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A Multi-Level Approach to Understanding Pap Smear Compliance Across Community Health Centers in Florida
351 Cook, Nicole Jill 2009-04-07 THESIS
Mechanisms Underlying Frog Occupancy Patterns in a Landscape Mosaic of Tropical Forest and Pasture
352 Hawley, Tanya Joy 2008-04-21 THESIS
Victimization, Family Rejection, and Outcomes of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Young People: The Role of Negative LGB Identity
353 Willoughby, Brian Lyle 2008-06-12 THESIS
Do "You Go Girl"?: Females Athletes and Intimate Partner Violence
354 Milner, Adrienne N. 2008-04-21 THESIS
Marijuana Use Among Clinic-Referred Hispanic American Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders: Gender Differences in Predictors of Growth Trajectory Parameters
355 Kaczynski, Karen Jill 2007-12-11 THESIS
The Influence of Early Language on Reading Achievement, Problem, and Prosocial Behavior in Elementary School
356 Faria, Ann-Marie 2007-12-17 THESIS
Aerobic Training Does Not Alter CRP Concentrations in Apparently Healthy, Untrained Men
357 Stoutenberg, Mark 2008-11-07 THESIS
The Relevanceof mTOR and Hypoxia Inducible Factor to 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Toxicity in Lung Cancer Cell Lines Under Hypoxia
358 Wangpaichitr, Medhi 2008-09-23 THESIS
EphrinB3 and Eph Receptors Regulate Hippocampal Synaptic Function
359 Rodenas-Ruano, Alma Ileana 2008-01-24 THESIS
The Role of Shame-Proneness, Guilt-Proneness and Depression in EE Among Relatives of Individuals with Bipolar Disorder
360 McMurrich, Stephanie Lynn 2008-08-05 THESIS
From Self-Reports of Personality to Perceptions of the Transgressors: Perceived Agreeableness as a Predictor of Post-Conflict Anxiety
361 Tabak, Benjamin A 2008-06-30 THESIS
User Perceptions of Music Content on Social Network Websites
362 Cho, Yoon Hwa 2008-05-08 THESIS
The Role of Myosin Light Chain Kinase and Non Muscle Myosin II In Ras Signaling to ERK
363 Khan, Protiti 2008-12-19 THESIS
Evaluation of Sensorimotor Deficits and Compensatory Mechanisms Following Traumatic Brain Injury Using Three-Dimensional Kinematic Analysis in Rodent Models
364 Myerson, Connie Elka 2008-02-27 THESIS
The Creative Process of Ira Sullivan
365 Brewer, Peter W. 2009-05-14 THESIS
English Reading/Language Arts Instruction in First-Grade Classrooms Serving English Language Learners: A Cross-Analysis of Instructional Practices and Student Engagement
366 Mora Harder, Maribel G. 2009-05-15 THESIS
The Relationship between Ethnic Identity and Psychological Health: A Meta-Analytic Review
367 Grant, Julie Hewatt 2008-09-30 THESIS
Client Characteristics and Therapist Competence and Adherence to Family Therapy for Schizophrenia
368 Dunham, Radha Gaia 2008-04-05 THESIS
Neonatal T Cell Responses are Highly Plastic: I. Neonates Generate Robust T Cell Responses against Alloantigens II. Functional Capabilities of Neonatal RTE are more Diverse than Adult RTE
369 Opiela, Shannon Jacqueline 2008-07-28 THESIS
Medication Treatment and Neuropsychological Functioning in Perinatal HIV
370 Bocanegra, Monica Elizabeth 2008-04-20 THESIS
Patient-Physician Relationships and Regimen Adherence in Hispanic Youth with Type 1 Diabetes
371 Moine, Cortney Taylor 2008-06-06 THESIS
Attitudes Toward and Effectiveness of the Cause-Related Marketing Initiatives in the Polish Culture
372 Kaczkowska, Beata A 2008-05-02 THESIS
Differential Regulation of Steroid Receptors in Breast Cancer by the Rho GEF Vav3
373 McCarrick, Jessica Anne 2008-04-21 THESIS
Factors Affecting the Catch of Target and Bycatch Species During Pelagic Longline Fishing
374 Rice, Patrick Hays 2008-04-21 THESIS
Cognitive Predictors of Health-related Quality of Life in Localized Prostate Cancer: A Lifespan Perspective
375 Traeger, Lara N. 2009-05-20 THESIS
Peritraumatic Appraisal and Self-Efficacy: Examination of an Expanded Lazarus and Folkman Stress Appraisal Model Following Traumatic Physical Injury
376 Salinas Farmer, Lorie R. 2008-12-18 THESIS
Towards an Ecosystem Approach for Non-Target Reef Fishes: Habitat Uses and Population Dynamics of South Florida Parrotfishes (Perciformes: Scaridae)
377 Molina-Ureña, Helena 2009-05-14 THESIS
The Experience of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing as a Therapeutic Approach in Healing Trauma
378 Naccarato, Celia 2008-05-02 THESIS
"They Will Invent What They Need to Survive": Narrating Trauma in Contemporary Ethnic American Women's Fiction
379 Jacobi, Kara Elizabeth 2009-05-09 THESIS
Hidden Markov Models Based Segmentation of Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging
380 Soliman, Ahmed Talaat 2007-12-13 THESIS
Communication and Motivation with Football Players
381 May, Jonathan Eric 2009-05-15 THESIS
New Challenges of Organizational Communication: Technology and Organizational Restructuring in the 21st Century
382 Wang, Ting 2008-11-18 THESIS
Attention in the Infant Siblings of Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
383 Ibanez, Lisa Victoria 2008-05-06 THESIS
The Bulgarian Folklore Influence in Selected Works for Solo-Piano and Violin-Piano Duo of Pancho Vladigerov
384 Peeva, Adela Nikolova 2008-05-02 THESIS
Peer Interactions and School Readiness in Head Start Children: Physical Aggression, Relational Aggression, and Prosocial Behavior
385 Faria, Ann-Marie 2009-05-02 THESIS
Predictors of Glycemic Control in Hispanic Youths with Type 1 Diabetes
386 Valenzuela, Jessica Marie 2007-12-14 THESIS

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