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Learning the structure of activities for a mobile robot
4101 Schmill, Matthew D 2004-01-01 THESIS
Differential regulation of maternal and paternal chromosome condensation by A-kinase anchoring protein 95 in mitotic mouse zygotes
4102 deRuyter, Jacqueline Leigh 2002-01-01 THESIS
Diversification of the bovine primary immunoglobulin heavy chain repertoire: Ontological and hypermutational analyses in fetal and neonatal animals
4103 Jackson, Stephen Mark 2002-01-01 THESIS
Accessing first-grade teachers' images and beliefs about teaching, learning, and students: The use of abstract symbolic drawing
4104 Droy, Karen A 2002-01-01 THESIS
Fluid modeling and analysis of some queueing and network issues
4105 Liu, Yong 2002-01-01 THESIS
The Parent Behavior Scale: A measure of parenting behaviors taught in empirically validated parent-training interventions
4106 Ortiz, Camilo 1999-01-01 THESIS
Synthesis of surface functionalized nanoparticles for biorecognition, and controlled interactions with proteins
4107 Hong, Rui 2006-01-01 THESIS
Educational technology: Learning in a computer-mediated environment
4108 Moyano Camihort, Karin 2005-01-01 THESIS
A contribution to the comparative osteology and phylogenetic systematics of fossil and living bony-tongue fishes (Actinopterygii, Teleostei, Osteoglossomorpha)
4109 Hilton, Eric James 2002-01-01 THESIS
Women's social power, child nutrition, and poverty in Mali
4110 Simon, Dominique M 2001-01-01 THESIS
Interface of protein-nanoparticle hybrid structures and self assembly of nanoparticles
4111 Bayraktar, Halil 2008-01-01 THESIS
Timing treatments to the phenology of root carbohydrate reserves to control woody invasive plants
4112 Richburg, Julie A 2005-01-01 THESIS
An organizational perspective on quality of care in nursing homes
4113 Rakovski, Carter Cleveland 2004-01-01 THESIS
Community college ESL students reflecting on thoughts and feelings about writing and themselves as writers: An exploratory study in metacognition
4114 Mountainbird, Pauline 1988-01-01 THESIS
Group identification moderates reactions to prejudice
4115 Operario, Don 1998-01-01 THESIS
Sisterhood and brotherhood: An exploration of sibling ties in adult lives
4116 Eriksen, Shelley Jan 1998-01-01 THESIS
Women's experiences of return to education: Perceptions of development of sense of self and relationships with others
4117 McNulty, Muireann Bernadette 1998-01-01 THESIS
Building a story: Word patterns in writing and quality of life in women with advanced breast cancer
4119 Laccetti, Margaret Saul 2003-01-01 THESIS
The effects of a math-fact fluency intervention on the complex calculation and application performance of fourth grade students
4120 Ezbicki, Kristin E 2008-01-01 THESIS
Understanding and improving the performance of modern programming languages
4121 Diwan, Amer Suleman 1997-01-01 THESIS
Children's perceptions of interethnic/interracial friendships in a multiethnic school context
4122 Pica, Cinzia 2008-01-01 THESIS
Sex and sensibility: Gender, race, and class in three youth cultures
4123 Wilkins, Amy C 2004-01-01 THESIS
HPA-axis responses to an interpersonal stress task among socially anxious older adolescents
4124 Seeley, Elizabeth 2007-01-01 THESIS
Variable speed diesel power generation design issues
4125 Rogers, Anthony Laussat 1996-01-01 THESIS
The relationship between racial identity and ego identity in Whites and People of Color
4126 Mague, Katherine Carol 1999-01-01 THESIS
Where Do We Draw Our Lines?: Approach/Avoidance Motivation, Political Orientation, and Cognitive Rigidity
4127 Rock, Mindi S 2008-01-01 THESIS
The construct of body image and its relationship to minor life events and mood in men and women
4128 Knauz, Robert Otto 1998-01-01 THESIS
Mechanisms underlying exercise-induced muscle damage
4129 Hubal, Monica J 2006-01-01 THESIS
Clinical instructional strategies in athletic training education
4130 Barnum, Mary G 2005-01-01 THESIS
Evaluation of paper mill sludge as a soil amendment and as a component of topsoil mixtures
4131 O'Brien, Tara A 2001-01-01 THESIS
The effect of the SPIN (Strength and Power in Nutrition) nutrition education intervention on food and beverage purchase decision-making and behaviors among low-income tweens
4132 Hutchinson, Laura R 2008-01-01 THESIS
Clinician perspectives on psychodynamic psychotherapy with experienced clients
4133 McKenna, Patricia A 1999-01-01 THESIS
Survival and movement of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in freshwater
4134 Horton, Gregg Eugene 2006-01-01 THESIS
The relationship between parental psychopathology and children's subtypes of disruptive behavior problems
4135 Goldstein, Lauren H 2006-01-01 THESIS
Graphic user interface design curriculum
4136 Gosselin, David Allen 2002-01-01 THESIS
I am more who I am here than I am anywhere: An ethnographic study of the influences of safety and connection on the co-constructions of gender and sexual orientation identities in adolescents in small groups
4137 Ember, Sally S. 1997-01-01 THESIS
Effects of composts on tomato growth and soil fertility
4138 Hu, Yifan 2000-01-01 THESIS
Influence of protein-mineral interactions on physicochemical properties of model nutritional beverage emulsions
4139 Keowmaneechai, Eakaphan 2002-01-01 THESIS
Accountability in nurses who practice in three different nursing care delivery models
4140 Boni, Cathy Elizabeth 2001-01-01 THESIS
An examination of the experiences and coping strategies of African students at predominantly White institutions of higher education in the United States
4141 Nebedum-Ezeh, Georgina Chizoba 1997-01-01 THESIS
A matched case-control study of nonoccupational risk factors for herniated lumbar disc
4142 Mundt, Diane J 1990-01-01 THESIS
Imperfectly redundant signals: Color, song, and mate choice in chestnut-sided warblers (Dendroica pensylvanica)
4143 Belinsky, Kara Loeb 2008-01-01 THESIS
Oligopeptide-functionalized graft copolymers: Synthesis and applications in nucleic acid delivery
4144 Breitenkamp, Rebecca Boudreaux 2009-02-01 THESIS
Testing the New Suburbanism: Exploring Attitudes of Local Residents in Metropolitan Boston toward Residential Neighborhoods and Sustainable Development
4145 West, Nicole A 2008-01-01 THESIS
Molecular approaches for the construction of integrated physical and genetic maps
4146 Ambady, Sakthikumar 1996-01-01 THESIS
The influence of behavior on size-structured predator-prey interactions: Prey susceptibility, predator selection, and population-level consequences for juvenile estuarine fishes
4147 Scharf, Frederick Scott 2001-01-01 THESIS
The effect of nail bed compression and supraorbital pressure on selected physiological and motor responses in unconscious patients
4148 Aragon, Elizabeth Dale 1998-01-01 THESIS
Design, synthesis and evaluation of new Ziegler-Natta catalyst components
4150 Rhodes, Barrie 2000-01-01 THESIS

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