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Computational approach to identify deletions or duplications within a gene
1 Kalari, Krishna Rani. THESIS
Comparative and integrative genomic approach toward disease gene identification application to Bardet-Biedle Syndrome /
2 Chiang, Annie Pei-Fen. THESIS
Improving the robustness of multivariate calibration models for the determination of glucose by near-infrared spectroscopy
3 Kramer, Kirsten Elizabeth. THESIS
Mechanisms of H2O2-induced oxidative stress in endothelial cells [electronic resource] /
4 Coyle, Christian Hannon. THESIS
Post transcriptional regulation of cyclin E during the embryonic development of Xenopus laevis
5 Slevin, Michael Keith. THESIS
Attentional modulation of infant visual short term memory
6 Ross-Sheehy, Shannon. THESIS
Spin-sters women, new media technologies and electronic/dance music /
7 Farrugia, Rebekah L. THESIS
Endotoxin in the urban and rural environment ambient concentration and biomarkers of pulmonary exposure /
8 Mueller-Anneling, Linda J. THESIS
An investigation of the validity of the Iowa Early Learning Inventory
9 Sku?lason, Sigurgri?mur. THESIS
Native intuitions, foreign struggles? knowledge of the subjunctive in volitional constructions among heritage and traditional FL learners of Spanish /
10 Mikulski, Ariana Mari?a. THESIS
Use of textual elaboration with literary texts in intermediate Spanish
11 O'Donnell, Mary E. THESIS
Stability analysis of atomic structures
12 Zhang, Liang. THESIS
A parallelized sharp-interface fixed grid method for moving boundary problems
13 Marella, Saikrishna V. THESIS
Penalized likelihood estimation of a fixed-effect and a mixed-effect transfer function model
14 Hansen, Elizabeth Ann. THESIS
The CMS forward calorimeter prototype design studies and omega(c)0 search at E781 experiment at FermiLab [electronic resource] /
15 Ayan, Ahmet Sedat. THESIS
CMS HF calorimeter PMTS and [Xi]+C lifetime measurement
16 Akgun, Ugur. THESIS
Producing Father Nelson H. Baker the practices of making a saint for Buffalo, N.Y. /
17 Hartel, Heather A. THESIS
Computational studies of protein pK(a)s and metalloprotein reduction potentials
18 Li, Hui. THESIS
Sulfonamide-induced cutaneous drug reactions role of bioactivation, oxidative stress and folate deficiency /
19 Vyas, Piyush Manhar. THESIS
20 Danish, Ahmed Hesham, PhD 2012-07-23 DISSERTATION
Reading by the light of a burning phoenix [electronic resource] : an inquiry into faith, deliverance, and despair within humankind's paradoxical suspension between the conditional and the unconditional in the work of Immanuel Kant and Hermann Hesse /
21 McCauley, Patrick James. THESIS
An exploratory cross-sectional study of interlanguage pragmatic development of expressions of gratitude by Chinese learners of English
22 Cheng, Stephanie Weijung THESIS
Spatial and temporal evolution of the photoinitiation rate in thick polymer systems [electronic resource] /
23 Kenning, Nicole Lynn. THESIS
A study of the fossil vertebrate fauna from the Jasper Hiemstra Quarry, Delta, Iowa and its environment
24 Snyder, Daniel. THESIS
Temperature-dependent homogenization technique and nanoscale meshfree particle methods
25 Yang, Weixuan. THESIS
Innate immune responses in the lung and liver [electronic resource] /
26 Dajani, Rana Basem. THESIS
Sequence stratigraphy and facies analysis of the Dakota Formation, Jefferson County, Nebraska and Washington County, Kansas [electronic resource] /
27 Koch, Jesse. THESIS
Curvature arbitrage [electronic resource] /
28 Choi, Yang Ho. THESIS
Energetics of ion-protein interactions
29 Waldron, Travis Tyson. THESIS
Structure and function of a mitochondrial PP2A holoenzyme that regulates neuronal survival [electronic resource] /
30 Dagda, Ruben Karim. THESIS
An investigation of the validity of the Iowa Early Learning Inventory [electronic resource] /
31 Sku?lason, Sigurgri?mur. THESIS
On the block race, gender, and power in the NFL draft /
32 Oates, Thomas Patrick. THESIS
Teaching, tutoring, and revision the experiences of two freshmen ESL students in a rhetoric class /
33 Mota de Cabrera, Carmen. THESIS
When are universals? the relationship between universals and time /
34 Magalha?es, Erna?ni Sobrinho. THESIS
An adaptively refined Cartesian grid method for moving boundary problems applied to biomedical systems
35 Krishnan, Sreedevi. THESIS
Semantic development in ESL vocabulary acquisition [electronic resource] /
36 Chiu, Chia-Hui.; Iowa., University of THESIS
Conversations with an intelligent agent-- modeling and integrating patterns in communications among humans and agents
37 Lee, John Ray. THESIS
Oxidative stress in the central nervous system mediates angiotension II-dependent hypertension [electronic resource] /
38 Zimmerman, Matthew Christopher. THESIS
Functional morphology and evolution of the adapiform dentition, with particular emphasis on the Asian Sivaladapidae
39 White, Jessica Lynn. THESIS
Energetic consequences of structural features and dynamics changes upon nucleotide binding to ribonuclease SA molecular basis for nucleotide binding specificity /
40 Schrift, Greta Lynn. THESIS
Systematics of late Cambrian (Sunwaptian) trilobites from the St. Charles Formation, southeastern Idaho
41 Hegna, Thomas Arthur. THESIS
Extension of the hierarchical model of anxiety and depression to the personality domain
42 Kotov, Roman. THESIS
The effect of arch height on tri-planar foot kinemetics during gait
43 Wilken, Jason Mitchell. THESIS
Exploring communication strategy use by learners of isiZulu in synchronous computer-mediated communication (S-CMC)
44 Mali, Zoliswa Olga. THESIS
Expounding Maspin and IRF6 characterization of a novel serpin partnership /
45 Bailey, Caleb Michael. THESIS
On pragmatic perception do learners of Russian perceive the sociocultural weight of the address pronouns? /
46 Dykstra, Lisa Kristine. THESIS
Development of computer-aided diagnostic system for breast MRI lesion classification
47 Meinel, Lina Arbash. THESIS
Foot and ankle mechanics in individuals with diabetes mellitus and neuropathy
48 Rao, Rajshekhar Smita. THESIS
Risk factors for repeated child maltreatment [electronic resource] /
49 Freysteinsdo?ttir, Freydi?s Jo?na. THESIS
An exploratory study of African American male college graduates responding to the developmental process and the social context of racism experiences in American society
50 Donaldson, Joseph Von THESIS

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