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The need for an employee assistance programme at Reamogetswe Secure Care Centre, North West Province
101 Namathe, Mametja Faith. THESIS
The psychological profiles of fibromyalgia patients: towards a model of taxonomy and maintenance of the illness
102 Govender, Catherine Olly. THESIS
Modelling and control of an electrode system for a three-phase electric arc furnace
103 Peens, Marius. THESIS
A Network approach for the prediction of flow and flow splits within a gas turbine combustor
104 Pretorius, Johannes Jacobus. THESIS
The emancipatory potential of a new information system and its effect on technology acceptance
105 Rivera Green, Igor Felipe. THESIS
The ecology of the African buffalo in the eastern Kalahari region, South Africa
106 Cromhout, Marzanne. THESIS
Goalsetting as a motivational mechanism for therapeutic intervention
107 Drotsky, Willem Abraham. THESIS
Unconditionally convergent time domain adaptive and time-frequency techniques for epicyclic gearbox vibration
108 Scho?n, Peter Paul. THESIS
The Usability and effectiveness of a printed information booklet a survey amongst small-scale rural farmers /
109 Chaka, Mpho Phillip. THESIS
Guidelines for a sport specific Employee Assistance Programme
110 Basson, Tamsyn. THESIS
A developmental profile of speech sound and syllable acquisition in Zulu speaking children
111 Naidoo, Yugeshiree. THESIS
The Internet as a medium in the achievement of corporate communication and marketing goals a descriptive study /
112 Cilliers, Berdine. THESIS
The activation of the helping professions of the South African Police Service (SAPS) with respect to an internal Employee Assistance Programme in the West Metropole
113 Biehl, James. THESIS
Heat transfer through mould flux with titanium oxide additions
114 Bothma, Jan Andries. THESIS
The social construction of counsellor identity in a South African context
115 Du Preez, Elizabeth. THESIS
Verification of hardware-in-the-loop as a valid testing method for suspension development
116 Misselhorn, Werner Ekhard. THESIS
Secure and distributed multicast address allocation on IPv6 networks
117 Slaviero, Marco Lorenzo. THESIS
A virtual machine framework for domain-specific languages
118 Fick, David. THESIS
The Roman Catholic Church and the United Church of Zambia challenged by HIV and AIDS, which results in creating poverty among Zambian people
119 Chimfwembe, Richard. THESIS
Ecological separation of the black and blue wildebeest on Ezemvelo Nature Reserve in the highland grasslands of South Africa
120 Helm, Chantal Vinisia. THESIS
A cut-cell, agglomerated-multigrid accelerated, Cartesian mesh method for compressible and incompressible flow
121 Pattinson, John. THESIS
Cross-border migration to South Africa in the 1990's the case of Zimbabwean women /
122 Nkau, Dikeledi Johanna. THESIS
Utilising radiographic incisor crown markers to determine incisor inclination on headfilms an experimental study on extracted teeth /
123 Dippenaar, Alfred Meyer. THESIS
Participatory development the role of the church as socio-spiritual role-player in the development of the disadvantaged rural communities in South Africa /
124 Dreyer, P. F. THESIS
The Impact of transaction costs on the choice of cattle markets in Mahalapye district, Botswana
125 Nkhori, Police A. THESIS
Pastoral care and counseling for international students studying in the USA [electronic resource] /
126 Kendagor, Solomon. THESIS
Solid waste management in urban fringe settlements the case of Winterveld, Pretoria /
127 Moiloa, Lebohang R. THESIS
Coming to terms with intertextuality methodology behind Biblical criticism past and present /
128 Liptak, Roman. THESIS
Adaptation of Luborsky's Core Conflictual Relationship Theme (CCRT) method a phenomenological case study /
129 Kruger, J. C. THESIS
Study of the molecular epidemiology of foot-and-mouth-disease virus in West Africa
130 Sangare, Oumou. THESIS
Ethics and ethos in the South African Police Service an overview of the Johannesburg Central Police Station /
131 Masiapata, Nakampe Michael. THESIS
A brief analysis of certain numerical methods used to solve stochastic differential equations
132 Govender, Nadrajh. THESIS
The impact of Labour Relations Act (Act 66 of 1995) at Vista University (Mamelodi Campus) from the year 1981-2004
133 Mabogoane, Segotsi. THESIS
Exploring branding as part of the corporate communication strategy of the Girl Guides Association of South Africa (GGASA)
134 Le Roux, Alta. THESIS
The impact of visual sequencing of pictures on the picture-based sentence construction of English-speaking grade 2 learners
135 Du Plooy, Amelia. THESIS
A systemic analysis of postgraduate students' experiences of computer mediated communication in a Web-based learning environment
136 Vandeyar, Kaminthia. THESIS
Modelling the soil water and salt balance of planted pastures irrigated with sodium sulphate rich mine effluent
137 Beletse, Yacob Ghebretinsae. THESIS
Competition in the tridimensional urban fresh produce retail market : the case of the Tshwane metropolitan area, South Africa
138 Madevu, Hilton. THESIS
The detection of lumpy skin disease virus in samples of experimentally infected cattle using different diagnostic techniques [electronic resource] /
139 Tuppurainen, Eeva S. THESIS
Workplace English skills for grade 9 languages in C21
140 Nel, Carl Oln. THESIS
An educational programme for critical care nurses on the interpretation of ventilator graphics
141 Windsor, Sonja. THESIS
Decision-making in agriculture a farm-level modelling approach /
142 Strauss, P. G. THESIS
The Effect of laboratory based teaching and traditional based teaching on students' conceptual understanding of chemical equilibrium
143 Mathabatha, Stimela Simon. THESIS
Human resource development in radiography education a search for excellence in a time of change /
144 Mochifefe, Mamoyagabo Anna. THESIS
PSO-based coevolutionary game learning
145 Franken, Cornelis J. THESIS
The role of long-chain trithiocarbonates in the optimisation of Impala Platinum's flotation circuit
146 Vos, Cornelius Francois. THESIS
Integrating biometric authentication into multiple applications
147 Breedt, Morne?. THESIS
A risk analysis and risk management methodology for mitigating wireless local area networks (WLANs) intrusion security risks
148 Abdullah, Hanifa. THESIS
An exploratory study into improvement districts in South Africa
149 Heimann, Clinton Rossouw. THESIS
An investigation into how mathematics educators teach the outcomes-based curriculum /
150 Velupillai, Vasanthy. THESIS

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