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Acknowledging Criteria: A Look at Research and Reality of Children’s Digital Libraries
501 Waldman, Jennifer A 2007-04-10 THESIS
A Comparison of The Art and Architecture Thesaurus and The Thesaurus for Graphic Materials for the Subject Cataloging of Islamic Architecture Images.
502 Matusz, Sarah A. 2005-04-17 THESIS
A Strenuous Game: The Portrayal of Eating Disorders in Young Adult Novels
503 Waxman, Dina F 2007-04-10 THESIS
Microsoft Word -
504 Administrato, null 2006-04-12 THESIS
Perceptions of Library Gamers at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County's Teen Loft
505 Ryan, Melinda 2008-04-07 THESIS
A Study of the Information Seeking Behaviors of Integrative Medicine Professionals
506 Burns, Allison M 2007-04-27 THESIS
Information Technology Staff Perceptions of Optimizing End User Interaction during Systems Development
507 Farris, Timothy 2005-11-16 THESIS
Japan's Institutional Repositories: Where Did They Come From and Where Are They Headed?
508 Matsuura, Katherine 2008-12-17 THESIS
Impact of Year-Round Education on Middle School Libraries
509 Click, Rachel E. 2007-04-08 THESIS
Improving Recovery for Libraries That Have Been Hit by Disaster
510 Peterson, Mark 2008-11-17 THESIS
Putting Web Server Log Files to Work in Special Collections
511 Craft, Anna R. 2008-04-03 THESIS
Humanities Graduate Students’ Use of Library Instructional Resources
512 sipes, null 2008-04-04 THESIS
An Evaluation of Projection Techniques for Document Clustering: Latent Semantic Analysis and Independent Component Analysis
513 Elsas, Jonathan L. 2005-07-06 THESIS
Electronic Subject Guides in Literary Studies: A Qualitative Content Analysis
514 Neilson, Jim 2004-07-15 THESIS
Social Networking Services: Library Collaboration 2.0?
515 Ramsey, Timothy P 2008-07-23 THESIS
Automatic Classification of Online News Headlines
516 Pope, Mark W 2007-11-10 THESIS
"A Learned Congress": A Closer Look at Book and Manuscript Thieves
517 Nathe, Margarite A. 2005-04-14 THESIS
A Comparative Study of Bibliometric Characteristics of Competitive Intelligence Scholarly Material in Business and Library Science Databases
518 Ramirez, Marisa L. 2005-03-30 THESIS
Works Created Under Federal Contracts: Copyright and Digital Preservation
519 Laster, Sharalyn J 2007-11-19 THESIS
Street Lit Novels and Triangle-Area Public Libraries: A Search through the OPACS (Online Public Access Catalogs)
520 Jones, Shanita D. 2006-04-28 THESIS
Reference Services Go High-Tech: Best Practices in Connecting College Students and Librarians
521 Hayes, T. 2005-04-15 THESIS
522 Hays, Sarah M. 2004-04-12 THESIS
Storytime: A Storyteller's Database, Project Report
523 FEFF005300610072006100680020004B00610068006E, null 2008-04-01 THESIS
524 Reuning, Sarah P. 2004-04-05 THESIS
Perspectives on Text Encoding Initiative Projects From Current Digital Library Managers
525 Dickie, Grant 2008-04-04 THESIS
Guide for Cataloging Legal Websites: using MARC and Dublin Core
526 Lankford, LaTisha 2007-04-10 THESIS
American Academic Librarians' Attitudes Toward Recreational Reading: A Content Analysis of the Periodical Literature, 1945-1975
527 Peterson, Kelsy L. 0007-10-06 THESIS
Nurses Work Environment & Technological Innovation Adoption: Acquiring Knowledge after Making Sense of it all
528 Pickney, Janice M. 2008-05-08 THESIS
Exhibitionism: Improving Access to Oral Histories through Online Exhibits
529 Bertling, Carrie M. 2008-04-04 THESIS
Digital Media and the Net Generation in the Library
530 Forsythe, Thomas 2006-04-11 THESIS
Public Library Services to the Romance Reader: An Online Survey of Romance Readers.
531 Bryson, Mary 2004-05-06 THESIS
Serials Use Studies in Academic Libraries: Methods and Best Practices for Successful Studies
532 Allgood, Amanda 2006-04-11 THESIS
Comparing Evaluation Methodologies for a Digital Exhibition: The End of Tobacco Road: Scenes from Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company’s final days in Durham, North Carolina, 1999
533 Russ, Johanna M. 2008-04-02 THESIS
The Usage of Article Databases and Electronic Journals by Academic Atmospheric Scientists
534 Kozak, Kari 2007-04-24 THESIS
Choosing Morality : comparing children's book choices with adult-chosen children's books
535 Woodcock, C 0004-05-06 THESIS
Librarians' Use of Instructional Techniques: Effective in Enhancing Chat Reference Services from the Patrons' Perspective?
536 Daly, E 2007-11-11 THESIS
Digitization in Small Cultural Heritage Repositories: Interviews with NC ECHO EZ Digitization Starter Grant Recipients
537 Bowser, Sherrie A. 2006-04-11 THESIS
“An Experience Outside of Culture”: A Taxonomy of 9/11 Adult Fiction
538 Moonitz, Allison B. 2006-03-28 THESIS
Making the Case for a Business Intelligence Framework
539 Pitts, Robert E. 2006-11-11 THESIS

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