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Static stabilisers of the glenohumeral joint in the dog - an in vitro study
151 Gray, Michael. THESIS
The need for speech and language therapy intervention for infants and toddlers with tracheostomies a retrospective study /
152 Norman, Vivienne Rose. THESIS
Geomorphology and geomorphological responses to climate change in the interior of sub-Antarctic Marion Island
153 Hedding, David William. THESIS
'N Ondersoekende kwalitatiewe studie na die siektenarratiewe van individue met VIGS-demensiekompleks
154 Bam, Isabel M. THESIS
Domestic water uses and value in Swaziland a contingent valuation approach /
155 Ntshingila, Sincengile Nokubonga. THESIS
A Study in problem solving in the engineering sciences
156 Kleinot, Karen Deborah. THESIS
Corporate publishing in South African banks focus on formal, external publications /
157 Mostert, Aleta. THESIS
The experiences of mothers whose children take Ritalin for the treatment of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
158 Burke, Christine. THESIS
A comparison of two non-linear prescriptive methods used with digital hearing instrument fittings in children
159 Reyneke, Michelle. THESIS
Community-based care for HIV/AIDS orphans
160 Mamaila, Tshifhiwa. THESIS
Ceramic parameters in the financial evaluation of brick clay deposits, with reference to two South African examples
161 Perold, Jacques. THESIS
A qualitative exploration of experiences of others and accounts of self in the narratives of persons who have experienced traumatic brain injury
162 Smit, Martinus Jacobus. THESIS
Technical risk assessment techniques in mineral resources management with special reference to the junior and small-scale mining sectors
163 McGill, Jeannette Elizabeth. THESIS
The susceptibility of Trypanosoma congolense isolated in Zambizia Province (Mozambique) to isometamidium chloride, homidium chloride and diminazene aceturate
164 Jamal, Suzana Augusta THESIS
An Operational environmental guideline for the hospitality industry according to ISO 14000
165 Hanekom, Gertruida Catharina. THESIS
An assessment of human resource development program in Mozambique's public extension service
166 Gemo, Helder R. THESIS
Exploring the experiences of first-time fatherhood a social constructionist study /
167 Marx, Yendra. THESIS
The perceptual thinking processes of victims of repetitive armed robberies in the workplace : A Rorschach study
168 E'Silva, Julie D.M. THESIS
Inferring congestion from delay and loss characteristics using parameters of the three-parameter Weibull distribution
169 Ramaisa, Motlalepula. THESIS
Modelling the soil water balance of potatoes for improved irrigation management
170 Mbarushimana, Kagabo Desire. THESIS
Buying patterns of clothing during early adolescence : an exploratory study
171 Mulaudzi, Tshifhiwa. THESIS
Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of cashmere produced by South African indigenous goats
172 Keva, Sandiswa. THESIS
Onderwyseresse se verwagtinge van tweede of addisionele taal graad R-leerders se kommunikasievaardighede in 'n bepaalde geografiese area van Bloemfontein [electronic resource] /
173 Harmse, Ottilie Henriette. THESIS
Insights into the psychobiology of personality of individuals living with chronic asthma to inform treatment planning
174 Erasmus, Esther W. THESIS
The role of the musical intelligence in whole brain education /
175 Michels, Patricia. THESIS
Data visualisation in digital forensics
176 Fei, Bennie Kar THESIS
Essential oil yield and composition of rose-scented geranium (Pelargonium sp.) as influenced by harvesting frequency and plant shoot age
177 Motsa, Nozipho M. THESIS
The impact of social support on people with HIV/AIDS at Vhembe district
178 Nghonyama, Winnie Tsakane. THESIS
Lower limb injuries in teenage girls playing soccer
179 Mahlangu, Lindiwe L. THESIS
Geographical indications and agricultural products investigating their relevance in a South African context /
180 Grant, Cerkia. THESIS
On zeros of hypergeometric polynomials
181 Cimwanga, Norbert Mbuyi. THESIS
Affirmative Action the experience of people in middle management positions /
182 Motileng, Barnard Buti. THESIS
Soil erosion prediction under changing land use on Mauritius [electronic resource]
183 Le Roux, Jacobus Johannes. THESIS
Genetic verification of multiple paternity in two free-ranging isolated populations of African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus)
184 Moueix, Charlotte Henriette THESIS
Secure interoperation of wireless technologies
185 Croft, Neil John. THESIS
Polar proxies collaborating to achieve anonymous web browsing /
186 Tillwick, Heiko Mark. THESIS
The effect of personal and socio economic variables on the knowledge, attitude and belief of farm workers about HIV/AIDS before and after a HIV/AIDS Intervention Programme
187 Jona, Cecilie Ndeshipanda. THESIS
Evaluation of two indigenous South African sheep breeds as pelt producers
188 Campbell, Louisa Jacoba. THESIS
Constructing safety in scuba diving a discursive psychology study /
189 Du Preez, Mirike. THESIS
Health and safety aspects of the use of products from urine-diversion toilets
190 Phasha, Mmolawa Cynthia. THESIS
Exploring facilitation skills in asset-based transdisciplinary teamwork
191 Ferreira, Judite. THESIS
Characterization and evaluation of Indigofera species as potential forage and cover crops for semi-arid and arid ecosystems
192 Abubeker., Hassen THESIS
The Effect of USA-based meteorolical workshops on the self-image and professional practice of South African teachers
193 McBride, Charlotte. THESIS
ACODV ant colony optimisation distance vectoring routing in Ad hoc networks /
194 Du Plessis, Johan. THESIS
Factors affecting the implementation of acquired skills and knowledge presented to farmers at Denman Rural Training Centre in Gaborone agricultural region, Botswana
195 Sebadieta, Rapelang Bamba. THESIS
Customer service as an indication of service quality in South African supermarkets [electronic resource] /
196 Marx, J. M. THESIS
Comparative genetics of selected Southern African Mountain Zebra (Equus zebra zebra and Equus zebra hartmannae) populations
197 Sasidharan, S. P. THESIS
Factors associated with adherence to antiretroviral therapy for the treatment of HIV infected women attending an urban private health care facility
198 Aspeling, Heila Elizabeth. THESIS
Aspects of memory in the Damaraland mole-rat, Cryptomys damarensis spatial learning and kin recognition /
199 Costanzo, Marna S. THESIS
Quantifying the trade effect of sanitary and phytosanitary regulations in OECD countries on South African food exports
200 Gebrehiwet, Yemane Fisseha. THESIS

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