context
209 Routledge, Leigh-Anne. THESIS
A Proposed model for the measurement of capital generation by small businesses as a contribution to economic development
210 Olivier, Johan-Paul. THESIS
Mindscape - a centre for creative development in Sunnyside
211 Peres, Edna. THESIS
Interactive centre
212 Greeff, Anna-Christi. THESIS
Institute for African language studies an exploration of the constant and transformative
213 Novellie, Jacqueline. THESIS
A geophysical investigation and geological interpretation of part of the diamondiferous gravels on the farm Grasfontein (356 JP), west of Bakerville
214 De Wit, Michiel Cornelis THESIS
The vegetation ecology of Ezemvelo Nature Reserve, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa
215 Swanepoel, Barbara Anna. THESIS
Antibacterial activity of plants that are used in the treatment of heartwater in livestock and the isolation and identification of bioactive compounds from Petalidium oblongifolium and Ipomoea adenoides
216 Mokwala, Phatlane William. THESIS
Digital DLTS studies on radiation induced defects in Si, GaAs and GaN
217 Meyer, Walter Ernst. THESIS
Molecular epidemiology of Newcastle disease and avian influenza in South Africa
218 Abolnik, C. THESIS
The geology and geochemistry of some epigenetic uranium deposits near the Swakop river South West Africa
219 Hambleton-Jones, Brian Basil. THESIS
Spatial variation of coke quality in the non-recovery beehive coke ovens
220 Segers, Magrieta. THESIS
Geochemical exploration for base metal sulphide deposits in an arid environment (eastern Namaqua Metamorphic Province), South Africa
221 Ghavami-Riabi, Reza. THESIS
A centre for the performing arts catalyst for urban regeneration /
222 Macagnano, Marco. THESIS
Moretele Park
223 Blokland, Jasper. THESIS
Hell ville empowerment centre, Hell ville, Nosy Be, Madagascar /
224 Raveloarison, Riana Soalaza. THESIS
Climate change and tick-host relationships in Africa
225 Olwoch, Jane Mukarugwiza. THESIS
Carbon sequestration on the subtropical dunes of South Africa a comparison between native regenerating ecosystems and exotic plantations /
226 Ntshotsho, Phumza. THESIS
Theoretical development and implementation of algorithms for the inversion of frequency domain airborne electromagnetic data into a layered earth
227 Smit, Jacobus Petrus. THESIS
Contributions to the ecology of Maputaland, southern Africa, with emphasis on sand forest
228 Matthews, Wayne Sidney. THESIS
The relation between spatial definition and place-making architectural and urban interiors /
229 Grobler, Anika. THESIS
The medicinal and chemical aspects of naphthoquinones isolated from Euclea Natalensis A. DC. on Mycobacterium tuberculosis
230 Van der Kooy, Frank. THESIS
Expressive space textile art centre /
231 Kortenhoeven, Nicola. THESIS
The moving image Contemporary film analysis and analytical psychology /
232 Broodryk, Chris Willem. THESIS
Analysis of Varroa destructor infestation of southern African honeybee populations
233 Allsopp, Mike. THESIS
Application of a multidisciplinary approach to the systematics of Acomys (Rodentia: Muridae) from northern Tanzania
234 Mgode, Georgies Frank. THESIS
Durban passenger cruise terminal
235 Ellmore, Andrew. THESIS
Community art centre - Alexandra
236 Haas, Golan. THESIS
The Characterization of bulk as-grown and annealed ZnO by the Hall effect
237 Kassier, Gunther Horst. THESIS
A Collision in space and time urban conservation and regeneration in Johannesburg /
238 McKechnie, Brian Kent. THESIS
239 Smalberger, Suzanne. THESIS
Field public space infrastructure /
240 Van den Heever, Annemie. THESIS
Marabastad : place and the individual - the individual in place /
241 Molenaar, Nadia Franciska. THESIS
Infill, reconfiguring public space
242 Van der Westhuizen, Liani. THESIS
Reprogramming public space
243 Bjornstad, Jensen Arne. THESIS
Redefining boundaries
244 Radley, Diane. THESIS
Reconnecting St Lucia town and the Lake a socio-economic proposal /
245 Johan M., Van Rooyen THESIS
Systematics of the Hersiliidae (Araneae) of the afrotropical region
246 Foord, Stefan Hendrik. THESIS
The impact of the hidden curriculum on the South African school leaving examination in the Northern Province
247 Phaswana, Modiba Mack. THESIS
A community link project for Weskoppies Hospital psychiatric hospital
248 Geel, Annelize. THESIS
Facilities for the development of sport in conjunction with the 2010 soccer sport administrative building
249 Harcus, Karin. THESIS
Eksegeties-metodologiese vooronderstellings van die ondersoek na die ekonomie in die leefwereld van Matteus : toegepas op land, grondbesit en die Jubilee /
250 Volschenk, Gert Jacobus. THESIS

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