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Selectivity in Photochemical Reactions within Water Soluble Calixarenes and Cyclodextrins
301 Kaliappan, Raja 2008-01-11 THESIS
Ode to the Temple of Sound, Floating World-Ukiyo and Meditation on Zeami: An Analysis of Three Works by Alan Hovhaness
302 Park, Chung Hoon 2008-05-02 THESIS
Americana Suite: A Composition for Full Orchestra, Big Band, and Jazz Chamber Ensembles Inspired by American Master Paintings
303 Routenberg, Scott Kevin 2008-04-20 THESIS
Nationalism and Self-Representation: Negotiating Sovereignty in Jamaican Cultural Landscapes
304 Harrison, Sheri-Marie L 2008-08-08 THESIS
Predicting Student Perceptions of School Connectedness: The Contributions of Parent Attachment and Peer Attachment
305 Dixon, Jennifer Anne 2007-12-14 THESIS
Responding to Joint Attention: Growth and Prediction to Subsequent Social Competence in Children Prenatally Exposed to Cocaine
306 Kolnik, Shira 2008-11-11 THESIS
Body Burden of PAHs and Cardiovascular Disease in the United States
307 Clark III, John Davis 2008-07-31 THESIS
The Effects of Induced Interpretive Biases on Memory and Emotional Vulnerability
308 Tran, Tanya B 2008-10-20 THESIS
A Spatial Analysis of Colorectal Cancer in Miami-Dade County
309 Hernandez, Monique Nicole 2008-06-03 THESIS
Sex Expression in a Rainforest Understory Herb, Begonia urophylla
310 Cozza, John 2008-12-18 THESIS
Speech Production in Deaf Children Receiving Cochlear Implants: Does Maternal Sensitivity Play a Role?
311 Grimley, Mary Elizabeth 2008-06-11 THESIS
Multiple B-Class Ephrins and EPH Receptors Regulate Midline Axon Guidance in the Developing Mouse Forebrain
312 Mendes, Shannon 2006-05-16 THESIS
Analyses of Dengue Fever and Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) Larval Habitats in a Tropical Urban Environment of Costa Rica using Geospatial and Mosquito Surveillance Technologies
313 Troyo, Adriana 2007-12-21 THESIS
Therapeutic Targeting of Phosphodiesterase 4 with Rolipram as an Acute Neuroprotective Strategy following Spinal Cord Injury
314 Schaal, Sandra Marie 2008-06-11 THESIS
Allogeneic CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ T Regulatory Cells in Autoimmunity and Transplantation Tolerance: Therapeutic Potential and TCR Repertoire Requirement
315 Adeegbe, Dennis O. 2008-03-28 THESIS
Aesthetic Practices in my Live Electronic Music
316 Sheppard, Adam 2009-05-14 THESIS
Use of Gallery and Non-Gallery Forest by Ungulates Inhabiting the Loma Mountains Non-Hunting Forest Reserve, Sierra Leone, West Africa
317 Kortenhoven, Aaron Peter 2009-05-15 THESIS
Evaluation of Land-Atmosphere Interactions in Models of the North American Monsoon
318 Kelly, Patrick 2008-04-20 THESIS
Mechanisms Involved in the Anti-Tumor Activity of MUC1/sec
319 Ilkovitch, Dan 2009-05-22 THESIS
The Alpha Subunit of Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 2B Is Requisite for EIF2-Mediated Transitional Suppression of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
320 Elsby, Rachel Jane 2008-01-15 THESIS
The Merging of Korean Traditional Music and Western Instrumentation as Exemplified in Four Chamber Works for Piano Composed by Isang Yun
321 Choi, Ji Sun 2007-12-17 THESIS
Bullying of Middle School Students With and Without Learning Disabilities: Prevalence and Relationship to Students' Social Skills
322 Casale, Silvana Spinelli 2008-09-03 THESIS
Assessing Canopy Cover Requirements of Storm's Stork (Ciconia stormi) at Multiple Scales
323 Berdie, Ian Joseph 2008-05-06 THESIS
An Investigation of the Roles of Temperament and Approaches to Learning on Head Start Children's School Readiness
324 Munis, Pelin 2008-04-25 THESIS
Parental Divorce, Psychological Distress and Academic Achievement of College Students
325 Hawkins, Julie Ellen 2008-04-09 THESIS
An Exploration of the Relationships Among Individual and Interpersonal Goal Pursuit and Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-being
326 Procacci, Erin Nicole 2008-09-30 THESIS
The Role of Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity in Water and Nutrient Pools in Everglades Plant Community Diversity and Function
327 Saha, Amartya Kumar 2009-04-25 THESIS
Human p70 Ribosomal S6 Protein Kinase-1 (S6K1): Mechanism of Substrate Catalysis, Activation and Inhibition
328 Keshwani, Malik M. 2009-04-28 THESIS
Modeling and Performance Evaluation of a Delay and Marking Based Congestion Controller
329 Wickramarathna, Thamali Dilusha 2008-03-25 THESIS
The Story of the Promiscuous Substrate: An Investigation of the Role of the PI3K Pathway in p27Kip1 Regulation
330 Larrea, Michelle Davila 2008-02-29 THESIS
Melanoma Epidemiology and Disparities in Nonwhite Populations
331 Rouhani, Panta 2008-06-19 THESIS
Ignoring Ambiguity: Legitimating Clinical Decisions
332 Boren, Shedrick John 2008-11-25 THESIS
An Examination of the Solo and Duet Vocal Repertoire of Kenneth Mahy
333 Thomas, Eric Sanders 2008-05-06 THESIS
Social Dominance and Conciliatory Gestures as Determinants of Reconciliation and Forgiveness
334 Cohen, Adam Daniel 2008-08-08 THESIS
Quality of Life, Benefit Finding, and Coping with Prostate Cancer: An Examination of Ethnic Differences
335 Rasheed, Mikal A 2008-12-09 THESIS
The Effects of an Incremental Pedometer Program on Metabolic Syndrome Components in Sedentary Overweight Women
336 Musto, Anthony 2008-04-25 THESIS
Orthostatic Intolerance in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
337 Coryell, Virginia Tai 2008-01-24 THESIS
Sexual Selection and Larval Performance of Two Species of Red-Eyed Treefrogs, Agalychnis callidryas and A. moreletii of the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Belize.
338 Briggs, Venetia Samantha 2007-12-14 THESIS
Impact of Two Sessions of Mindfulness Training on Attention
339 Polak, Emily L 2009-05-26 THESIS
Receptor Selective Coactivators: Characterization of a Novel Protein-Protein Interaction Module in Steroid Hormone Receptor Signaling
340 Dhananjayan, Sarath Chandran 2008-04-11 THESIS
Oxygen Glucose Deprivation and Hyperthermia Induce Cellular Damage in Neural Precursor Cells and Immature Neurons
341 Luca, Luminita Eugenia 2008-12-18 THESIS
Predicting Variation in Social Outcome among Adolescents with High-Functioning Autism
342 Schwartz, Caley Bryce 2009-05-20 THESIS
Differences in Resting and Exercising Pulmonary Function Among Sedentary, Resistance-Trained and Aerobically-Trained, Early Symptomatic, HIV-1 Seropositive Men
343 Talluto, Craig C. 2009-05-09 THESIS
Reef Fish Movements and Marine Reserve Designs
344 Farmer, Nicholas Alexander 2009-05-15 THESIS
Influence of Different Designs of High-Heeled Shoes on Kinematics, Kinetics, and Muscle EMG of Female Gait
345 Ozkaramanli, Deger 2007-12-12 THESIS
The Dose-Response of Maternal Exercise Volume on Newborn and Placental Outcomes
346 Mena, Melisa A 2007-12-17 THESIS
Independent Associations between Psychosocial Constructs and C-Reactive Protein among Healthy Women
347 Farrell, Kristen Anne 2007-12-13 THESIS
Reactions to Infidelity: Individual, Gender, and Situational Predictors of Relationship Outcome and Forgiveness
348 Kimeldorf, Marcia Beth 2008-08-06 THESIS
Personality in a Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Management Intervention for HIV-Seropositive Men
349 Scanlon, Blake K 2007-12-13 THESIS
The Effects of Maturation and Experience on the Predatory Efficiency of the Whitespotted Bambooshark, Chiloscyllium plagiosum
350 Ciaccio, Jennifer Louise 2008-06-23 THESIS

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