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Numerical Study of Limit Cycle Oscillation Using Conventional and Supercritical Airfoils
101 Loo, Felipe Manuel 2008-12-19 THESIS
How Is Haiti Doing? Issues of Accountability in a Voiceless Haiti: A Case Study of the Lambi Fund
102 Louis, Emanna 2008-07-02 THESIS
On the Variability of the Wind Stress at the Air-Sea Interface
103 Zhang, Fei 2008-12-22 THESIS
Inflammatory Mechanisms After Thromboembolic Ischemic Stroke in Mice
104 Abulafia, Denise P. 2008-06-12 THESIS
Treize Etudes Pour L'Orchestre
105 Constantinidis, MariaSilvia Castillo 2008-05-19 THESIS
The Relationship between Sensation Seeking and the Preference for Rap Music of Young Offenders
106 Yamada, Kie 2008-11-26 THESIS
The Study of Diffuse Soft X-Ray Background
107 Gupta, Anjali 2009-05-15 THESIS
The Cinema Podium: French Feminism and Early Twenty-First Century French Cinema
108 Gache, Sherry L. 2008-11-20 THESIS
What Processes Promote Resilience? The Role of Positive Emotion, Cognitive Flexibility and Reappraisal
109 Jacobson, Jessica Gail 2008-09-12 THESIS
Model Based Learning and Reasoning from Partially Observed Data
110 Hewawasam, Kottigoda. K. 2008-06-09 THESIS
Connectivity and Genetic Structure in Coral Reef Ecosystems: Modeling and Analysis
111 Kool, Johnathan 2008-09-24 THESIS
Simulation Software and Hardware for Teaching Ultrasound
112 Lu, Lipin 2008-07-25 THESIS
Calusa Responses to the Spanish Missionary Enterprise in Post-Contact Florida
113 Lopez-Jordan, Carmen 2008-04-18 THESIS
Influence of Confined Media on Photophysical and Photochemical Transformations of Organic Guest Molecules: Water Soluble Supramolecules as Confined Media
114 Maddipatla Venkata, Srirama Narasimha 2009-01-09 THESIS
Interest Groups and the Politics of Trade after the Cold War: The Case of the U.S.-Jordan, Singapore and Chile Free Trade Agreements
115 Garrastazu, Antonio 2008-03-20 THESIS
Transcriptional Regulation of Virulence Genes in Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli and Shigella flexneri by Members of the AraC/XylS Family
116 Pilonieta, Maria Carolina 2008-06-03 THESIS
Economics of Hybrid Long-Haul Trucks
117 Kronberg, Craig 2009-05-21 THESIS
Effects of Environmental Water Vapor on Tropical Cyclone Structure and Intensity
118 Ortt, Derek 2007-12-17 THESIS
Maximizing Media Relations Through a Better Understanding of the Public Relations - Journalist Relationship
119 Supa, Dustin W 2008-08-05 THESIS
An Investigation of the Electrical Short Circuit Characteristics of Tin Whiskers
120 Courey, Karim Joseph 2008-03-18 THESIS
Nanotechnology for Molecular Recognition of Biological Analytes
121 Triulzi, Robert C. 2009-01-23 THESIS
Studies of the Insulator-Metal Transition in La1-xCaxMnO3 and Thin Film Growth of Nd0.2Sr0.8MnO3
122 Neupane, Krishna Prasad 2009-05-13 THESIS
Neither Southern nor Northern: Miami, Florida and the Black Freedom Struggle in America's Tourist Paradise, 1896-1968
123 Rose, Chanelle Nyree 2008-01-10 THESIS
Luminescent Probes and Photochromic Switches Based on Semiconductor Quantum Dots
124 Yildiz, Ibrahim 2008-05-02 THESIS
Thermally Controllable Microring Resonator-based Silicon Photonic Switch
125 Ng, Han-Yong 2007-12-13 THESIS
Response of A Small, Two-Strait Semi-Enclosed Sea to External Forcings
126 Wu, Xinglong 2008-04-21 THESIS
The Development of the Ostwald Award
127 Vondran, Shawn David 2009-05-02 THESIS
From All Sides: How Mexico Ended Up in the Eye of the Drug Storm
128 Davi, Ariana 2009-05-13 THESIS
Early and Late Diagenetic Processes of Mississippian Carbonates, Northern U.S. Rockies
129 Katz, David Allen 2008-09-17 THESIS
Paleotsunami History Recorded in Holocene Coastal Lagoon Sediments, Southeastern Sri Lanka
130 Jackson, Kelly London 2008-12-14 THESIS
Turbulent Coherent Structures Near Coastal Capes
131 Magaldi, Marcello Gatimu 2009-05-09 THESIS
Investigation of Snare-Mediated Membrane Fusion Mechanism Using Atomic Force Microscope Spectroscopy
132 Abdulreda, Midhat H. 2007-12-11 THESIS
Laboratory Measurements of the Moist Enthalpy Transfer Coefficient
133 Jeong, Dahai 2008-07-26 THESIS
The Earthquake Cycle of Strike-Slip Faults
134 Schmalzle, Gina Marie 2008-12-14 THESIS
Relationship between Key Variables in Penile Plethysmograph and Viewing Time Measures of Sexual Arousal in Sex Offending Adult Males
135 Cloyd, Lisa Loewinger 2007-12-11 THESIS
Attractors in Dynamics with Choice
136 Zivanovic, Sanja 2009-04-25 THESIS
Modeling Microbial Water Quality at a Non-Point Source Subtropical Beach
137 Zhu, Xiaofang 2009-05-09 THESIS
Counter-Hegemonic Collective Action and the Politics of Civil Society: The Case of a Social Movement in Kerala, India, in the Context of Neoliberal Globalization
138 Panicker, Ajaykumar P 2008-05-12 THESIS
Generating Spatial Surplus: The Politics of Zoning in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region
139 Sheth, Alpen Suresh 2008-05-02 THESIS
Investigation of the Mechanism of Substrate Transport by the Glutamate Transporter EAAC1
140 Barcelona, Stephanie Suazo 2007-12-17 THESIS
A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Dolphinfish; Coryphaena hippurus, Abundance in the Western Atlantic: Implications for Stock Assessment of a Data-Limited Pelagic Resource.
141 Kleisner, Kristin Marie 2008-07-26 THESIS
Sensitive Luminescent Probes Based on Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Organic Chromophores
142 Ray, Shuvasree 2009-05-09 THESIS
A Framework for the Creation of a Unified Electronic Medical Record Using Biometrics, Data Fusion and Belief Theory
143 Leonard, Dwayne Christopher 2007-12-13 THESIS
Self-Organization of Semiconductor Quantum Dots at the Air-Water Interface and the Application for Amyloid Imaging
144 Xu, Jianmin 2008-06-11 THESIS
Evoked and Induced Activity in 40 Hz Auditory Responses
145 Presacco, Alessandro 2008-12-04 THESIS
The Structural Basis for Ligand Recognition by Mouse Odorant Receptors
146 Repicky, Sarah Elizabeth 2008-04-22 THESIS
Distributional Ecology of Coral Reef Fish Larvae (Labridae, Scaridae) in the Southern Straits of Florida
147 Jones, David Lee 2008-01-08 THESIS
The Epistemic Necessity and Ethical Permissibility of Randomized Clinical Trials: A Minimalist Defense
148 Schuh, Sr. 2008-11-18 THESIS
Comparison of Wave Parameters and Spectra between WERA HF Radars and Tri-Axys Buoys
149 Wang, Mei 2008-12-18 THESIS
Antonio Lauro: An Analytical Study and Piano Transcriptions of his Suite Venezolana and Eight Waltzes for Solo Guitar.
150 Vidal, Adolfo C 2009-05-14 THESIS

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