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To waking [electronic resource] /
1 Coleman, Jennifer Leigh. THESIS
Characterization of glucocorticoid-induced changes in gene expression in the embryonic pituitary gland [electronic resource] /
2 Jenkins, Sultan Ali. THESIS
The conductor and the ensemble - from a psychological aspect [electronic resource] /
3 Chuang, Pi-Hua. THESIS
Airborne characterization of regional aerosol origins and optical properties [electronic resource] /
4 Taubman, Brett F. THESIS
Infectious disease in Philadelphia, 1690-1807 [electronic resource] : an ecological perspective /
5 Anroman, Gilda Marie. THESIS
The Side Stage [electronic resource] : a critical cultural awareness forum in Washington, D.C. /
6 Peters, Matthew Aaron. THESIS
Measurements of doping dependent microwave nonlinearities in high-temperature superconductors [electronic resource] /
7 Lee, Sheng-Chiang. THESIS
Synchronization of high-dimensional dynamical systems [electronic resource] /
8 Rogers, Elizabeth Anne THESIS
Self-fashioning (im)possibilities [electronic resource] : a literary tapestry of women at work in nineteenth-century America /
9 Dorsey, Carol G. THESIS
Change detection in stochastic shape dynamical models with applications in activity modeling and abnormality detection [electronic resource] /
10 Vaswani, Namrata. THESIS
Investigation of enhanced surface spray cooling [electronic resource] /
11 Silk, Eric A. THESIS
Nonlinear spin dynamics and ultra-fast precessional switching [electronic resource] /
12 Dimian, Mihai. THESIS
Outflows in infrared-luminous galaxies [electronic resource] : absorption-line spectroscopy of starbursts and AGN /
13 Rupke, David Stuart. THESIS
Curved integral abutment bridges [electronic resource] /
14 Thanasattayawibul, Narong. THESIS
Remapping Dickinson and periodical studies [electronic resource] /
15 Satelmajer, Ingrid. THESIS
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16 Johnson, Ben, PhD 2013-08-30 DISSERTATION

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