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Determinants of slash and burn the case of chitemene farming system in Zambia /
51 Kapekele, Evans M. THESIS
The assessment of some factors influencing the survival of kids in a small-scale communal goat production system
52 Sebei, Phokgedi Julius. THESIS
'n Prakties-teologiese ondersoek na die invloed van die liturg se MBTI®-persoonlikheidstyl op die voorbereiding, inkleding en aanbieding van 'n erediens
53 Steyn, Cornelius Stephanus. THESIS
Economic performance of smallholder irrigation schemes a case study in Zanyokwe, Eastern Cape, South Africa /
54 Ntsonto, Njokweni Elliot. THESIS
The way it was, the way it is : Reminiscence as intergenerational construction of identity [electronic resource] /
55 Beneke, Michelle. THESIS
The perceptions of accident and emergency nurses regarding a structured debriefing programme in a private hospital in Gauteng
56 Van Heerden, Marius. THESIS
The prevalence of subclinical gastroduodenal ulceration in dachshunds with intervertebral disc prolapse
57 Dowdle, Sara-Anne Margaret. THESIS
Structural analysis of a tippler structure
58 Van Zyl, Petrus Johannes THESIS
Liturgiese ontwerp met die preekteks as uitgangspunt - 'n model
59 Van Zyl, Christiaan Frederik. THESIS
(Re)construction in progress a social constructionist reification of the therapeutic relationship /
60 Venter, Johannes Philippus. THESIS
The potential role of project management in Category B municipalities
61 Abrahamse, Daniell Robert. THESIS
Mathematical optimisation of the suspension system of an off-road vehicle for ride comfort and handling
62 Thoresson, Michael John. THESIS
Modelling the market outlook and policy alternatives for the wheat sector in South Africa
63 Meyer, Ferdinand. THESIS
64 Twala, Tobela Michael Zenzele 2012-10-31 OTHER
Aktiewe musiekbeluistering as verryking en vernuwing van die erediens
65 Kleynhans, Cornelis Theodorus. THESIS
The hearing abilities and middle ear functioning of the recreational scuba diver
66 Pieterse, Izabelle. THESIS
The Influence of bench height and equipment selection on effective mineral resource utilization
67 Werner., Swanepoel. THESIS
An evaluation of irrigation water supply infrastructure to improve conveyance efficiency and water availability at Dzindi Irrigation Scheme, Limpopo Province
68 Nthai, Mukovhe Maureen. THESIS
Developing the pre-school child's musical intelligence by means of a comprehensive music programme focused on age-controlled auditive development
69 Michels, Patricia E. THESIS
Optimization of an autonomous vehicle dispatch system in an underground mine
70 Saayman, Paul. THESIS
Identifying the needs and assets of a primary school in a rural community a case study /
71 Maphutha, Mokwi Morgan. THESIS
Status and distribution of cheetah outside formal conservation areas in the Thabazimbi district, Limpopo province /
72 Wilson, Kelly-Anne. THESIS
'N Feministiese analise van animasiekarakters vanuit 'n feministiese benadering
73 Van Niekerk, Tanya. THESIS
The impact of lion predation on the large ungulates of the Associated Private Nature Reserves, South Africa
74 Turner, Jason. THESIS
The impact of financial problems on productivity of employees of the department of Social Services, Population and Development, Ermelo district
75 Masemola, Matlale Johannah. THESIS
A simulation study of traffic conditioner performance
76 Strauss, Marthinus David. THESIS
An expounded reading on the conceptualisation of Tshwane between 2000 and 2004
77 Serfontein, Kestell John. THESIS
Marital satisfaction in autonomous and arranged marriages: South African Indian sample
78 Dinna, Manisha. THESIS
Mothers' experiences of accessing services following the death of a baby through stillbirth or neonatal death
79 Conry, Jennifer Robyn. THESIS
Clinical and audiological features of Me?nie?re's disease insight into the diagnostic process/
80 Naude?, Alida. THESIS
The ecology and population dynamics of the Nile crocodile Crocodylus niloticus in the Flag Boshielo Dam, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa
81 Botha, Petrus Johannes. THESIS
The impact of the Financing Policy for Developmental Social Welfare Services (1999) on service providers in Tembisa, Gauteng Province
82 Morifi, Mahlodi Patience. THESIS
Development of a supply planning methodology in the automotive industry [electronic resource] /
83 Stark, Vanessa Ann. THESIS
The Influence of second language teaching on undergraduate mathematics performance
84 Gerber, Ans. THESIS
The impact of stress on productivity of employees at the Education Training and Development practices Sector Education and Training Authority /
85 Menze, Menyezwa Nozizwe THESIS
A Memetic genetic program for knowledge discovery
86 Nel, Gert M. THESIS
Communication after mild traumatic brain injury a spouse's perspective /
87 Crewe-Brown, Samantha Jayne. THESIS
Design and implementation of a high resolution soft real-time timer
88 Grobler, Johannes Petrus. THESIS
A Critical review of economic value added (EVA) as a measure to evaluate the financial performance of milk producers
89 Mampane, Khumbuzile Cecilia. THESIS
Using the Unified Modeling language (UML) to represent artifacts in the Zachmann frameword
90 Els, Lynette. THESIS
Reading between the lines : An ecosystemic description of a therapeutic relationship around dyslexia
91 Jansen, Ilze. THESIS
An exploratory study of the psychological impact of HIV/AIDS patients on the counsellor
92 Hlalele, M. K. THESIS
Derating NichePSO
93 Naicker, Clive. THESIS
A polynomial time algorithm for prime recognition
94 Domingues, Riaal. THESIS
Optimisation of water-in-oil microemulsion formulation stabilised by nonylphenol ethoxylated phosphate ester
95 Mdhlovu, Johan. THESIS
Information needs and source preference of prospective learners at tertiary institutions [electronic resource] : an integrated marketing communication approach /
96 Bonnema, Jeanne. THESIS
The forensic analysis of illicit Methaqualone-containing preparations by gas chromatography mass spectrometry
97 Grove, Alida Amelia. THESIS
Using distortion product otoacoustic emissions to investigate the efficacy of personal hearing protection
98 Newland-Nell, Annette Caroline. THESIS
The translucency values of Blissymbols as rated by typically developing Setswana learners /
99 Du Preez, Anna Elizabeth. THESIS
International lawyers and the diplomacy of modern states, with specific reference to South Africa
100 Stemmet, Pieter Andreas. THESIS

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